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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Build – Silent Deadeye

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide I’ll be showing you my Silent Deadeye build that allows you to start up with stealth precision gameplay, to then swap into a Tech Sniper that deals AoE damage and a Revolver that one shots enemies point blank when things get messy. This is a lvl 30 ~ 35 build aimed for mid-game. If you love both clearing entire buildings without being noticed while still having the ability to go all out and kill enemies with precise headshots, then this build is for you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide – Silent Deadeye

The Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Build – Silent Deadeye is divided into two different playstyles, the first one while you are in stealth and trying to reduce enemy numbers and the second when you are detected and need to go all out.

To enhance our stealth, we’ll be investing in the middle part of the Cool Perk Tree, which increases crouching speed, unlocks crouching sprint and decreases detection rate. To remain undetected, we’ll be using the Iconic Pistol called “Her Majesty” that comes with an integrated silence.

Thanks to Focus and Deadeye we’ll be able to quickly place multiple precise headshots and kill most enemies without making a single noise in one shot regardless of the distance thanks to Nerves of Tungsten-Steel and Long Shot.

When things get dicey, we’ll swap to Rasetsu, an Iconic Tech Sniper rifle that deals an insane amount of damage and pierces through targets. To make it even better, the Chain Lightning perk will create a small AoE on impact allowing us to clear packs of enemies in a single shot, and thanks to Shock Value we’ll completely ignore the target’s armor.

If enemies manage to get too close, or when fighting inside small buildings, we’ll be using a revolver called Mancinella. This revolver deals an insane amount of headshot damage. The idea is to get as close to enemies as possible, use aim to slow time and activate focus and kill enemies in a single headshot, then reload to slow time again and assess the situation and hop to the next victim creating an effect similar to Sandevistan.

Last but not least, thanks to the Optical Camo and the new Relic Tree Perk that allow us to disengage from combat when we activate it, we can reset the whole strategy and go back to Her Majesty using stealth.

Silent Deadeye Attributes

For this Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Build – Silent Deadeye we’ll be allocating most of our Points into Cool & Technical Ability, while the remaining points should be spent on Reflexes.

  • Body: 3
  • Reflexes: Rest of your points
  • Technical Ability: 20
  • Cool: 20
  • Intelligence: 3

Cyberpunk 2077 – Silent Deadeye Build Perks

Reflexes Perks

We’ll be spending a couple of perk points into Reflexes to increase our maneuverability while in combat.

  • Slippery: This perk allows us to take less damage while running through the battlefield, either when running away or when going after enemies.
  • Muscle Memory: This allows us to reload our weapons while sprinting. Great for situations where we are being chased and need to reload while relocating.
  • Parkour!: There are many situations where you need to climb or vault over objects during missions, this greatly speeds up the process, preventing detection from enemies.

Technical Ability Perks

We’ll be investing some points on the top right part of the tree to maximize the efficiency of our Sniper Rifle and unlock the Bolt and Chain Lightning perks.

  • All Things Cyber: Increases overall cyberware stats modifiers and frees up some capacity cost.
  • Bolt: This perk in combination with Chain Lightning is what makes our sniper rifle so powerful, as it increases its damage, charge rate and allows us to release a timed attack that counts as a fully charged shot that deals 30% more damage.
  • Chain Lightning: This perk enhances the Bolt ability, adding electrical damage and releasing an electrical arc that deals AoE damage to up to 3 additional enemies.
  • Lightning Storm: Increases recharge rate of Tech Weapons after successfully firing a Bolt Shot. This effect stacks up to 3 times and is retained until you either swap weapons or fire a non-bolt shot.
  • Internal Clock: This Increases the time window we have to successfully perform a Bolt Shot.
  • Shock Value: This make it so bolt shots ignore enemy armor, allowing us to destroy elite enemies and bosses.

Cool Perks

We’ll be allocating most our perks into the Cool tree to unlock the crouching stealth mechanics and to enhance our Sniper, Pistol and Revolver playstyle.

