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ESO All DLC Review: Is ESO Plus Worth it? What Each Elder Scrolls Online DLC Adds – Sets, Skills, Classes and more!

Whether you’re planning to pick up individually, as a pack or with ESO Plus, we’ve gone through each of the Elder Scrolls Online DLCs to review what they’re about. Hopefully this gives you a better idea on which ones you should try next and answer the question: Is ESO PLUS worth it?

ESO All DLC Review: Is ESO Plus Worth it? What Each Elder Scrolls Online DLC Adds – Sets, Skills, Classes and more!

Over the years Elder Scrolls Online has been expanding it’s universe through chapters and DLCs. In this review we will cover every DLC currently available for ESO as well as chapters that have become DLCs, this includes the most recent Elsweyr which will become a DLC after the release of Greymoor this May.

Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor will release on May 26th as part of the year long Dark Heart of Skyrim.

Is ESO Plus Worth it?

While each DLC is purchasable separately on it’s own in the crown store as well as in bundles, you can gain access to each DLC with an ESO Plus subscription (as long as the sub is active). Content access is just one of the many ESO Plus benefits, but it’s a pretty major one.

If you’d like to figure out if the DLCs are worth subscribing for, read on to find out what each has to offer, including sets, skill lines, questing and crafting materials.

ESO + Features


Imperial City – Score 7/10

Orsinium – Score 10/10

Thieves Guild – Score 9/10

Dark Brotherhood DLC – Score 9/10

Shadows of the Hist – Score 8/10

Morrowind – Score 10/10

Horns of Reach – Score 8/10

Clockwork City– Score 9/10

Dragon Bones – Score 8/10

Summerset– Score 10/10

Wolfhunter– Score 8/10

Murkmire – Score 9/10

Wrathstone – Score 8/10

Scalebreaker – Score 8/10

Elsweyr – Score 9/10

Dragonhold – Score 8/10

Harrowstorm – Score 9/10


Imperial City DLC Review

The Imperial City was introduced to the Elder Scrolls Online in 2015 and brought along with it, a new zone of the same name in Cyrodiil and now has its own PVP campaign. Explore the Imperial City and the Imperial Sewers. This DLC also added two dungeons called White Gold Tower and the Imperial City Prison.

While a smaller PVP zone compared to the size of the open-world of Cyrodiil campaigns, the Imperial City offers its own unique PVP experience as players will battle it out for a new currency called Tel Var stones. “With great risk comes great rewards” is the motto of this DLC: kill the Daedra and gain Tel Var currency depending on how many you are holding, but lose a fight and lose your stones. There are also quests to complete, which can prove a challenging experience with enemy players and Daedra on your tail.

After gathering enough Tel Var stones you will be able to access treasure vaults which can contain some rarer jewelry sets. You can also exchange them for Imperial City Sets using a vendor.

This DLC has tons of replayability with plenty of PVP action for those who want to put fighting skills to the test. Considerably smaller than Cyrodiil, it still provides just as much of a challenge as you venture through the sewers, and to tackle the Bosses roaming the city as well as enemy players. If you enjoy a different kind of PVP experience, you’ll probably enjoy the Imperial City and gain some good armor sets in the process.

Score: 7/10 – This is a PVP and Dungeon DLC with some good sets. Not essential for the average player, and just a dungeon DLC for PVE players.

Price: Currently Free on the Crown Store

Or as part of the Guilds and Glory: The 4 DLC Mega Pack for 4,000 Crowns, includes Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Orsinium and Imperial City.

Imperial City Sets

Orsinium DLC Review

If you’re looking for a snowy region to explore then the Orsinium DLC will be right up your alley. It introduces the region of Wrothgar, with over 20 hours of story content and quests. It explores the culture of Tamriel’s Orcs with a nuanced political intrigue story sprawling across one of the largest DLC zones added to the game. Help to rebuild the city of Orsinium while uncovering plots and facing the factions who will try to stop you.

This DLC comes with quests, group bosses, delves, public dungeons Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft, new items, and the PVE challenge to test your mettle, Maelstrom Arena. Take on Maelstrom in Normal or Veteran and gain special rewards by completing the arenas including a new title to show off. Gain a number of sets from this DLC which include overland, arena and craftable sets.

You can also help return the 16 relics for Wrothgar to the House of Orsimer Glories museum. These are scattered around Tamriel, but you will have some clues of how to obtain them. Completing the collection fest will grant you an achievement in doing so.

