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ESO Clothier Guide: Sets, Armor and Fast Leveling

Crafting Clothing Guide for Elder Scrolls Online with details on how to craft powerful Light Armor and Medium Armor. Clothing vocation is very useful for end game players, because there are some fantastic Sets that have always remained strong (namely Hunding’s Rage and Law of Julianos). Max level in Clothing also lets you improve any acquired Purple Gear to Legendary Gear, which is extremely valuable to complete end game sets. You can, however, still utilize this vocation as you level up, as the material cost for lower level Crafted Sets is quite minimal. Just keep in mind that until you reach the Champion Ranks, it may be more trouble than it’s worth, as you will quickly “out level” it.

ESO Clothing Guide: Basics

To start with Clothing visit any Clothing Station. These are not hard to find and can be located in every major town, and even some of the smaller ones.

Clothing Station

To get certified, talk to Millenith who can be found near the Fighter’s Guild in any starting area, as well as Vivec (Morrowind) or Alinor (Summerset).

By completing this simple quest, you unlock Clothing Writs, an important component for leveling up Clothing and obtaining rarer materials. To start creating Light Armor, Medium Armor and Furniture, go to any Clothing Crafting Station. Once there, 6 options will be presented:


Refining creates Clothier Processed Materials, which are used in the Creation process, from Raw Materials such as Scraps, Jute, Flax etc. Light Armor materials such as Jute and Flax are collected throughout the world in form of Plants. Scraps are Medium Armor materials and they are acquired by killing and looting animals or beasts. Of the two, Medium Armor materials are generally easier to gather because there are places on the map that contain lots of animals/beasts that drop them. Raw Materials acquired have a 50% chance to scale with either Character Level or Tailoring Level.

Scrap Loot from Animal


Creation is for crafting Light and Medium Armor. Looking from left to right, Light Armor pieces come first. In order to create an item you need to:

  1. Choose which item to create.
  2. Choose Clothing Processed Material type and amount (amount determines level, press + and  icons to change amount)
  3. Choose Style which determines how gear looks. Unlocking new Styles is done by acquiring Motifs which usually drop anywhere randomly, but can also be obtained in other manners. Style materials are acquired through deconstructing, refining and via vendor that usually stands near Clothing Station.
  4. The final optional step is to choose a TraitTrait materials are obtained by deconstructing gear and refining Raw Clothing Materials.
Clothing Creation Tab


Deconstruction means destroying an item in order to get materials from it and Inspiration (Crafting XP). It is the primary way of leveling Clothing since it gives more Inspiration than Creation. Keep in mind that you do not get much Inspiration from deconstructing items that you craft yourself, but you do from items others have crafted.


Improvement means upgrading item quality. More materials used equals a higher chance of success. Items are destroyed upon failure, so ideally you would want to use enough materials to reach 100%. Improvement materials can be found by deconstructing items and refining Cloth.

Clothing Item Improvement


Traits are researched through this option. Items can be researched only if they have magnifying glass icon next to it. Upon successful Trait Research, you are given an option to use that Trait in Creation but only for that same piece of equipment you acquired that trait from. For example, if the Training trait has been researched from a helmet, you can use the Training trait on any future helmet created.


The patterns option is used to create Furniture. Recipes for more Furniture drop randomly and can be also bought from Guild Traders and Guild Stores. These usually require a special material called Bast in order to create. Bast is acquired randomly from looting cloth nodes.

ESO Clothing: Traits, Crafted Sets & Transmutation

Researching Traits on every piece of equipment is very important for multiple reasons. Firstly, when out in the world you will stumble upon Special Crafting Stations where you can craft Sets that give specific Set Bonuses. These bonuses depend on the Crafting Station, and every Set has Trait Requirements, meaning if you did not research enough Traits for that piece of equipment you wont be able to craft it.


At this crafting station 4 Traits researched for any piece of equipment are needed.

Crafting Whitestrake Set

So if I want to craft Whitestrake’s Epaulets I need to have any 4 Traits researched for Epaulets. If I want to craft Whitestrake’s Breeches also any 4 Traits researched are needed but for Breeches. Do not forget that at Special Crafting Stations every vocation’s Station will produce the same Set Bonuses. For example if you use  the Jewelry Station at this same location, Whitestrake’s Rings and Necklaces can be crafted as well.