  • Focus: Increases headshot and weakspot damage, and also unlocks the “Focus” mechanic. This activates when you aim while at full stamina, removing the cost of shooting while active but reducing your stamina when it ends.
  • No Sweat: This perk will reduce by 50% the amount of stamina consumed when Focus ends for each enemy killed in the process. Killing two enemies will negate the stamina cost.
  • Rinse and Reload: Increases your reload speed by 10% after neutralizing an enemy while aiming and can be stacked up to two times.
  • Head to Head: This allows you to reset the duration of Focus after neutralizing an enemy, which synergizes great with No Sweat.
  • Deep Breath: This perk slows time by 25% while Focus is active, allowing you to perform headshots with ease.
  • Deadeye: This perk Increases headshot and weakspot damage, as well as reducing the stamina cost of shooting. It also unlocks the “Deadeye” mechanic, which is active as long as you have over 85% stamina. While Deadeye is active you deal +20% Headshot and Weakspot Damage and there is no bullet spread.
  • California Reaper: Provides +30% Stamina after neutralizing an enemy with a ranged attack via headshot or weakspot, which is amazing for both Focus and Deadeye.
  • High Noon: While Deadeye is active if you kill an enemy with a headshot or weakspot you’ll have a 3 second window to perform a 35% faster reload that also slows time by 50% while reloading, allowing you to assess the situation and decide which target you should take down next.
  • Long Shot: This will allow your shots to deal full damage regardless of distance as long as Deadeye remains active, allowing you to use your pistols from a very long distance.
  • Quick Draw: Increases Weapon swap speed and restores stamina during combat if you swap between snipers, pistols or revolvers (which we do all the time).
  • Nerves of Tungsten-Steel: You deal guaranteed crits for headshots and weakspots as long as Deadeye is active. Also increases your damage the farther you are from your objective up to +25%, which is amazing for our sniper.
  • Run ‘n’ Gun: This allows you to hip fire without consuming stamina, and increases your movement speed by a massive +25% as long as Focus is active.
  • Feline Footwork: Increases movement speed and Mitigation chance while crouching, allowing us to move faster while hiding.
  • Blind Spot: Increases the time it takes for enemies to detect you based on your mitigation chance, allowing you to quickly move near enemies without being detected.
  • Ninjutsu: Increases crouch movement speed and mitigation chance, and also unlocks the ability to sprint while crouching which is amazing to quickly infiltrate through enemy lines.
  • Creeping Death: While undetected or while Optical Camo is active, neutralizing an enemy will provide you with movement speed and restore some health and stamina.
  • Serpentine: Greatly increases Mitigation Chance while crouch-spriting synergizing amazingly well with Blind Spot, which makes it very difficult for enemies to detect you even when passing right next to them.
  • Killer Instinct: Provides +25% damage for silenced guns while outside of combat, making it a perfect match for Her Majesty pistol.

Relic Perks

We are only interested in the lower part of the Tree as we won’t be using Arm Cyberware.

  • Emergency Cloaking: This allows you to disengage from combat by activating your optical camo. This allows you to quickly relocate to a hiding spot from where you can finish off your enemies, or to escape a tight situation.
  • Sensory Protocol: While crouching, if you are detected by an enemy, time will slow down for a little bit. You can quickly dash out of enemy sight to automatically end combat. This is great for stealth missions were you accidentally blow your cover by walking right into an enemy around a corner.
  • Vulnerability Analytics: During combat you’ll often see a diamond shape on enemies which marks their vulnerability. Shooting this diamond will provide you with 100% Crit Chance, 25% Armor Penetration and all your weakspot damage bonuses will apply. If you deal enough damage to the vulnerability it will explode, dealing damage to enemies in a small AoE
  • Machine Learning: When destroying a vulnerability, you get a buff that increases the frequency at which vulnerabilities appear and increases your crit damage against them. The effect can stack up to 5 times and effect is doubled when at max, creating a snowball effect that is amazing for prolonged fights against lots of enemies.

Equipment for Silent Deadeye – Phantom Liberty

All the following equipment will be naturally acquired while progressing through the main Phantom Liberty Campaign. You can start by using any other pistol that you may like in this Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Build – Silent Deadeye.

  • Rasetsu – Tech Sniper Rifle: This sniper deals an insane amount of headshot damage and its bullets penetrate through enemies. When combined with Bolt and Chain Lightning it can decimate packs of enemies in a single hit.
  • Her Majesty – Power Pistol: This pistol comes with an integrated silencer and also provides a massive boost to headshot damage. Perfect for the stealth gameplay part of our build.
  • Mancinella – Power Revolver:  This revolver is perfect for point blank shooting enemies in the head thanks to its increased headshot damage. Especially useful against tough enemies and bosses.

For quickslot Items, we’ll use Maxdoc Inhaler to recover our health and the Optical Camo Cyberware.

Cyberware for Silent Deadeye Build

For Cyberware, you can use pretty much anything you like, just make sure to equip Optical Camo. I personally like to run the Dynalar Sandevistan to slow down time in difficult situations and some legs with double jump as it provides a lot of flexibility. For stats, try to aim for Headshot Damage Multiplier and Cool Attuned items that increase headshot and weakspot damage.

Final Tips

When using the sniper, try to aim for the toughest enemy or the person in the middle of the pack to maximize damage. It’s important to release the charged shot in the correct window time to trigger the Chain Lightning effect.

You can often clear entire buildings by just using Her Majesty. When many enemies are present in the same room, use the Sandevistan to quickly take them all out before they even have a chance to react.

If you find yourself surrounded remember to use the optical camo and quickly hide for cover, as this will disengage you from combat

Remember that sprint crouching will consume stamina, and you’ll need to be above 85% to have deadeye active, so make sure to check you are not running low before starting a fight.

We hope you enjoyed our Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Build – Silent Deadeye. If you’re looking for more on WeaponsPerksCyberware, and more head to our CP2077 wiki. Stay tuned for more Phantom Liberty builds.

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  1. I took this build up to 50 and in a slightly different direction. I decided to swap the revolver out for a katana for when I had to go into close combat, and added extra points into the cyberware tree for fun and damage mitigation, and a little into the Body attribute to get health regen which is always nice to have.

    Build here:

  2. Thanks for the great build! Do you have any advice for the remaining attribute and perk point distribution? It would be nice to see a level 50 version of this build. I appreciate all the work you put into these game builds!

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