Score:10/10 – Orsinium is an excellent DLC for casual and hardcore players. Offering a large zone full of quests and challenging world bosses, it adds several useful sets and the challenging Maelstrom Arena.

Price: 3,000 Crowns

Or as part of the Guilds and Glory: The 4 DLC Mega Pack for 4,000 Crowns, includes Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Orsinium and Imperial City.

Orsinium Sets

Wrothgar Craftable Sets

Trial by Fire

Law of Julianos


Thieves Guild DLC Review

Adding a whole treasure trove of thieving, the thieves guild introduces the area of Hew’s Bane. Players can pick up daily quests called Heists which will test your skills in sneaking and picking up treasures unseen. It also brings its own unique passive skill line unlocked by joining the Thieves Guild, enhancing your pilfering needs. While the skill line is unique to the area of Hew’s Bane, your pickpocketing skills can be used almost anywhere.

With this DLC, you’ll gain access to Hew’s Bane in Hammerfell. This will introduce you to Abah’s Landing, home to a safe haven for thieves, the Thieves Guild and a place to unload your ill-gotten goods. Complete daily challenges by picking them up from the Tip Board and be rewarded, which includes Counterfeit Pardon Edicts that can help wipe those bounties as well as gain you some Treasures.

This is by far one of the most fun DLCs as you not only gain thieving skills which gain you some rewards, but you can become the ultimate thief… just don’t get caught as they’ll be a bounty to pay. This DLC could easily take you 10 hours to complete, but there are repeatable daily quests and rewards to keep you entertained, as well as a challenging 12-player Trial: The Maw of Lorkhaj

You can either pick up this DLC separately or as part of the Guilds and Glory DLC Pack from the Crown Store. Or you can gain access to the Thieves Guild and all other DLCs with an ESO Plus subscription.

Score: 9/10 – Thieves Guild is set in a smaller zone and adding mainly Thieving solo activities and skills. The story is entertaining but not enthralling, however the DLC is elevated by letting you enjoy your new pickpocketing abilities across the whole of Tamriel. The new trial and the new crafted sets make this a desirable DLC for many players.

Price: 2,000 Crowns

Or as part of the Guilds and Glory: The 4 DLC Mega Pack for 4,000 Crowns, includes Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Orsinium and Imperial City.

Thieves Guild Skills

Thieves Guild Sets

Thieves Guild Overland Sets

Bahraha’s Curse

Syvarra’s Scales

Thieves Guild Craftable Sets

Tava’s Favor

Clever Alchemist

Eternal Hunt

Dark Brotherhood DLC Review

Are you ready to join the secret assassins guild of the Dark Brotherhood? This DLC invites you to become the ultimate assassin. If you like the sound of sneaking up on unsuspecting victims and quietly yet quickly taking them out in one blow, then this might be the DLC for you.

Only with the Dark Brotherhood DLC will you master the skills needed to mercilessly kill your target, with the Blade of Woe. While this skill is unique to the DLC, you can use it in most places and take whatever treasures the victim may have on them. There are also a number of other passive skills on the Dark Brotherhood Skill Line that can make your life much easier, particularly “Shadow Rider“, which reduces detection from monsters when you’re mounted by a whopping 50%.

You can also take part in daily quests called Sacraments, these offer targets you’ll need to kill in a few places without being seen or heard to gain some extra rewards. If you like the challenge of sneaking around, you’ll enjoy the Dark Brotherhood. This DLC will probably take you around 10 hours but of course with daily sacraments, and plenty of innocent NPCs to murder, you can definitely get your money’s worth from this one and get some exclusive rewards by completing the Lytany of Blood

Score: 9/10 – Dark Brotherhood is set in a smaller zone that adds mainly murderous solo activities and skills. The story and zone are entertaining, and the DLC is elevated by letting you enjoy your new assassin abilities across the whole of Tamriel. The new crafted sets aren’t amazing, and there are no trials or dungeons, but the experience will be worth it for many players.

Price: 2,000 Crowns

Or as part of the Guilds and Glory: The 4 DLC Mega Pack for 4,000 Crowns, includes Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Orsinium and Imperial City.

Dark Brotherhood Skills

Dark Brotherhood Sets

Dark Brotherhood Overland Sets

Sithis’ Touch

Flanking Strategist

Hide of Morihaus

Dark Brotherhood Craftable Sets

Kvatch Gladiator

Varen’s Legacy

Pelinal’s Aptitude

Shadows of the Hist DLC Review

Shadows of the Hist is a dungeon-focused DLC that adds the challenging encounters in Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun. Both located in Shadowfen, players will learn about the rogue assassins now threatening the Black Marsh and the Argonians that are being enslaved.

