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ESO Set Guide: Jorvuld’s Guidance – Buff Management

Welcome to the next installment of a weekly segment where we dive into one Elder Scrolls Online’s many Sets, and explore what sort of Builds you can make. Not only will we show you how to get the most from these Sets, but we’ll explain where to get them, what requirements there are to obtain them (if any), and everything else you could possibly want to know about them. This week’s Set is a Dropped Set that will be added with the upcoming Dragon Bones DLC next month: Jorvuld’s Guidance.

This Set was clearly designed for a Healer, but can be utilized by many different Builds in PvP as well.

An Introduction To This Set

Jorvuld’s Guidance will be introduced with the addition of the Dragon Bones DLC (Update 17) in February of 2018. This Set will be acquired from Bosses inside the Dungeson: Scalecaller Peak which is located in Stormhaven. This zone is available to all players, however the Dungeon requires the purchase of the DLC or a ESO Plus membership. This Set is bind-on-pick-up, so you must run the Scalecaller Peak in order to obtain it.

Since this is a Dungeon Set, you can get Weapons, Shields, Armor and Jewelry. The Traits on this Armor are random, so you may have to farm in order to get the ones that you need. The Jewelry comes in Arcane, making this Set ideal for Magicka Builds. There are a few unique pieces that drop in the Dungeon as well, but not much is currently known about them.

This Set increases the duration of the following by 40%

The 40% duration increase does not change no matter what quality or level the Set is.

What the Set looks like when you equip it. You get a brief blue flash.

Minor and Major Buffs and How They Work

Buffs in Elder Scrolls Online were changed some time ago to make it so that players couldn’t stack things so high that they became nearly immortal. They were separated into two categories: Minor and Major. Minor buffs cannot stack (gain the benefit) of other Minor Buffs with the same name and Major Buffs cannot stack with other Major Buffs with the same name. However, Minor and Major Buffs of the same type can stack, meaning you can have Minor Mending and Major Mending for example.

There are still Buffs in Elder Scrolls Online that operate independently outside of these and Jorvuld’s Guidance is one such Buff. These types of Sets that provide some sort of boost but are not labeled “Minor” or “Major” DO stack with any other Buff that gives the same benefit. For example if something gives you increased Healing Taken, that Buff does stack with Minor Vitality and Major Vitality. Below is a full list of the Minor and Major Buffs in ESO:

Minor Buffs

Major Buffs

What You Need to Know About This Set

How this Set works is that when you cast a Buff or Damage Shield on yourself or a friendly target the duration is increased by 40%. This Set doesn’t take into account the source of this Buff, which means that it can be from a Skill, another Set or even a Potion. This makes this Set incredibly useful as there are so many things that can be enhanced with it. Keep in mind that this does not affect negative Buffs placed on enemies or other enemy players.

Something interesting about this Set is that once you cast your Buff or Damage Shield, if you break the 5 piece bonus by swapping Weapons you will still maintain the enhanced duration. This means you can back bar this Set and then swap to something like Willpower, Asylum, Maelstrom or Master for increased damage/effectiveness. However, if you gain the Buff or Damage Shield and the swap to complete the 5 piece bonus, you will not get the 40% boost. So be sure your Buffs/Damage Shields are on the bar with the completed Set.

Below is a list of Buffs affected by this Set showing their duration before and after this Set:

Damage Shields



Rune Focus – Restoring Light – Major Ward – Major Resolve (8s to 11.2s)

Remembrance – Restoring Light – Major Protection (10s, unaffected)

Biting Jabs – Aedric Spear – Major Savagery (8s to 11.2s)

Sacred Ground – Restoring Light – Minor Mending (4s to 5.6s, though not  reflected on tooltip)

Illuminate – Dawn’s Wrath – Minor Sorcery (20s to 28s)


Betty Netch – Animal Companions – Major Sorcery (24s to 33.6s)

