Bloodborne: Gun Parry Guide

Bloodborne: Gun Parry Guide

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

Here’s little something for all you gunslinger’s out there: A guide to Gun Parry in Bloodborne!

This guide has several tricks that you can master to get more comfortable parries with guns in Bloodborne PvP, one of the pivotal aspects of the game’s fluid combat.

What is Gun Parry? (Interrupt)

Bloodborne’s Gun Parry is timing your gun attack so that the shot lands in the middle of your opponent’s attack or healing animation putting them into a vulnerable state where you can perform a devastating Visceral Attack. There’s also a “Magic Distance” that standardizes parry timing amongst most firearms, and it is when your opponent is ONE dash away from you.

Heal Punish Parry [01:30]

Allows you to interrupt your opponent’s Blood Vial consumption animation. A crucial aspect of gunplay that may determine your victory. Not only will it stop your opponent from recovering health, you may be able to close in and finish the match with a visceral attack. How to time it: Watch for the opponent’s gun to disappear as their hand reaches into pocket for vial and shoot.

Gun Parry From Block [03:49]

Similar to Setup Parry from Dark Souls 2. With the Wooden Shield equipped on left hand, you may parry your opponent if your right hand weapon is the Reiterpallasch. Be mindful that many weapons such as serrated ones will go through the shield instead of bouncing, cancelling this technique. How to time it: Watch your opponent’s bounce on your shield and immediately execute your gunshot.

Back Dash Parry [05:57]

Similar to Backstep Parry from Dark Souls II. This kind of parrying puts you within the Magic Distance, and interrupts a combo chain from an adversary. How to time it:

  1. Approach your opponent and bait their attack
  2. Avoid the attack by dashing backwards
  3. Shoot accordingly to the weapon. For heavy weapons you would do it sooner, for faster weapons such as Blades of Mercy, you would shoot when your opponent begins their third swing or such.

Parrying Charged Heavy Attacks [08:02]

Allows you to interrupt your opponent’s charged R2 attack. Particularly efficient against those relying on the Hunter Axe’s “Spin to Win”. How to time it: Wait until your adversary’s arm is fully arched back, just before the flash effect that signals charged move execution. Be mindful that charging time varies between weapons.



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  1. WolfRipper says:

    Sweet! :cheers:

  2. Avatar Aim_v_Here says:

    Excellent vid Juutas! B-)

  3. Avatar FiOth says:

    Made a vid a while back about this. Would you be interested in adding it to the OP?

    EDIT: Oops! My bad! Didn’t notice there was a vid of your own in there. Sorry mate.

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Hey Fioth. If you have instructional content you’d like to make into a blog post, please let me know :)

  5. Avatar FiOth says:

    Thanks a lot Fex! Actually got quite a few vids including such info. Sending some to your inbox, browse at your leasure. :)

    Oh, and the video in the OP is great man, I just made the connection with your amazing DSII Parry Guide. That one back then was also a work of art.

  6. Avatar med says:

    Well done J. Your videos are always well structured, intelligent, and cover the basis for nearly every plausible scenario. I am sure the newer players looking to get deeper into the competitive side of the game will greatly appreciate your time.

  7. DualWieldRustedCoins says:

    Juutas Professor of Parry, do you know about items other than blood vials? The Molotov Cocktail has similar animation maybe it can also be parried. Antidote looks quicker and the weapon may disappear but only for an instant. My Poison Knives might back fire on me if they can be parried, guess I’ll find out sometime. And I wonder if blood vials can be parried when Numbing Mist is in effect.

  8. Avatar Juutas says:

    Thank you everyone for the kind words :)

    I haven’t tested these things, but I would suspect that you can actually parry item usage too since I’m pretty sure I parried someone using Blue Elixir against me. Maybe going to test these out in a later video in the future :)

  9. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Looking forward to it! :)

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