Cradle of Shadows adds an interesting mechanic where if you try to fight in the shadows you will take damage, but sticking to the pools of light provided by fiery lanterns will stop you from taking damage. ESO has some of the most interesting action combat mechanics that keeps you moving or reduces the safe areas in which you can stand, and Cradle of Shadows adds that element of movement.

Ruins of Mazzatun also comes with this DLC, pitting you against some angry looking beasts. Bosses include Zatzu, The Mighty Chudan, Xal-Nur, Tree-Minder and Ka-Nesh. Each of these dungeons comes with their own sets that they drop. As dungeons go, both have some mechanics you will need to learn but adds to the enjoyment of tackling each.

Score: 8/10 – Shadows of the Hist is a dungeon-only DLC, and therefore its value is dependent on whether you enjoy challenging dungeons and whether you want the unique sets they drop. In this case, Velidreth was one of the most popular PvP sets for a long time, with Gossamer becoming a healer favorite, so the DLC is well-worth the purchase.

Price: 1,500 Crowns

Shadows of the Hist Sets

Morrowind Chapter (now DLC) Review

Probably a chapter that will provide a lot of nostalgia for most Elder Scrolls fans (well until the release of more Dark Heart of Skyrim content which includes the Greymoor chapter), Morrowind takes players to Vvardenfell. This huge zone has more than 30 hours of main storyline to experience. If you pick up the Elder Scrolls Online base game, it will come with Morrowind, and your character journey will start here.

This chapter takes place 700 years before the events of the Elder Scrolls III, so while it might have some familiar settings, it shows the area in a different time. Explore Vivec City which is under construction during this time. It’s great to see places from the Elder Scrolls series but set in a different era, and ESO has plenty of lore to offer.

Morrowind also introduces a new class, the Warden, allowing players to harness the power of nature to wield some powerful magic. Call upon the guardian bear to fight at your side, swarms or even a netch for a bit of a boost. This class will appeal to those who like hunter/druid kind of class, using nature to assist you in battle.

Lastly, the Morrowind expansion added a new Trial, The Halls of Fabrication, and a new PvP mode: Battlegrounds. This makes the Morrowind DLC the largest single addition in terms of content variety, as it provided for PvP, casual PvE, and hardcore PvE players.

Score: 10/10 – Morrowind stirs the nostalgia and takes players on a fun questing adventure, while also adding styles, achievements, collectibles and activities for the casual players. Hardcore players will enjoy the trial and PvP players can jump into Battlegrounds, which are now part of the base game for everyone.

Price: 3,500 Crowns

Morrowind Sets

Horns of the Reach DLC Review

Horns of the Reach adds two dungeons, Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. Bloodroot Forge invites players to the rocky steppes of Craglorn. Something is now stirring once again as the Dreadhorn Clan have stoked the fires awakening something deep within. Encounter massive beasts, Hagravens, Minotaurs and more deadly inhabitants. Pay attention to the environment as there will be some temporary platforms.

Falkreath Hold also a dungeon where the environment will be a factor, players will venture into a town that is under siege. Falkreath is under attack from the Dreadhorn Clan. This dungeon takes inspiration in terms of environment from TESV, with tall mountains and Shriekwind Bastion. Here players will take on the Minotaur chieftain himself, Domihaus the Bloody-Horned. Watch the ground as you may find fiery pits open beneath you, while trying to defend yourself from the beastly Minotaur.

Score: 8/10 – Horns of the Reach is a dungeon-only DLC, and therefore its value is dependent on whether you enjoy challenging dungeons and whether you want the unique sets they drop. In this case, Earthgore is one of the most popular PvP sets, so the DLC is well-worth the purchase.

Price: 1,500 Crowns

Horns of the Reach Sets

Clockwork City DLC Review

Adding a new zone to explore, Clockwork City has plenty of quests to offer. Take a journey to Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City and find out what new Deadric threat is afoot. This zone is not as large as Orsinium, but offers quite the unique experience in a sort of steampunk design. The Clockwork City also adds the Asylum Sanctorium trial, where a group of 12 players will need to defeat the Clockwork Saints. There are also plenty of armor sets, character customisation items and crafting motifs to discover.