Bull Netch – Animal Companions – Major Brutality (24s to 33.6s)

Falcon’s Swiftness – Animal Companions – Major Endurance – Major Expedition (10s to 14s)

Deceptive Predator – Animal Companions – Major Endurance – Major Expedition – Minor Evasion (14s to 19.6s, though not reflected on tooltip)

Bird of Prey – Animal Companions – Minor Berserk (10s to 14s)

Accelerated Growth – Green Balance – Major Mending (3s to 4.2s)

Maturation – Green Balance – Minor Toughness (10s to 14s)

Enchanted Growth – Green Balance – Minor Intellect – Minor Endurance (20s to 28s)

Green Lotus – Green Balance – Major Savagery  (20s to 28s)

Lotus Blossom – Green Balance – Major Prophecy (20s to 28s)

Frost Cloak – Winter’s Embrace – Major Ward – Major Resolve (21s to 29.4s)

Ice Fortress – Winter’s Embrace – Minor Protection (21s to 29.4s)

Shimmering Shield – Winter’s Embrace – Major Heroism (6s to 8.4s)

Frozen Retreat – Winter’s Embrace – Major Expedition (8s to 11.2s)

Sleet Storm – Winter’s Embrace – Major Protection (8s, unaffected)


Fiery Grip – Ardent Flame – Major Expedition (6s to 8.4s)

Spiked Armor – Draconic Power – Major Ward – Major Resolve (20s to 28s)

Dragon Blood – Draconic Power – Major Fortitude (20s to 28s)

Green Dragon Blood – Draconic Power – Major Fortitude – Major Endurance – Minor Vitality (20s to 28s)

Reflective Plate – Draconic Power – Minor Ward (20s to 28s)

Mountain’s Blessing – Earthen Heart – Minor Brutality (20s to 28s)

Stone Giant – Earthen Heart – Minor Resolve (15s to 21s)

Molten Weapons – Earthen Heart – Major Sorcery (30s to 42s)

Igneous Weapons – Earthen Heart – Major Brutality (30s to 42s)

Igneous Shield – Earthen Heart – Major Mending (2.5s to 3.5s)


Summon Storm Atronach – Daedric Summoning – Major Berserk (8s to 11.2s)

Empowered Ward – Daedric Summoning – Minor Intellect (10s to 14s)

Lightning Form – Storm Calling – Major Ward – Major Resolve (15s to 20s)

Hurricane – Storm Calling – Minor Expedition (15s to 20s)

Boundless Storm – Storm Calling – Major Expedition (6s to 8.4s)

Surge – Storm Calling – Major Brutality (33s to 46.2)

Power Surge – Storm Calling – Major Sorcery (33s to 46.2s)


Hemorrhage – Assassination – Minor Savagery (20s to 28s)

Blur – Assassination – Major Evasion (26s to 36.4s)

Mirage – Assassination – Minor Resolve – Minor Ward (26s to 36.4s)

Double Take – Assassination – Major Expedition (4s to 5.6s)

Reaper’s Mark – Assassination – Major Berserk (5s to 7s)

Grim Focus – Assassination – Minor Berserk (20s to 28s, though not reflected on tooltip)

Relentless Focus – Assassination – Minor Endurance (20s to 28s, though not reflected on tooltip)

Shadow Barrier – Shadow – Major Ward – Major Resolve (6s to 8.4s, affected by Heavy Armor)

Consuming Darkness – Shadow – Major Protection (13.5s, unaffected)

Dark Cloak – Shadow – Minor Protection (5s to 7s)

Path of Darkness – Shadow – Major Expedition (2s to 2.8s)

Soul Siphon – Siphoning – Major Vitality (4s to 5.6s)

Healthy Offering – Siphoning – Minor Mending (8s to 11.2s)

Cripple – Siphoning – Major Expedition (8s, unaffected)

Drain Power – Siphoning – Major Brutality (20s to 28s)

