The Elder Scrolls Online Comes To Xbox One X With “Update 16”!

The Elder Scrolls Online Comes To Xbox One X With “Update 16”!

Announced on the games’ official Twitter account today, support for the Xbox One X will come to the console once the anticipated Update 16 hits The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Coming To The Xbox One X!

The upcoming Update 16 will include the latest DLC called: Clockwork City, the mechanical wonderland of Sotha Sil and will have the much touted Transmutation feature, where players would be able to modify the attributes of their equipment.

You can learn more of Sotha Sil‘s creation with one of Bethesda’s writers giving a 101 on the Clockwork City.

If you haven’t heard, the Clockwork City DLC is currently live on The Elder Scrolls Online PTS for players to try.

In your exploration of Sotha Sil’s creation, you’ll meet plenty of interesting characters. You might even encounter Divayth Fyr, a vain but powerful mage of the great House Telvanni.

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