For collectors, you can gain a special training dummy called the Precursor from this area by completing the achievement. There are also public dungeons, crafting stations and elite spawns.

Clockwork City is one of the most unique looking areas in ESO, and it definitely has a lot of intrigue, especially in its main story content. If you like the idea of adventuring through an unforgettable mechanical city, this DLC is for you.

Score: 9/10 – The Clockwork City is a unique experience in ESO and one of the best DLCs added in terms of storytelling. The DLC adds a challenging trial with unique rewards, but the regular sets are underwhelming. This DLC is well-worth it for players who enjoy a challenge or enjoy the Sotha Sil side of the Elder Scrolls lore.

Price: Price: 2,000 Crowns

Clockwork City Sets

Clockwork City Overland Sets

Mad Tinkerer

Unfathomable Darkness


Clockwork City Craftable Sets

Mechanical Acuity

Innate Axiom

Fortified Brass

Dragon Bones DLC Review

The Dragon Bones DLC adds two dungeons Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak. In Fang Lair players will venture to the depths of the ancient Dwarven Ruin where necromancy is at work. Your job is to stop these necromancers from performing a ritual that will attempt to reanimate the bones of a once living dragon. Face bone Colossi, that will charge at your with its attacks in which you must dodge.

Scalecaller Peak is the burial site for the long-dead Dragon Priest, but it now home to a bunch of diseased cultists who want to unleash a deadly plague upon Tamriel. Here you and your team will try to avoid floating red spheres, freezing waters and poison. This is another dungeon that adds some fun-filled mechanics including listening to cues to kill enemies in a particular order.

If you like a dungeon with dark creatures to fight with plenty of mechanics to keep you on your toes, this is the DLC for you. Just make sure to prepare well, as the veteran modes are still regarded as some of the hardest fights in the game.

Score: 8/10 – Dragon Bones is a dungeon-only DLC, and therefore its value is dependent on whether you enjoy challenging dungeons and whether you want the unique sets they drop. In this case, Zaan is one of the most popular PvP sets, so the DLC is well-worth the purchase.

Price: 1,500 Crowns

Dragon Bones Sets

Summerset Chapter (now DLC)

Summerset was released as a chapter, but as new expansions get released, the chapter gets added as a DLC. Summerset adds a new zone to explore, new main questlines involving high elves known as Altmer and the Psijic Order. Players will have the opportunity to unlock the Psijic Order Skill Line after visiting Artaeum, as well as unlocking Jewelry Crafting. Take on bosses, public dungeons, the new Cloudrest Trial and the group challenge called the Abyssal Geyers, this is similar to Dark Anchors (Dolmens) but yields unique rewards.

Summerset is by far one of the most beautiful zones to behold, from the towering city of the High Elves to the stunning natural regions. If you want to feast your eyes on one of the most visually pleasing areas you cannot go wrong with Summerset or with the dream-like Artaeum.

You can also find new item sets, outfit and housing rewards. The new crafting skill-line Jewelry Crafting will allow you to dismantle jewelry you find out in the world, research their traits and even craft your own, which works similarly to other crafting skill lines but unlocks Crafted Set Bonuses for your jewelry slots.

Score: 10/10 – Summerset and Artaeum are the most beautiful zones in  the Elder Scrolls Online, and the storylines are engaging and entertaining. The new trial adds challenge for hardcore players, and new crafting materials, motifs and group events for more casual players. The new sets are not mind-blowing, but this is offset by the addition of Jewelry Crafting and its effect on builds in general, as well as the new skillline that is well-used in PvP.

Price: 3,500 Crowns

Summerset Sets

Wolfhunter DLC Review

As the name implies this dungeon pack focuses on the werewolf kind, adding two dungeons Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices. Entering both dungeons will also net you a snazzy fedora.

Moon Hunter Keep is located in Reaper’s March, a keep previously run by a group of werewolf hunters called the Order of the Silver Dawn. The keep is now swarmed with creatures that the Silver Dawn were trying to rid. Players will need to enter the lair to defeat the Moon Hunter pack and take it back. The Wolfhunter Dungeon will also reward players with a werewolf skin, even if your character hasn’t been bitten by a werewolf.

The dungeon March of Sacrifices is set in Daedric plain of Hircine, the Hunting Grounds. This dungeon will take you to the Daedric prince’s realm for the Great Hunt which involves finding the chosen target known as “The Hare” using your tracking skills. The creature that you will hunt will depend on the type of hunt which means there will be different “Hares” to track down. Only those who obtain the heart of the creature will receive a boon from Hircine.

