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Labyrinth Madmen (Sages) Drop List

The Labyrinth Madmen in Bloodborne, aka Sages, drop some of the best gems in the game. How good are they? Scary good. Some of them exceed 44% in total benefits when both effects activate. They’re not easy to obtain though, and matching up those 2 perfect effects you want can take a very long time. This guide details where to find these gems and the potential effects you can get on any given gem. Because they are labeled Beasts in the game, you can use powerful Beasthunter gems against them to great effect. They are also weak to Fire and Serration.

Pthumeru Ihyll

Radial gems with the following effects can be obtained from the Labyrinth Madmen found in Rotted, Fetid, Cursed Pthumeru Ihyll Root Glyph pwmf22gu Layer 1 or ba362b97 Layer 1 Bonus 1:

Highest primary effects found in Pthumeru Ihyll:

  • Tempering +21% Physical ATK (common)
  • Adept +25.2% Blunt ATK (rare)
  • Adept +25.2% Thrust ATK (rare)
  • Warm +21 Bloodtinge Scaling (EXTREMELY RARE)
  • Striking +28% ATK up on Charge Attacks (rare)
  • Radiant -7% Stamina Cost (rare)
  • Poorman’s +28% Physical ATK up near death (very rare)
  • Fool’s +26.6% Physical ATK up at full hp (very rare)
  • Fire +21% Fire ATK (very rare)
  • Heavy +21 Str Scaling (rare)
  • Sharp +21 Skl Scaling (rare)
  • Arcane +21% Arcane ATK (very rare)
  • Pulsing +4 Hp recovery (very rare)
  • Kinhunter +25.2% ATK vs Kin (very rare)
  • Beasthunter +25.2% ATK vs Beasts (very rare)
  • Bolt +21% Bolt ATK (very rare)
  • Dirty +16.8 Rapid Poison (very rare)
  • Murky +14 Slow Poison (very rare)

Secondary effects found in Pthumeru Ihyll:

  • Striking +12.6% ATK up on Charged Attacks (uncommon)
  • Finestrike +12.6% ATK up vs Open Foes (uncommon)
  • Dense +12.6 WPN Durability (uncommon)
  • Odd Tempering +18.9 Physical ATK (common)
  • Radiant -3.2% Stamina Cost (rare)
  • Fools +12% Physical ATK up at Full HP (rare)
  • Poorman’s (tempering) +12.6% Physical ATK up Near Death (rare)
  • Poorman’s (nourishing) +10.3% ATK up Near Death (extremely rare)
  • Murky +6.3 Slow Poison (very rare)
  • Dirty +7.5 Rapid Poison (very rare)
  • Odd Arcane +31.5 Arcane ATK (very rare)
  • Odd Fire +31.5 Fire ATK (very rare)
  • Odd Bolt +31.5 Bolt ATK (very rare)
  • Odd Bloodtinge +14.6 Blood ATK (extremely rare)
  • Pulsing +2 Hp rocovery (very rare)
  • Lethal +6.3% Rally Potential (rare)
  • Beasthunter +11.3% ATK vs Beasts (very rare)
  • Kinhunter +11.3% ATK vs Kin (very rare)

One of the sages in the Pthumeru dungeon has a red aura while the other does not. The non-aura sage drops up to rank 17 gems while the red aura sage drops up to rank 18. The drop chances for these two sages is 10% Sage’s Hair, 40% gems, 50% bullets.


Lower Loran

These are the possible effects you can find on gems from the Labyrinth Madman in Layer 1 of RFC Lower Loran glyph 25dzpyg3 or 6qz77zr9h:

Highest primary effects found in Lower Loran:

  • Fire +21% Fire ATK (common)
  • Bolt +21% Bolt ATK (common)
  • Tempering +21% Physical ATK (rare)
  • Kinhunter +25.2% ATK vs Kin (rare)
  • Beasthunter +25.2% ATK vs Beast (rare)
  • Dirty +16.8 Rapid Poison (rare)
  • Murky +14 Slow Poison (rare)
  • Pulsing +4 Hp Recovery (very rare)

Highest secondary effects found in Lower Loran:

  • Pulsing +2 HP recovery (rare)
  • Beasthunter +11.3% ATK vs Beasts (rare)
  • Kinhunter +11.3% ATK vs Kin (rare)
  • Striking +12.6% charge ATK (very rare)
  • Murky +6.3 slow poison (uncommon)
  • Dirty +7.5 rapid poison (uncommon)
  • Lethal +6.3% rally potential (uncommon)
  • Odd Fire +31.5 Fire ATK (common)
  • Odd Bolt +31.5 Bolt ATK (common)
  • Dense +12.6 WPN durability (very rare)

The drop percentages for gems on the 25dzpyg3 Sage are very high while the drop rate of bullets and Sage’s Hair is extremely low. You will get a gem almost every time, making it an excellent farming candidate.

