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ESO – Jewelry Crafting Guide

Jewelry is a new addition to ESO Crafting and it comes with the Summerset Expansion but without Summerset you cannot craft Jewelry. The main problem with Jewelry Crafting is that it’s a huge grind compared to other vocations, so be prepared for a lot of Dungeon runs to improve quality of Rings and Necklaces, which I’m going to cover later.

ESO – Jewelry Crafting Guide

In each zone there are Seam nodes (Pewter, Copper…) you can harvest Dust from and from that Jewelry is made. In addition, as of Update 19, players will be able to find Dust occasionally from Ore nodes as well. Since Jewelry nodes and Ore nodes both share the same spawns to begin with, be sure to harvest them while out hunting for Seam nodes for best results.

It is important to note that all the Jewelry acquired before the Summerset Expansion cannot deconstructed for materials, though they can be researched.

Jewelry Crafting Basics

The first thing you should do in order to Jewelry Craft is get certified. To get certified, go to Alinor (capital of Summerset), and speak to Felarian.

He is standing just outside the crafting “area” there. Finish the simple quest he gives you, and you are ready to get started. By becoming a Jeweler the new Jewelry Crafting Skill line is unlocked, which introduces 5 new passives to level up.

Jewelry Crafting Skills

There are five key Jewelery Crafting Passive Abilities which you can find under Crafting Skills, each have their own levels that need to be unlocked:


By leveling the Engraver passive, higher jewelry crafting levels are unlocked and higher level harvesting nodes in the world become available. You will eventually max out this passive.

Keen Eye

Keen Eye makes Seam nodes glow when within a certain distance, making them easier to spot. By using the Harvest Map add-on this passive becomes optional and you would be better off spending points elsewhere. However, if you don’t have it, placing at least one point here is advised, because these nodes are particularly hard to spot.

Jewelry Extraction

The Jewelry Extraction passive is extremely important to acquire better materials from deconstructing equipment and to be able to refine Grains into Platings. Level this up as soon as new levels become available for best results. With other professions you have a 50% chance with max Extraction to get 1 FULL improvement item (green, blue, purple or gold) upon deconstructing that can be used immediately for improving items. With Jewelry you get 50% chance of getting 1 Grain. 10 Grains are needed for 1 Plating.

Lapidary Research

Reduces Research times by a percentage, which is self explanatory. This is one of 2 ways you can speed up research times (the other costs real money), however, unlike other vocations you will only ever be able to research one Trait at a time.

Platings Expertise

Increases item improving chance by using Platings (refined from Grains). This is important later on for end game content, but is not that useful early on in the game when you are changing out gear with regularity.

Jewelry Crafting Station

Jewelry Crafting stations can be found at every major City and some other minor locations. Here you will be able to refine, create, deconstruct, improve, research and create furnishings.


Refining is used to transform Dust collected into Ounces, allowing you to craft Jewelry. Refinement is done by adding 10 units of any raw material and pressing Refine button. Refining also gives you upgrade materials such as Grains, and is the primary means of gaining them, so you’ll need to harvest lots of materials if you wish to upgrade your Jewelry.


Refined materials are used here to create Rings and Necklaces. Level of crafted gear depends on amount and type of materials used. To use Traits they need to be researched first through Research option. Then you need special materials that are acquired by refining Pulverized materials (Gilding Wax, Zinc, Titanium…). Pulverized materials are obtained through various methods: from deconstructing equipment, daily dungeon rewards, weekly trial rewards and from nodes themselves.


Deconstruction is main method for increasing Jewelry Rank (max is 50). By deconstructing Rings and Necklaces you are given inspiration, the name for crafting experience. You also have a chance to gain materials, with the chance increased by leveling the Jewelry Extraction passive.


Improvement is used for upgrading equipment quality. By using Platings of corresponding color, item quality is improved.

More Platings used equals a higher chance of improvement succeeding. To upgrade White rarity item with 100% success chance you need 1 Green Platings for Green Quality, 2 Blue for Blue Quality, 3 Purple for Purple Quality, 4 Golden for Gold Quality with max Platings Expertise as of Update 19.


