Sony To Announce 7 New Games At Paris Games Week 2017!

Sony To Announce 7 New Games At Paris Games Week 2017!

In a recent blog post by Sony, they revealed that they’re going to be announcing seven new PlayStation titles at next week’s Paris Games Week 2017.

Paris Games Week 2017 – Why No PS Vita!?

The PlayStation Media Showcase at Paris Games Week is a live event on October 30th, a Monday at 9:00am PT. An event where Sony will be picking up where they left off at E3 2017.

The seven new games will be for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR systems, and are among the 21 other game updates which will all be featured during the “Introductory Livestream”,  that begins an hour prior  to the event at 8:00 am PT.


Hopefully we’ll get an update on Naughty Dog’s much-anticipated sequel, The Last of Us 2,  and anything on FromSoftware’s (fabled) Bloodborne 2,  that isn’t merchandise. If it is, it’ll probably be footwear next. We’ll get all the answers our souls desire, this coming Monday.

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10 comments on “Sony To Announce 7 New Games At Paris Games Week 2017!”

  1. Avatar announakis says:

    Are we finally done with crossing the desert?

  2. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    New Ratchet and Clank, New Sly Cooper, Bloodborne 2, The first 3 spyro games remade like Crashand, and 3 new IPs. That would be ideal for me.

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    This is right before that Bloodborne maintenance too…

  4. Avatar Castielle says:

    Would be crazy if they announced Bloodborne 2 just before Halloween. Mind would be blown!


  5. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Well the XboxOneX is supposed to be releasing next month too I think, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony wants something big and splashy going into the holiday season to convince people to pick up a PS4 over an Xbox.

  6. Avatar TSMP says:

    I dunno, I kinda need some new boots. Mine are looking a bit worn. :P

  7. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    You don’t need boots when you’re GAMING!……..Unless that’s just your fetish.

  8. Avatar TSMP says:

    You’re right, I should go barefoot so I can use a second controller with my toes. Good thinking!

  9. Avatar Fexelea says:

    That mental image :s

  10. Anonymous says:

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