Searching for Perfection

Searching for Perfection

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

And so.. I dig for perfection…

Most Bloodborne players, unfortunately, won’t get far in chalices to locate all the great gems;  they won’t even spend the time to figure out where they are located. Pure_Souls has been recently attempting to spread the gem knowledge to the masses. Players may also be overlooking certain gems that are out there. The gems I have seen people fail to notice are the hybrid gems, half cursed gems and halved cursed gems. These gems are dropped by certain enemies and offer additional ways to customize your builds.

Hybrid Gems

These gems’ primary effect is the same as the secondary, i.e, 24.8% fire add 15 fire. These gems will be outmatched by their stronger counterparts on most builds since most players are usually higher leveled, specifically 100+.  For arcane builds, these gems will come in handy since the 27.2 element gems are highly time consuming to obtain and at lower levels, these hybrid gems will be a great substitute as you’re only losing 1-2 points of Attack Rating (AR)

The bosses that are able to drop these hybrids gems are:




In the chalices, there are 2 enemies (1 boss and 1 regular enemy) who drop gems that the secondary effect will be doubled. These gems are very valuable since they will outclass other gems.

Bosses/Enemies who drop Hybrids and Doubled secondary effect gems

Bosses who drop 1/2 cursed effects gems are:

P.S Don’t forget about the Loran Cleric, he drops 9.8% fire add 67.5 fire, the fire equivalent of flat arcane. This gem will be good for players who are unable to down the Firedog.

For a complete spreadsheet we compiled with all the glyphs and our findings just click here. We took a lot of time researching all of this in the hopes that players can benefit from focused farming. Chalice dungeons can be a confusing land for people to tackle and the fact that they hold the key to powerful gems make them something players shouldn’t miss!

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12 comments on “Searching for Perfection”

  1. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    Glad to hear your thoughts echoing mine; better than what they were but not the best around. still hoping for a add flat bolt gem but since people been playing the dlc already its but a dream

  2. Astrichthyes_ says:

    Tested and confirmed. Scaling gems are STILL worse than percent.

    I compared a 25.3 scaling gem with a 25.3% gem and the percent still won out by a significant margin, both with and without percent gems to supplement them (and even stacking scaling gems). There’s a lot of hype going around and even some photoshopped pictures of scaling gems giving AMAZING AR, but it’s all fake. Even at 99 in your scaling stat, I’m fairly certain that the best a scaling gem can do is equal the percent gem in effect. I don’t believe they will ever exceed that potential. Kind of a sad attempt to make them viable, but they are more so than they were nonetheless

  3. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    Nice, i havent see the value in them atm; since my low lvl is better with flat arc then scaling, even with patch. im sure if in theory i had the best ones % wise but for a base set build it works

  4. Astrichthyes_ says:

    I’ve seen some pretty exceptional stuff and some pretty pathetic stuff regarding scaling gems. They need more testing ASAP. They still add together, but might be great for supplemental damage. Or they might still suck. I have no idea, honestly, but I’ll be testing them since I have a few that are exceptional.

  5. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    Nice to hear that; patch seem to buff scaling gems, while not trumping the high % they are actually somewhat feasible now.

  6. Astrichthyes_ says:

    Thanks for the reference, Primera. We’ve got more gem stuff coming very soon that contains similar material to your research here.

  7. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    you can even get phy with add bolt. ill see if i have more pics of these for you

  8. Avatar NPC_invader says:


    Oh ok, not radial, I got long ago those +32 bolt gems so nothing new to me. What I’m asking is if you can post a pic with that 21% +32 flat fire that is mentioned in your article. Before I ever consider farming them I would like to see a pic.

    EDIT: I saw your PSN message, that’s a nice one, I’m also reading that you can get phy + fire here. To bad it seems very painful to farm.

  9. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    Thanks arctic_dan

  10. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    I’m having Malbuere send over his radial bolt add 32 bolt. I would say its an decent amount of farming since you can also get vials, bullets, sage hair, tempering gems in addition to the bolt and fire ones. Usually I get an element with opposite like 21.5% fire with add 30.5 bolt. Since the Loran madman has to drops these, not the Ihyll ones as they drop more tempering, heavy, adept gems. However, the Warped or Out-Of-Shape effect can give you a radial. Malbuere’ gem came from a layer 1 Abhorrent in about 2 tries, only thing that could have been better was if it would have been an Abyssal 22.5% add 32.6

  11. Avatar arctic_dan says:

    Nice article Primera

  12. Avatar NPC_invader says:


    Can you post a pic of a tempering bolt/fire (radial?) + 32 flat fire?

    Usually I just farm the pyromancers for the waning 8-9% tempering + 67 fire gems but 21% + 32 fire sounds allright. Also how painful it is to get such drop?

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