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    Fextralife is a video game news resource and gaming hub fueled by a team of dedicated gamers with a focus on the RPG genre as well as innovative games. We are here to share detailed game mechanics and information via our Video Game Wiki Hub, and news, previews, reviewsarticles and guides from our contributors on the blog as well as lively discussion and debate on our forums.

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    Updated daily with news and feature articles, Fextralife covers topics in the RPG genre as well as innovative games. Stories are integrated with images and videos, with links to primary sources and related topics providing a wealth of information on the RPG video game genre. Readers can use the search function to find a large selection of archived articles on topics of interest.

    Fextralife is known for showcasing the top content in RPG and innovative games from the video game industry’s diverse network of developers and publishers. Articles are selected from press releases, direct interviews and other materials daily and edited to ensure high quality, integrity and accuracy. User submissions are accepted but are subject to topical relevance and content approval, and are edited by a member of the editorial staff to ensure it meets the expected standards of quality, integrity and accuracy. All corrections and updates to published content are notated in articles for transparency.

    Fextralife’s articles, features and wikis have been linked by prominent publishers and developers in the video game industry as well as many publications, news organizations and bloggers and is a regular presence at yearly gaming conventions such as E3 and Gamescom, bringing interviews, previews and features to their audience.

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