By adding item available for research (magnifying glass icon next to item name) Traits from that item can be learned and afterwards used in Creation section. The time needed to research each item will increase significantly each time you learn a Trait, so make sure you are always Researching something. Researching is important because all of the game’s Crafted Sets require you to have Researched a certain number of Traits in order to craft them. Researching continues even when you are offline.


Furnishing is used to create House items and Recipes are found randomly by looting objects around Tamriel. These usually require some Plating as well as a special crafting material called Ochre. Ochre can be found my harvesting Jewerly Nodes very randomly.

Leveling Jewelry Crafting

Leveling Jewelry Crafting is done primarily by deconstructing Rings and Necklaces. It is a very slow process that can be boosted through ESO Plus (+10% Inspiration gain), the Tower Champion Skill line (+20% Inspiration gain for 30 Points) and by being an Orc (racial bonus +10%). In order to reach level 50 in Jewelry Crafting many many Rings and Necklaces need to be deconstructed and below are best ways how to farm Jewelry.


Writs are daily crafting quests that can be acquired on Boards near every Crafting area. By completing these dailies you get Inspiration (Crafting Exp), some resources back and maybe an item or two. You should do your Jewelry Crafting Writ every single day when playing, as it is quick and gives you materials.

Normal Dungeons

Normal Dungeons are one of the best sources for Jewelry farming because they are fast to do and have lots of Bosses that can drop Jewelry pieces upon death. Veteran Dungeons give higher quality gear, but the inspiration boost from deconstructing higher quality gear is minimal, and thus isn’t recommended. For 1 Vet Dungeon run you can do 2 Normal Dungeon runs. Vaults of Madness Dungeon is the best Dungeon for farming Jewelry, but Aetherian Archive Trial is also good if you can manage to get 12 people together .


Dolmens can be found in nearly every region in the game. By simply running from Dolmen to Dolmen as they spawn (10 min respawn timer) and looting Dolmen chests after completing them, you can get a lot of Jewelry, because Dolmen Chests have a guaranteed Jewelry piece inside them. Better quality treasure can be acquired by leveling Treasure Hunter Skill in Shadow Champion Skill line, but even if you don’t have it this is still a solid method.

Cyrodiil Vendors

Another good way of acquiring Jewelry is in Cyrodiil, the PvP area of the game. Each town there has vendors that sell chests, and you will need to acquire Alliance Points by PvPing in or to purchase. Chests that have the best chance of dropping pieces of Jewelry are: Vengeance of the Leech, Grace of the Ancients and Deadly Strikes.

You will want to buy those with your Alliance Points but this may not help you if you are new. However, if you are a veteran player just picking up Summerset with tons of AP to burn, this may work out in your favor.

Final Tips

One really good way to level any Craft (if you have a friend) is to pair up, create lots of items, and then trade them for deconstruction. You gain very little Inspiration for deconstructing your own crafted equipment, however you gain a lot from deconstructing items made by other players. When doing this, be sure to make the highest level items you can for the most Inspiration gain possible.

Be on the look out for Double Drop events, whereby all crafting nodes provide double the amount of materials. This is a great time to farm materials, for any profession.

You can then refine them and get much more green, blue, purple and yellow upgrade materials than you would in the same amount of time normally. This sometimes includes drops from bosses as well. For example, the bosses from Imperial City Prison and White Gold Tower will drop double loot during the Imperial City Celebration.

Be sure to deconstruct ALL Jewelry you acquire, Ornate or not, because as mentioned before, it will take you a long time to get to 50. While it may be tempting to sell these items, especially if you are short on storage space and not near a Jewelry Crafting Station, it will save you time in the long run. Try to manage your inventory effectively to prevent yourself from being tempted.

Stay tuned for more ESO Guides as we take on Crafting, Dungeons, PvP and of course, Builds! If you want to find out more about the upcoming changes with Update 19 read about them in Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter Changes: The Age Of The Werewolf. You can also check out the upcoming dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter Dungeons Preview.

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