ESO Set Guide: Naga Shaman – Bilateral Blessings

ESO Set Guide: Naga Shaman – Bilateral Blessings

Last updated on January 9th, 2019

Welcome to another installment of a segment where we dive into one Elder Scrolls Online’s many Sets, and explore what sort of Builds you can make. Not only will we show you how to get the most from these Sets, but we’ll explain where to get them, what requirements there are to obtain them (if any), and everything else you could possibly want to know about them. In this article we take a look at Naga Shaman Set, which is used to buff with Minor Mending and Minor Vitality.

Naga Shaman offers boosts to overall healing

Introduction To Naga Shaman Set

This Set was added to the game with Update 20 Murkmire, which launched in October/November of 2018. Naga Shaman was one of 3 new Crafted Sets add in this Update. It can only be crafted at the Crafting Station located in Murkmire and requires 2 Traits known in order to craft pieces of it. The Deep Swamp Forge Crafting Station can be found in Murkmire at the western most part of the map. Note that you must have the Summerset Chapter in order to craft Jewelry.

Location of Deep Swamp Forge where Naga Shaman can be crafted

Although the Murkmire DLC is required to gain access to the needed Crafting Station, players can, of course, still have another person craft it for them if they do not own the DLC. Since it is crafted, it can be made in any craftable Style, Light/Medium/Heavy Armor, all Weapons, Shield and Jewelry. This also means that you can add any Trait to this set while crafting.

The Naga Shaman Set increases Healing Taken by 4%, Healing Done by 2%, and increases Maximum Magicka. The 5 set piece bonus grants Minor Vitality and Minor Mending when casting any ability that grants a Damage Shield. Minor Vitality adds 8% Healing Received and Minor Mending adds 8% Healing Done. To sum it up: upon casting any damage shield ability you receive 4% Healing Taken, 12% Healing Done and 8% Healing Received from this set alone. This makes Naga Shaman a decent Set for Tanks, and some PvP players.

Healing Done, Healing Taken and Healing Received Information

Naga Shaman increases all 3 Healing components when a damage shield ability has been cast. There isn’t a lot of information out there on how this all works, so I’ll note it here for convenience.  The formula to figure out how much healing you will get is as follows: (Note that Healing Done, Healing Taken and Healing Received all affect the healing of Potions as well)

Healing = Skill Value * Healing Done * Healing Taken * Healing Received

This formula allows us to calculate just how much healing a Skill can do based on a number of factors. Since tooltips reflect the changes of Healing Done already, you can take the Tooltip * Healing Taken * Healing Received to get the actual number the Skill will do. You can use this formula to theory craft just exactly how much healing you can get from Skills this way. Let’s do an example:

  • Let‚Äôs say you want to calculate how much healing¬†Breath of Life¬†would heal you with a tooltip value of 7703. Let‚Äôs say your¬†Healing Done¬†is 25%, your¬†Healing Taken¬†is 16% (from Jailer‚Äôs Tenacity and¬†Rapid Mending) and your¬†Healing Received¬†is +30%, since you were hit for a quarter of your Health in one attack. You would take 7703 * 1.16 * 1.30 and you would get 11616. You do not need to factor in¬†Healing Done¬†here, as the game already does that for you on the tooltip.

Things That Grant Healing Done

Things That Grant Healing Taken

  • Sets¬†‚Äď Many tank Sets have this as a bonus (+4%)

Things That Grant Healing Received


Any points placed into Blessed will be reflected in the tooltip of any Skill that heals.

What You Need to Know About Naga Shaman

How this set works is that whenever you cast an ability that grants a Damage Shield you gain the Minor Mending and Minor Vitality buffs, that last for 6 secs and can occur every 6 secs. This means the set bonus can be active at all times as long as damage shield is cast every 6 seconds. Minor Mending and Minor Vitality cannot be refreshed by spamming a damage shield ability before they run out, therefore timing is crucial to have both buffs active all the time without wasting precious resources.

An important note is that this Set bonus only procs from Skills that are actively used. Passives that grant Damage Shields DO NOT proc this Set bonus. The¬†Reinforced Champion Skill that grants a Damage Shield when blocking, won’t grant you Minor Vitality and Minor Mending, and that goes for Sets like Iceheart as well. In short you must use a Skill that grants a Damage Shield to gain this Set’s 5 piece bonus.

Using any ability that spawns damage shield will automatically grant Minor Mending and Minor Vitality

Having a Skill to cast a Damage Shield on yourself or others is vital to make this set useful, and without it it makes no sense. Here is list of Skills that grant a Damage Shield:

Minor Mending and Minor Vitality cannot stack with the same buff from other sources, which makes this Set less useful to Dragonknights and Templars who gain these buffs from Skills. If you plan on using this set, pay attention to tooltips and morphed versions of abilities. No need to have Minor Vitality and Mending at all coming from Skills when you already have it from the set.

Massive heals are a reality with this set

Notes for PvE Players

It would seem, at first glance, that Naga Shaman would work great for healers, but it is not so. Healing Received is somewhat wasted on them, and there are better healing Sets. This Set works best with Tanks because Healing Received is most valuable to them. However, this Set is not for every tank, and is tailored to ones that can cast Damage Shields and healing Skills. That is why 3 primary tank candidates for wearing this set are Templar, Dragonknight and Sorcerer.

