The Outer Worlds Wins the Nebula Award for Game Writing

The Outer Worlds Wins the Nebula Award for Game Writing

The sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds wins a Nebula Award for it’s game writing.

The Outer Worlds Wins the Nebula Award for Game Writing

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have awarded The Outer Worlds with a Nebula Award for Game Writing, the news was announced over the weekend.

The award which has in the past gone to novels and short stories, has now also expanded to films as well as TV scripts. This also includes game writing which is great news for sci-fi games out there. Obsidian the developers behind The Outer Worlds beat out the competition which included the quirky detective RPG Disco Elysium which was also nominated, as well as The Magician’s Workshop and Fate Accessibility Toolkit.

Last year’s winner was the interactive film from Netflix, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch which also followed a game theme but as with all Black Mirror episodes leaves you feeling rather unsettled and less hopeful about the world and technology.

The Outer Worlds is set in the sci-fi universe where colonies now live on two Planets run by mega-corporations. Take on the open-world experience full of conspiracies and decide how the story unfolds. The Action-RPG has also gained a number of accolades including The Game of the Year Award for the New York Game Awards 2020.

The Outer Worlds will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on June 5th. It is currently available to play on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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