“The Elder Scrolls Online” New Character: Divayth Fyr!

“The Elder Scrolls Online” New Character: Divayth Fyr!

As part of their “Meet the Character” series, The Elder Scrolls Online  publisher Bethesda introduces us to Divayth Fyr, a mage of considerable power.

Divayth Fyr is a new center character in the upcoming DLC for the game, Clockwork City, which is part of Update 16 that we’ve covered.

The Elder Scrolls Online, Clockwork City DLC Character!

You’ll meet plenty of new and interesting characters when exploring the Clockwork City, but none so mysterious as the Telvanni mage, Divayth Fyr. Learn more about the powerful sorcerer with our first Meet the Character for the Clockwork City DLC game pack!

You can learn more about this mage by reading the letter of correspondence from Sojourner Lilatha, sorcerer of the Psijic Order, below.

Taken from the correspondence of Sojourner Lilatha, sorcerer of the Psijic Order.

Esteemed Ritemaster Iachesis,

I apologize for the lateness of this missive. My wanderings took me far beyond the boundaries of civilization, where the fabric of the Mundus grows thin indeed. I only recently returned to the land of Summerset.

I encountered a fellow traveler on my journeys through the veil, Ritemaster—the Telvanni sorcerer, Divayth Fyr.

I’m sorry to report that his temperament has not improved. When Divayth left our isle of Artaeum, he was a sharp-elbowed upstart. In the intervening millennia, his power and vanity have grown a thousand-fold. Thankfully, his ambitions remain very narrow. He does not desire wealth or influence in his Great House Telvanni. He has no interest in accumulating followers or expanding his holdings beyond Tel Fyr. He seeks forbidden knowledge, and little else. This of course poses its own dangers. Forbidden knowledge is forbidden for a reason, after all.

We found each other on the Isle of Dranil Kir. I went to the island to investigate an ancient Psijic scrying device. When I entered the ruins, I found Divayth Fyr engaging in some profane Daedric ritual. I interrupted it, of course—not wanting to be devoured by whatever fellcreature he intended to pull from the void. He was far from pleased.

After a bout of cursing, he explained his intentions (in the most patronizing terms possible). Apparently, he intended to open a rift to a pocket dimension using a bizarre Dwarven device. I asked him why. He made a sour face and sighed. “Why do we do anything, my dear Lilatha? To prove that we can, of course.”

He went on to ask me about a Daedric artifact he’s keen to acquire. Well, not “ask,” exactly. Fyr would never ask for help outright. No, he twisted his words to make it clear he was doing me a favor by bringing me into his confidence. I told him I hadn’t heard anything, and urged him to conduct his Daedric experiments elsewhere.

In truth, I do know about this artifact, and Divayth is smart enough to know I was lying. I urge you to keep a close eye on him, Ritemaster. Divayth is not nefarious, but his motives remain too murky for my taste. Trifling with Daedric artifacts is a dangerous proposition, even for mages as powerful as Fyr. Perhaps one day he will temper that power with humility. I’m not optimistic.

Yours in magic,


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