The Outer Worlds: Best Perks

Well, The Outer Worlds is finally here, and with it will undoubtedly come an avalanche of players looking to make the very best Builds they can, and contained with them will of course be Perks. Perks are obtained every two levels in The Outer Worlds, or ever time you take a Flaw, and max level is 30. This means without taking any Flaws you’ll have a total of 15 Perks by the end of the game. In this article I want to take a look at some of these Perks, more specifically the Best Perks, and why you should consider using them in your Build.

The Outer Worlds: Best Perks

In The Outer Worlds you don’t just gain access to every Perk immediately, but instead there are Tiers. You begin with access to Tier 1, and after you obtain 5 Perks then you will gain access to Tier 2. After you gain a further 5 Perks, for a total of 10 Perks, then you will gain access to Tier 3. For this reason I will break down the Best Perks by Tier, since you will have to get some lower Tier Perks to get Tier 3 ones.


Best Tier 1 Perks In The Outer Worlds

  1. Toughness – This Perk increases your Health by 50%, which is no small amount. At level 30 you will have 3500 Health by default, and 5250 if you take this Perk. That means you will gain a whopping 1750 Health. Unless you are planning to make a stealthy character who never plans on getting hit at all, I highly recommend this for any other Build, and even then not everything always goes according to plan, so stealthy characters can benefit from this Perk.
  2. Lone Wolf – This is possibly the best Perk in the game, if and only if you want to go it alone. Since Supernova difficulty makes Companion death permanent, I can see many “hardcore” players opting to leave their Companions in their ship and taking this Perk just to be safe. If you play alone, take this one for sure.
  3. Quick and the Dead – It speeds up the rate that your TTD Meter fills, allowing you to use it more often. Not every player will use TTD, it really depends on your Build, but I’d wager that more players will use it than not. And, again you have to take 5 Tier 1 Perks, so if you’re going to take one this one is pretty damn good for just about everyone.
  4. Pack Mule – This Perk is just a quality of life Perk that makes it so you don’t have to manage your inventory as often. You will pick up loads and loads of loot in The Outer Worlds, and you don’t want to have to stop every 10 minutes to make sure you aren’t Encumbered. Take this to make the game just a bit more enjoyable and hassle free.
  5. Precision – This Perk is probably the least useful of the 5 Perks I have listed in Tier 1 unless you are making a Build that specifically utilizes Companions and invests in Leadership. However, even if you don’t, it can help improve their damage if they are geared well, so it’s worth taking.

Some of the other Perks in this Tier are situational, like Slow the World. This is a great Perk for a sniper Build, but very few other Builds are going to use it much. Additionally, Resilient is great for Melee and Heavy Gunner Builds, but your standard player will probably utilize some form of cover during their first playthrough when they can, so it becomes less useful on average.

Best Tier 2 Perks In The Outer Worlds

  1. Harvester – One of the best Perks in the game, this will heal you every time you get a kill. And, because it’s based on percentage, if you took Toughness you’ll gain even more Health. If you hate having to stop firing to heal mid combat, then you definitely want this Perk.
  2. Weird ScienceScience Weapons are some of the most powerful weapons in The Outer Worlds, so this is definitely a great Perk to have if you intend to use them. By the time you gain this Perk you should have at least 1 or 2 Science Weapons, but you may want to wait to take it until you have a couple more. Just don’t wait too long because some of the Science Weapons are found much further into the game.
  3. The Reaper – This Perk will allow you to use your TTD a lot more often, which is good if you favor it. It would be a lot better if enemies came in larger packs then about 5 or 6 more often, because you can usually kill 2 or 3 with TTD and then if you kill 2 more without it, there’s only one left. Doesn’t really matter much if you have TTD when facing one enemy…
  4. Pack of Pack Mules – This Perk further increases the amount of things you can carry when you have Companions by a huge amount. Once you get this Perk managing your inventory becomes a thing of the past and you might have to stop to clear about once every 2 hours. It’s just another great quality of life Perk, especially if you want to carry Armor you want to swap out for Skill checks.
  5. Scanner – An extra 20% bonus to Headshot/Weakspot Damage sounds amazing until you find out it’s only in TTD. However, if you use TTD often this can be a very very good Perk. Considering there is a clear lack of good Perks at Tier 2, you could do a lot worse than this one.

Tier 2 Perks are the weakest by far in The Outer Worlds, and some Builds are really going to feel a dip in performance during this portion of their playthrough. About the only Build type that stays strong here is a sniper due to Harvester, The Reaper and Scanner.

Best Tier 3 Perks In The Outer Worlds

  1. Armor Master – This is the pound for pound king of Tier 3 perks because everyone can make use of it effectively. If you’re wearing Chimaera when you use this you will gain an additional +10 Lie, Intimidate and Persuade, which is not a small amount. It’s a great way to help you pass skill checks that you might otherwise fail, because Armors generally come with passives to different Skills. Keep one of each type and swap it on to gain an instant boost to that Skill that might make you pass the check instead of fail.
  2. Confidence – You could make the case that this actually belongs higher than Armor Master on the list because it is so powerful, but it doesn’t work well with Builds that fire multiple projectiles that deal less damage than one large powerful shot. It is also much less useful on 1-Handed Melee Builds than 2-Handed because these strike for less damage per swing. Still just about everyone will gain some improvement from this Perk.
  3. Revenge – This Perk is one of the few ways you can boost your overall damage in The Outer Worlds, and you will be poisoned, burned, shocked and N-rayed quite often by the time you gain access to this Perk. This makes it a must for anyone that can’t kill anything from super long range without getting hit.
  4. Tit For Tat – This Perk is only useful to players playing melee Builds, but it is incredibly strong. Being able to heal with every swing means you rarely have to heal, particularly if you have Toughness and Harvester and any points at all into Temperament. It’s a must for any melee Build for sure.
  5. Wild Science – This Perk further boosts your Science Damage, which as I mentioned are some of the most powerful weapons in the game. If you use Science Weapons, and you really should, you definitely want this Perk.

Tier 3 features many many Perks that are more specialized to the type of Build you are playing. For instance, Steady Hand is amazing if you use Assault Rifles, Shotguns or Machine Guns, but is not particularly great otherwise. Solo Sneaker makes you much harder to detect but requires you to play a stealthy Build and have no Companions to be useful. There may be better perks in this Tier for your specific Build, but these I have listed are just generally good for anyone.

Stay tuned for more Outer Worlds coverage and be sure to check out our Getting Started, Character Creation, Best Weapon and Build Guides if you’re looking for more content, and check out our Companions guide if you’d like information about each one how to best optimize them.


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