Another important aspect of having all Traits researched is that you can utilize Transmutation. Transmutation offers an option to change Traits on equipment but binds the item to you in the process. Bound items are non-tradeable but can still be deconstructed or used on alternate characters via  your Bank. Transmutation can only be done in the Clockwork City DLC area or at any player housing that possesses a Transmutation Station. Visit the Hall of Refined Techniques in the Brass Fortress to start Transmuting.

Transmutation Process

In order to Transmute an item you’ll need:

Transmute Crystals are obtained via Daily Random Dungeons, Veteran Dungeons, Trials, Undaunted Pledges, PvP and Holiday Events. They usually come in form of Transmutation Geodes that need to be opened. The amount each Geode possess inside is somewhat randomized, with higher quality possessing more. Keep in mind that you cannot store more than the cap (200) in your inventory, so don’t open your Geodes if you are already there.

ESO Clothing Skills

Upgrading Clothing Skills is crucial to creating powerful equipment while also being efficient to reduce the leveling grind. Upgrading these passives is done by investing Skill Points into them. Skill Points are earned through various means such as leveling up, doing quest chains with skill points as a reward, non repeatable dungeon quests, Skyshards and ranking up in PvP.


The Tailoring passive allows the use of higher level materials. This is very important for leveling Clothing and should be upgraded as soon as it is available.

Keen Eye: Cloth

The Keen Eye passive makes Plants in the world more visible by making them glow when nearby. This is very useful because it can be hard to spot Fibrous Plants among foliage. Put at least 1 point here.

Outfitter Hireling

A Hireling that collects Clothing Materials when offline and sends them via mail. Very useful to start amassing lots of materials early on.


The Unraveling passive improves the chances of extracting more and better materials via deconstruction, and allows for refining more powerful Tannins from Raw Materials. Very useful throughout game and should be upgraded when available.


The Stitching passive reduces Research times and allows researching more items at once. Useful for researching Traits early to be prepared for end game. Take this as soon as you can.

Tanning Expertise

The Tanning Expertise passive improves the chance of upgrading item quality through the Improvement option at Clothing Crafting Stations. Not needed immediately but you should start placing points here as you get higher level.

ESO Clothing Leveling Guide

Leveling Clothing is a fairly straightforward process. Inspiration (Crafting XP) is gained by creating items and deconstructing them. Deconstruction yields more XP and is the best way of leveling Clothing. Running lots of Dungeons and deconstructing gear from those runs is a nice way of leveling up Clothing. Daily Clothing Writs help a lot too, not only because of Inspiration gain, but also because of possible rewards such as higher quality Tannins.

The fastest method requires a friend or alternate character. Here is step by step guide:

  1. You and Friend/Alt craft lots of level 4 Sashes or Belts 
  2. Exchange with Friend or use bank to exchange with Alt
  3. Deconstruct their crafted gear while they deconstruct your crafted gear until Clothing Level 5
  4. Upgrade Tailoring passive
  5. Repeat first 3 steps, only this time with level 16 Sash or Belt until Clothing Level 10
  6. Upgrade Tailoring passive

Keep doing these steps with Sashes or Belts level 26, 36, 46, CP 10, 40, 80, 100. Deconstruct until the next rank in the Tailoring passive is unlocked, put point in it, and continue with crafting and deconstructing higher level Sashes or Belts until the next rank in Tailoring is unlocked.

ESO Clothing Guide: Final Tips

Clothing in ESO is an important crafting vocation for any Damage Dealer or Healer since they use Light and Medium Armor. Leveling Clothing is done primarily by deconstructing gear found throughout the world and using the fast leveling method mentioned in the previous section. Doing Daily Clothing Writs and Clothing Surveys is also a great way to level up faster and amass enough materials.

Learn where the best places to farm plants and scraps are, because there are definitely better places than other. Plants usually grow in green field like areas, while scraps drop from animals. There are places, like Public Dungeons, where there are an abundance of animals that spawn quickly, and you can farm hundreds of scraps in a very short amount of time.

Do NOT Refine any more materials than is necessary to craft what you need until you have maxed out the Unraveling passive. This will give you the highest yield of Dreugh Wax, which is used to upgrade Epic quality items to Legendary. These are valuable items, and there is no reason to waste the opportunity to acquire them by processing materials you do not even need.

As with any Crafting Vocation, Inspiration gain can be boosted by 10% from ESO Plus, 10% from the Orc Race and 20% from the Inspiration Boost Champion Skill.

Stay tuned for more ESO Guides as we take on Crafting, Dungeons, PvP and of course, Builds! Check out our Jewelry Crafting Guide, Enchanting Crafting Guide, Alchemy Crafting Guide and Leveling Guides.

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