Templar Tanks work great with this set since they have the¬†Sun Shield¬†ability that puts a 5powerful Damage Shield on themselves. That affects their healing Skills like: Puncturing Sweep,¬†Rite of Passage, Rushed Ceremony,¬†Repentance¬†and¬†Cleansing Ritual. Slot Sun Shield and some of the healing abilities to heal yourself and allies and don’t forget to use Sun Shield every 6 secs or so to have Minor Vitality and Minor Mending active at all times.

Tank builds using Naga Shaman can make your tank immortal even when going solo against Trial Bosses

Dragonknight Tanks have a few Skills that grant Damage Shields: Ferocious Leap, Hardened Armor, Magma Shell and Obsidian Shield. By casting any of these you will receive Minor Mending and Minor Vitality from the set and it will affect Dragonknight’s healing abilities: Obsidian Shard, Shattering Rocks, Ash Cloud, Dragon Blood, Inhale, Flame Lash, Burning Embers and Cauterize.

Sorcerers are uncommon Tanks, but with Naga Shaman they can fulfill the role substantially. To combine Naga Shaman, Sorcerer and Tanking you need Conjured Ward. It is the only skill they have that grants a Damage Shield. Casting Conjured Ward boosts these healing abilities: Absorption Field and Dark Exchange.

The Naga Shaman Set for these Tanks is only one part of the equation though, and here are some other Sets you can combine with this one to great effect:

  • Battalion Defender: After successfully blocking, heal yourself or group member within 15m with the lowest health. This effect can occur every¬†1¬†second.
  • Leeching Plate:¬†Adds 8% Healing Taken and when you take damage you have 8% chance to summon a cloud of leeching poison under the attack that deals Poison Damage in a 4 meter radius every 1 second for 5 seconds and heals you for 100% of the damage caused.
  • Livewire: Adds 8% Healing Taken and when you take damage, you have 25% chance to overload your circuits, applying Concussion to enemies within 8 meters of you and healing for each enemy hit. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.
  • Jailer’s Tenacity: Adds 8% Healing Taken and when you lose¬†7000¬†or more¬†Health¬†from a single attack, you gain¬†Major Vitality¬†for¬†6¬†seconds, increasing your healing received by¬†30%. Stacks with Minor Vitality from Naga Shaman.

Monsters Sets are mostly all amazing but there are some that work better with Naga Shaman:

  • Earthgore: Adds 2% Healing Done and when you heal a friendly target that is under¬†50%¬†Health¬†you conjure a pool of quenching blood underneath them, which soaks up enemy placed effects instantly and heals all friendly targets in the area for¬†30000¬†Health¬†over¬†3¬†seconds
  • Infernal Guardian:¬†¬†When you use a damage shield ability, you have a¬†50% chance to lob¬†3 mortars over¬†2¬†seconds at the further enemy from you that each deal¬†Flame Damage to all enemies within¬†5¬†meters of the blast area
  • Nightflame: When you heal a friendly target, you have a¬†5% chance to summon a totem for¬†6 seconds that heals you and your allies in area¬†every¬†1¬†second
  • Sentinel of Rkugamz: Adds 2% Healing Done and when you heal a friendly target, you have a¬†10% chance to summon a dwemer spider that heals¬†and restores¬†Stamina¬†to you and your allies within¬†5meters every¬†1¬†second for¬†8¬†seconds
  • Vykosa: Adds 4% Healing Taken and when you taunt an enemy, you frighten them with a deafening howl, applying¬†Major Maim¬†to them for¬†3¬†seconds, lowering their damage done by¬†30%
  • Scourge Harvester:¬†When you take damage, you have a¬†6% chance to create a beam that steals¬†Health¬†over¬†4¬†seconds from the attacker. The beam breaks from enemy moves further than¬†8¬†meters away. While the beam holds gain¬†Major Vitality, increasing your Healing Received by¬†30%

Notes for PvP Players

Naga Shaman can be used in PvP to great effect, possibly even more so than in PvE, because it possesses things which are good for all players. Any Magicka Build will want the Max Magicka, but Healing Done and Healing Taken will allow you to survive longer. In addition, you will need to heal yourself, so having both Minor Mending and Minor Vitality work together in a much better tandem. I strongly suggest using this Set if you’re intending to heal your group, but you can also use it to a lesser degree in the DPS role.

Make sure you have at least 1 Damage Shield Skill that you can use in order to trigger this Set when you need the extra healing. This will usually be when you are under attack directly, and the added healing should help to ensure you make it out alive. Just make sure you have a few healing Skills as well, or this Set will be wasted.

Final Thoughts

Naga Shaman is a healing Set that is, in most cases, only good for Tanks that rely on heals to make themselves hard to kill, while also supporting their team. This is a very specific sort of tank, and one that needs to be geared properly to have any chance of success. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend this Set to new Tanks or PvP healers, because it is much more difficult to use effectively than other Sets.

Considering that you need a Damage Shield to activate the set bonus, the Bastion Champion Skill becomes a crucial component for any Build utilizing the Naga Shaman set. Place many points into it to increase the effectiveness of Damage Shields you put on yourself or allies. 25% may not seem like a lot, but every little bit helps when Tanking.

Tanks can be extremely hard to kill with this set and some other tweaks

The Ritual Mundus Stone is best used with this Set to increase healing even further, and using the Divines Trait on Armor pieces pushes this all the way up to 15% on legendary gear. As for weapons, the Powered Trait is the one that should be used with this Set for increased healing.

Stay tuned as I’ll be covering the rest of the Murkmire Sets, and be sure to check out our other ESO Guides!


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