Matching gem effects do not show up with the game patches in place, so you cannot have a +charged attacks primary effect and a +charged attacks secondary effect on the same gem. You can, however, have effects such as +21%physical attack as a primary effect and +12.6% charge ATKs up as a secondary effect on the same gem, which stack – multiplying together – on charged attacks and give you incredibly high damage gains per gem. That is what makes these gems potentially the best blood gems in the game (barring patch 1.07 Abyssal Scaling gems, which may outrank the Sage gems, but can stack with them).

Note: the Lower Loran dungeon (25dzpyg3) listed here has a Bone Ash Hunter that drops up to rank 18 radial Tempering, Fire, Bolt, Arcane, Dirty, Murky, Beasthunter, Kinhunter, and rare Pulsing gems. In the far corner, past the Madman, there is an easy-to-backstab Beast Claw Hunter who drops waning versions of the gems the Bone Ash Hunter drops. The Loran Silverbeast Layer 1 Boss drops up to rank 19 waning versions of most of the same gems the Hunters do. Being able to quickly fill all 3 slots of a waning-slot weapon with fire/bolt gems from the same dungeon layer makes this one extremely valuable as a farming location for arcane builds.

Finally, we just wanted to say that, independent of our own efforts and without our knowledge, another player was researching this, but never made a full drop list. We wanted to credit him for providing additional glyphs for farming this enemy. His video and research can be found here:

Thank you for reading and we hope, as always, that this drop list has been informative. Good Hunting.

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7 responses to “Labyrinth Madmen (Sages) Drop List”

  1. Based on my own research, it seems like each location has specific drop lists, which all enemies there use unless they overwrite it with their specified drop, such as Watchdog dropping Fire Primary, or Brainsucker Flat Arcane Secondary.

    However, like you discovered with farming Watchers, any effect can drop anywhere, it’s just really rare. So you could get Flat Fire or Beast Atk Up in Pthumeru if you’re lucky, but it will be really, really rare.

    This post contains a list of the most common among the primary/secondary bonuses I’ve farmed from various enemies so far. It may not be exhaustive.

    I also have two glyphs I’d like to share with you guys that are among the easiest and fastest Madman farms I’ve come across:

    qjpktusu Pthumeru Ihyll Layer 1, in the first bonus room with his back turned to the door
    9hdhpcqv Lower Loran Layer 1, directly after the main area lamp, you can bait him up the ladder for an easy Charge Attack and maybe follow-up.

    Both of these are red-aura, and the sort with the corpse (my vote for the easiest to fight).

    I’m not sure if these ones in particular are more likely to drop Poison (due to their weapon properties), and I have yet to find a good farmable glyph for one with Flaming weapons AND red aura to confirm if it drops Fire gems more often like the regular Pthumerian fellows.

    Please let me know if you find a glyph for Pthumeru with a madman with flaming weapons…

  2. The arc% primary effect is very rare, as is the flat arc secondary effect. We couldn’t even find one gem in probably 2000 trials with arc%+arc. For pvp though, those primary%+finestrike gems are exceptional. The best part about our 25dzpyg3 sage is that he drops gems far more often than usual. We were getting gems 80-90% of the time, as compared to the 20-40% that often occurs with this particular enemy. Eye runes are not necessary, since the sages always drop something. They are, however, useful in farming the Hunter NPC’s. We’ve been working on this for quite a while, so we’re glad to finally see it published. Enjoy!

  3. >

    Great work as always. And I’d also like to see one of these. Real pro’s have two: one with stamina consumption up for PVE and one with ATK vs. Beast/Kin down for PVP – welcome to BB, where farming never ends… Just kidding, tbh I may be a bit salty as I’m currently in the process of making another ARC build and I’d already be happy with an useful ARC % + flat ARC triangle from a brainsucker.
    But I’ll definitely have a look at this Lower Loran glyph, didn’t know about that one.

  4. Does OP has a pic on the arc on arc gem? thats the only one i dont have; havent seen arc as a primary nor secondary besides the arc % with arc flat from brainsuckers. I didnt think they existed since i didnt find them.

  5. The Dream of a Full Set of Fire%/Beast% For my Cleaver on an Arcane build is nearing reality.

    It’s too bad that there’s no way the 31 odd arcane could compete with 68 cursed for Parasite,

  6. You can get there without isz. But a couple tips for Ebrietas A) bait the head slam and smash her face, the 2 handed charged attack on Ludwig’s blade will do crazy dmg if you’re build can use it. B) when she does the lasers in her second phase don’t dodge, just unlock and run around in a big circle. C) her charge attack is very hard to dodge and requires 2 well timed and aimed dashes, its hard to explain u have to get a feel for it.

    Oh and obviously lots of points in skill plus clawmarks.

  7. This is really interesting. Sadly I’ve never been able to get myself to Pthumeru Ihyll, since I can’t kill Ebrietas, and I refuse to summon on my first kill of her.

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