Sap Essence – Siphoning – Major Sorcery (20s to 28s)


Momentum – Two-Handed – Major Brutality (33s to 46.2s, though not reflected on tooltip)

Heroic Slash – One-Handed and Shield – Minor Heroism (9s to 12.2s)

Ransack – One-Handed and Shield – Minor Resolve (12s to 16.8s)

Whirling Blades – Dual Wield – Major Endurance (10s to 14s)

Quick Cloak – Dual Wield – Major Expedition (5s to 7s)

Hidden Blade – Dual Wield – Major Brutality (20s to 28s)

Hasty Retreat – Bow – Major Expedition (5s to 7s)

Essence Drain – Restoration Staff – Major Mending (3s to 4.2s)

Light’s Champion – Restoration Staff – Major Force – Major Protection (5s to 7s)

Blessing of Protection – Restoration Staff – Minor Ward – Minor Resolve (8s to 11.2s)

Combat Prayer – Restoration Staff – Minor Berserk (8s to 11.2s)


Evasion – Medium Armor – Major Evasion (20s to 28s)

Immovable – Heavy Armor – Major Ward – Major Resolve (20s to 28s, though not reflected on tooltip)


Circle of Protection – Fighters Guild – Minor Protection – Minor Endurance (20s, unaffected)

Camouflaged Hunter – Fighters Guild – Minor Berserk (5s to 7s)

Trap Beast – Fighters Guild – Minor Force (6s to 8.4s, though not reflected on tooltip)

Entropy – Mages Guild – Major Sorcery (20s to 28s)

Balance – Mages Guild – Major Ward – Major Resolve (24s to 32s)

Bone Surge – Undaunted – Major Vitality (6s to 8.4s)


Accelerated Drain – Vampire – Minor Expedition (17s to 23.8s)

Elusive Mist – Vampire – Major Expedition (4s, unaffected)

Rousing Roar – Werewolf – Major Brutality (20s to 28s)

Alliance War

War Horn – Assault – Minor Toughness (30s to 42s)

Aggressive Horn – Assault – Major Force (8s to 11.2s)

Sturdy Horn – Assault – Minor Ward – Minor Resolve (36s to 50.4s)

Rapid Maneuver – Major Expedition – Major Gallop (30s to 42s)

Charging Maneuver – Minor Expedition (8s to 11.2s)

Mystic Guard – Support – Minor Vitality (15s, unaffected)

Stalwart Guard – Support – Minor Force (15s, unaffected)


Gossamer – Light Armor Set – Major Evasion (6s to 8.4s)

Heem-Jas’ Retribution – Medium Armor Set – Major Berserk (3s to 4.2s)

Ironblood – Heavy Armor Set – Major Protection (10s to 14s)

Dreugh King Slayer – Heavy Armor Set – Major Expedition (20s, unaffected)

Skooma Smuggler – Light Armor Set – Major Expedition (30s to 42s)

Sithis’ Touch – Light Armor Set – Major Berserk (20s to 28s)

Sourge Harvester – Monster Helm Set – Major Vitality (4s, unaffected)

Pirate Skeleton – Monster Helm Set – Major Protection (12s to 16.8s)

Automated Defense – Heavy Armor Set – Major Aegis (10s to 14s)

Master Architect – Light Armor Set – Major Slayer (10s to 14s)

Inventor’s Guard – Light Armor Set – Major Aegis (10s to 14s)

Vicious Serpent – Medium Armor Set – Major Expedition (20s to 28s)

War Machine – Medium Armor Set – Major Slayer (10s to 14s)

Quick Serpent – Medium Armor Set – Major Expedition (20s to 28s)

Spectre’s Eye – Crafted Armor Set – Major Evasion (3s to 4.2s)

Daedric Trickery – Crafted Armor Set – Major Vitality – Major Expedition – Major Mending – Major Heroism – Major Protection (10s to 14s)


Durations vary by potion but they are affected.