Score: 8/10 – Wolfhunter is a dungeon-only DLC, and therefore its value is dependent on whether you enjoy challenging dungeons and whether you want the unique sets they drop. In this case, the sets vary on usefulness by build, so the main attraction is the fun mechanics of the dungeons themselves.

Price: 1,500 Crowns

Wolfhunter Sets

Murkmire DLC Review

Murkmire will take players to the Black Marsh, where players will encounter Concordia Mercius, who will need you help in recovering the Cyrodilic Collections most precious relics, stolen from the Argonians. Situated in the southern coast of Black Marsh discover a myriad of swamps, jungles, stilt houses, mysterious temples and dilapidated ruins. Not only will you have a chance to discover the swampy location but a main quest line centered around the Argonians.

Along your perilous journey you will meet the enigmatic Argonians who are searching to regain the legendary Saxhleel antiquity. Discover a whole new culture with quirky characters to get to know.

The area also comes with the group arena called Black Rose Prison, where players will face waves of enemies. Enter if you dare with up to four players to climb your way up the arena leaderboard, through five stages that will test your skill. Surviving the area will grant you new weapons such as the Blackrose Greatsword with Uppercut ability boosts and new item sets.

Score: 9/10 – Murkmire is a small zone but it is very well designed one, with plenty of activities and an interesting and lore-rich story. The new group arena is a fun addition for group players, but not as hard as a trial, and the new sets are not the star of the show. The setting and story are the main draw of this DLC.

Price: 2,000 Crowns

Murkmire Sets

Wrathstone DLC Review

Wrathstone was the first DLC to be released following The Season of the Dragon. This DLC contains two dungeons Frostvault and Depths of Malatar. In Frostvault players will follow treasure hunter Tharayya into the ancient Dwemer area to uncover the Vault of Mhuvnak, frozen shut eons ago. Now open to explorers, the place is well guarded by goblin tribes and Dwemer Automatons.

Frostvault is a really fun dungeon to experience and includes it’s own mini-game of clock work skeevatons, where players will shrink down to the mouse sized wind up toys, try to avoid traps and deactivate a shock conveyor. There is also a crazy boss fight against the Stonekeeper, who if you’re not too careful will knock you off the platforms with it’s swinging robot like arms, you’ll need to avoid the rolling balls of death in the process as well. This is a really fun dungeon to run, a bit of mess on the first try but once you know what you’re doing it will be a favourite.

Depths of Malatar on the otherhand will pit players against a different kind of enemy, from The Scavenging Maw to Dark Orbs. Malatar adds a number of mechanics including AOE circles, empowered Aurorans and a boss that likes to clone himself. There are a number of sets to gains from these dungeons while taking on some challenges.

Score: 8/10 – Wrathstone is a dungeon-only DLC, and therefore its value is dependent on whether you enjoy challenging dungeons and wheter you want the unique sets they drop. In this case, the sets vary on usefulness by build, so the main attraction is the fun mechanics of the dungeons themselves.

Price: 1,500 Crowns

Wrathstone Sets

Scalebreaker DLC Review

Scalebreaker introduces the dungeons Lair of Maarselok and Moongrave Fane. The Maarselok dungeon adds the fun aspect of facing a dragon, if that’s not motivation enough I don’t know what is. As you enter its lair, you awaken the Dragon’s influence and it reveals its corrupting affects, from giant spiders to hives that spawn a number of deadly creatures. Whether its the azure blight that will get you or the ferocious dragon, that’s the challenge and the enjoyable aspects of this dungeon.

Out of the two, Moongrave Fane is one of the most fun dungeons to take on. Tackle the Vampires of the Hollowfang Clan before they drain the life out of the captured Dragon. This dungeon has some mechanics which involves bursting blood balls to moving blocks to either unlock areas or move them to release a fiery onslaught on the final boss Grundwulf.

Having to fight dragons in any capacity will hold some nostalgia for those who enjoyed games like Skyrim, and having dragons in ESO especially in a dungeon just adds to the experience. Each dungeon also rewards players with sets.

Score: 8/10 – Scalebreaker is a dungeon-only DLC, and therefore its value is dependent on whether you enjoy challenging dungeons and whether you want the unique sets they drop. In this case, the sets vary on usefulness by build, so the main attraction is the fun mechanics of the dungeons themselves or if you’re up for facing dragons.

Price: 1,500 Crowns

Scalebreaker Sets

Elsweyr Review

You might be wondering, “hang on a minute, why Elsweyr is on this list? ” since at the moment it’s a chapter (expansion) not a DLC. Well, when the next chapter Greymoor releases, this will make Elsweyr eventually a part of the DLC collection in future.

Elsweyr is part of the Season of the Dragon, a year long theme that added dragons into Tamriel, awoken by Abnur Tharn‘s doing as well as queen Euraxia. The dragon Kaalgrontiid brings a new threat to the home of the Khajiit. A new zone is available for ESO players to explore, and run into these winged creatures in Dragon Hunts, a new world quest. It also adds a 12-player trial Sunspire and the newest class addition, the Necromancer.

Necromancer is definitely a fun class to play, as it draws its power from the dead. The use of Gravelord Skills will imbue the dead with Frost, Fire or Lightning, raise hordes of the undead to attack your enemies. Bone Tyrant Skills will bend and break the dead to your will, creating a impenetrable wall and increase your own survivability. Living Death Skills draws powers of life and death, helps to restore your allies and resurrect your fallen comrades to bring them back to the battle.

If you’ve always been curious about the Khajiit race, you can learn about their ways, their culture and their history, as well as help them defend their land against the merciless attack of the dragon.

Score: 9/10 – Elsweyr is a great expansion with a unique flavor thanks to the Khajiit overtones. With an interesting story and the addition of Dragons, lore-seekers will be more than satisfied. PvP players will enjoy the incredibly powerful Necromancer, and hardcore players the Sunspire trial. Elsweyr has something for everyone and ranks accordingly.

Price: Currently still available as a chapter/expansion

  • Elsweyr Standard Edition $49.99 (includes base game + Morrowind + Summerset)
  • Elsweyr Digital Collector’s Edition $69.99 (includes base game + Morrowind + Summerset + Collectibles)
  • Elsweyr Digital Upgrade $29.99 (no base game)
    Elsweyr Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade $39.99 (no base game)


Elsweyr Sets

Dragonhold DLC

The Dragonhold DLC brings a new explorable area for players to discover, Southern Elsweyr, deep within Khajiti lore, with plenty of alfiq to encounter. The area also has Dragon Hunts which were introduced with the Elsweyr expansion. This DLC is a similar size to Murkmire and Clockwork City in terms of area.

The region is overrun by outlaws, both bandits and slavers are abundant in Pellitine. This new region also comes with new delves, crafting stations, gear, side quests and a brand new adventure to take on. The Dragon Hunts also have Storm and Frost Dragons to fight alongside your fellow adventurers. There is also quests and side quests to enjoy.

If you enjoyed discovering Elsweyr, this DLC will add to the experience and ends the Season of the Dragon.

Score: 8/10 – Dragonhold has a unique and enjoyable aesthetic, and continues the story for the Elsweyr expansion, satisfying casual players. Hardcore players may find this DLC lacking, but some interesting crafted sets offset it .

Price: 2,000 Crowns

Dragonhold Sets


Harrowstorm adds two dungeons Icereach and Unhallowed Grave. Icereach will take players to venture a strange isle across the Sea of Ghosts. Expect to face the Icereach Coven, ruthless witches and face terrible storms. This dungeon is full of atronachs and frosty beings who are not going to give a warm welcome. Finally, face the witch coven themselves and take them down.

Unhallowed Grave is by far one of my favourites for the DLC due to its grappling mechanics. Grappling was introduced with Elsweyr, and has been added to this dungeon making you feel like a true explorer investigating the mysterious depths of the Unhallowed Grave. Team work will be your friend as there are some mechanics where players will need to grapple to higher points to activate sigils and coordinate with their dungeon group. There are also boss fights where movement to other areas will need you to grapple your way there. Once you get the mechanics down, it’s a great dungeon to leap your way through. Each dungeon offers sets which you can find below.

Score: 9/10 – Harrowstorm is a dungeon-only DLC, and therefore its value is dependent on whether you enjoy challenging dungeons and whether you want the unique sets they drop. In this case, the sets can be very useful depending on your build, and new sets have been added to Cyrodiil that PvP players can make good use of.

Price: 1,500 Crowns/4,000 Crowns for Collector’s Bundle

Harrowstorm Sets

Which DLC will you be trying next? Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments below! Eager to find out what’s next for Elder Scrolls Online? Check out our Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Gameplay Preview & Changes for all the exciting new features coming with the Dark Heart of Skyrim chapter!

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