Notes for PvE Players

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Jorvuld’s Guidance is really meant for the Healer role in the group. Healing Done, Magicka Recovery and an extension of the duration of Skills like Steadfast Ward, Light’s Champion, Aggressive Horn among others, make this quite obvious. Reinforcing this idea, unfortunately, is the fact that this Set does not enhance Master Architect, which would have extended the duration of Major Slayer by 4 seconds. (Note that this was changed to affect these as of Update 18 Summerset).

A compelling reason to use this Set is the extra 3.2 seconds to Major Force from Aggressive Horn.

Healers who wish to utilize this Set will probably have no choice but to use it with either Spell Power Cure or Worm Cult, since these two Sets really help keep DPS up. I don’t see this Set replacing either of these in the PvE Meta, however, it is still a very good Set if you are running Dungeons regularly and with a group where the extra healing could really help out. Warden Healers can utilize this Set probably better than any other, as it will extend the duration of their Major Mending quite regularly.

Accelerated Growth makes this Set best suited for a Warden healer as you will gain Major Mending for an extra 1.2 seconds when healing low Health targets.

Notes for PvP Players

This is a far more intriguing Set for PvP than it is for PvE, as Healers and DPS alike can utilize it to great results. Wardens and Nightblades can capitalize on this Set more so than other Classes, but Templars, Dragonknights and Sorcerers can all get decent results with it. And, as mentioned above, remember that this Set only affects YOU or your ALLIES, not enemies.

Consider pairing this Set with Gossamer to increase the duration of Major Evasion applied to those you heal, if you’re playing the Healer role. Consider pairing it with Pirate Skeleton for nearly permanent Major Protection, as they buff lasts longer than the cooldown period when Jorvuld’s Guidance is equipped. Consider pairing this with Spectre’s Eye for nearly permanent Major Evasion for no cost. Lastly, consider pairing this with Daedric Trickery for a 70% uptime of one of the Major Buffs on that Set, most of which are extremely powerful!

Use either Pirate Skeleton or Iceheart for best results with Jorvuld’s Guidance. You can see that you can actually refresh Major Protection before it expires if you use these two Sets together.

Final Tips

This Set does not work with any Buff that is tied to a location or the duration of another effect. For example it does not work with Circle of Protection because you have to be inside the circle to gain the BuffsPermafrost is also not affected for this reason, because the Major Protection is tied to the time of the damaging AoE, and this Set doesn’t increase the duration of the damage. This Set also does not boost some of the most powerful Skills and Sets in the game, presumably because they would become TOO powerful. They are listed above because technically they should be affected by Jorvuld’s Guidance, but aren’t.

Skills like Permafrost are not affected because Major Protection is tied to the same duration as the damage. Jorvuld’s Guidance doesn’t extend the damaging duration, and therefore doesn’t extend the Major Protection.

As mentioned above, Jorvuld’s Guidance maintains the duration of the Buff even if you break the Set, so you can back bar this Set and use something else on the front bar. This would allow for 2 different 5 piece Sets if you’re using Staves as well as a Monster Helm Set. Play around with it and see what you like. For example you could have SPC on your front bar with damage skills and healing skills on your back bar with Jorvuld’s Guidance.

This Set drastically increases the duration of Buffs acquired from Potions like: Major Intellect, Major Fortitude, Major Endurance, Major Savagery, Major Prophecy, Major Sorcery and Major Brutality. You can get the duration on some of these over 60s, making it possible to have these Buffs permanently as long as you have a supply of potions. You can also have the first 3: Major Intellect, Major Endurance, and Major Fortitude all at the same time with 99% uptime. Argonians will make even better use of this because of their passives.

spell power pots
You can see that this potion lasts over 1 minute! That’s a really long time!

Keep an eye on this Guide because we will update it to reflect any changes made by Zenimax and stay tuned for more Build Guides coming every week and be sure to check out our other ESO Guides!

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