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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Build – Rocket Doombringer

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide I’ll be showing you my Phantom Liberty Build – Rocket Doombringer that fire volleys of rockets to explode your enemies in combination with Shotguns and Machine Guns to finish off individual targets. This build is aimed for around lvl 30. If you are a fan of explosions and like to go all out without having to think about cover or stealth, then this build is for you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide – Rocket Doombringer

The Rocket Doombringer takes advantage of the new Phantom Liberty Relic Perk called Jailbreak that unlocks a new function for the Projectile Launch System, allowing you to charge up and fire a volley of 5 consecutive rockets in a row. The projectiles deal very high damage to everything including packs of enemies, individual targets and even vehicles.

By taking the “Doomlauncher” Perk and the “Launch Capacity Override” Relic Perk, the maximum amount of charges for the Projectile Launch system will be increased to 3. A phenomenal part of this build is its self-replenishing nature. Thanks to the synergy effects of the “Doomlauncher”, “Pyromania“, and “Burn this City” perks, you can continuously regain your charges. Each rocket hit on an enemy with the Pyromania perk grants 1 stack and 1 additional if you’re damaged by the explosion. Upon reaching 5 stacks, they’re consumed by the “Burn this City” perk, replenishing 1 Projectile Launch System charge. Since you release 5 rockets in every volley, you’ll typically regain the charge you’ve just expended immediately after firing, allowing you to spam it at will.

You’ll need to be close to enemies and have a good line of sight to fire the rockets, which will result in a lot of exposure to enemy fire. A good part of the perk allocation will go into Health, Damage Mitigation and health recovery.

Many enemies are resistant to explosion damage, so we’ll also invest some points into the left part of the Body Tree which enhances Shotguns and Machine Guns. These weapons deal an insane amount of damage up close, which works great with the overall playstyle of the build. Just run into your enemies and keep shooting point-blank until they are all dead.

Rocket Doombringer Attributes

We’ll be allocating most of our Points into Technical ability and Body, while the remaining points should be spent on Reflexes.

  • Body: 20
  • Reflexes: Rest of your points
  • Technical Ability: 20
  • Cool: 3
  • Intelligence: 3

Cyberpunk 2077 – Rocket Doombringer Build Perks

Technical Ability Perks

We’ll be mainly focusing on the middle and left part of the tree, which enhances our Projectile Launch System, cyberware, explosion expertise, damage mitigation and health recovery.

  • Glutton for War and Health Freak: These perks enhance our health items, providing more flexibility during combat.
  • Pyromania: This perk is key for this build, as it massively increases the damage to our rockets and enhances our movement speed, allowing us to quickly traverse the battlefield.
  • Heat Shield: This perk provides 10% mitigation chance for each charge of Pyromania, summing up a massive 50% mitigation chance at 5 charges.
  • Friendlier Fire: This perk reduces the damage we take from the explosions we cause, allowing us to use the projectile system at close range and to build up more Pyromania charges.
  • Doomlauncher and Burn This City: The Doomlauncher perk is a must for this build as it provides 1 charge for the Launcher System and greatly enhances the recharge speed, and will allow us to constantly replenish the Launcher Charges when combined with “Burn this City”.
  • Ticking Time Bomb: If you are running Sandevistan then this perk works great with this build, as it reduce all incoming damage by 50% for a short period of time and then deals damage and applies stun in a AoE, making it perfect for bosses or to deal with Max Tac teams.
  • All Things Cyber, Licence to Chrome and Ambidextrous: These perks are a requirement for the “Doomlauncher” perk, but they also provide a massive boost to our cyberware and enhances our Armor, which helps with damage mitigation.

Body Perks

We’ll be taking the middle part of the tree to unlock Adrenaline Rush and enhance our survivability, and the left part to increase the effectiveness of Shotguns and Machine Guns.

  • Adrenaline Rush: This perk provides +35 Health and increases the regen bonus from all sources. In addition, when you consume a health item or use a Blood Pump Cyberware you’ll get a new effect called “Adrenaline”, which is essentially a barrier that mitigates damage on top of your regular heath, indicated as a yellow bar.
  • Juggernaut, Unstoppable Force, Bloodlust and Pain to Gain: All these perks require you to have Adrenaline to work.
  • Unstoppable Force provides you immunity to Movement Penalties and Non-Damaging effects like Knockdown or Blinding, and you can activate it at any time by just consuming a health item and getting some adrenaline.
  • Pain to Gain provides you 20% of an item recharge when you neutralize an enemy, allowing you to spam consumables as long as there are enemies to kill
  • Juggernaut increases your movement speed and damage, synergizing great with Pyromaniac.
  • Bloodlust provides 50 Adrenaline each time you dismember an enemy, which will often happen when using Shotguns and Machineguns.
  • Die! Die! Die!: This perk increases fire rate and reduces recoil as stamina reduces, allowing you to keep spamming bullets.
  • Like a Feather: This removes the movement penalty from Shotguns and Machineguns, greatly increasing combat maneuverability.
  • Bullet Ballet: This reduces bullet spread while moving, allowing you to spam the machine gun while getting closer to your enemies
  • Spontaneous Obliteration and Close-Quarters Carnage: Increases damage against close enemies and provides a chance to obliterate them, which gives the ability to sometimes instantly kill an enemy and dismember it when they are low health. The chance is increased the lower health an enemy has. The chance is further increased by the Close Quarters Carnage perk.
  • Rush of Blood: You’ll get a massive 20% increased reload speed after dismembering an enemy, which compensates for the slow reload time of Machine Guns.
  • Dread: Reduces the armor of enemies when using ranged attacks, allowing you to deal more damage.
  • Rip and Tear: If you are having issues with single target damage then Rip and Tear might be a great choice, allowing you to chain Quick Attacks with Shotgun shots both with 100% increased damage, making short work of individual targets at close range.

Relic Perks

For Relic Perks we’ll be getting the Jailbreak and the Launch Capacity Override perks to enhance our Projectile Launch System.

We’ll also be taking the Vulnerability Analytics and Machine Learning perks, allowing us to increase damage to single targets when using Shotguns and Machine Guns.

Equipment for Rocket Doombringer – Phantom Liberty

For Weapons, you’ll want to have at least one shotgun and one Machine Gun. Shotguns are best for burst damage, while Machine Guns allow you to clear multiple enemies or to empty a complete magazine to neutralize a tough target. I’m personally running the Pozhar X-MOD2 Shotgun with the Firecracker Mod (both acquired in Phantom Liberty) as the explosive rounds deal massive damage and fit perfectly into the theme of the build.

For health Items, I personally like to run the Inhaler as it provides a massive boost to Adrenaline and allows you to restore health from zero to full, but you can also use the Injector.

For clothing, you can use whatever you like, but having some extra armor is always good to increase damage mitigation.

Cyberware for Rocket Doombringer Build

When it comes to Cyberware, the first thing you’ll obviously want to get is the Projectile Launch System. There are a couple of different alternatives, but I prefer the regular one as charged shots have additional Dismemberment chance which synergizes perfectly with our perks.

For modifiers, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Explosion Damage, Health, and Damage Resistance, while for attunement you’ll want Technical Ability which increases your damage and Body which increases your health.

Second Heart for circulatory system allows you to revive at full health when your health reaches 0 and I highly recommend it even if you are not having issues with health, as it guarantees a restart if things go south.

I like to run Dynalar Sandevistan because it allows you to quickly move in and finish a difficult enemy and its synergy with Ticking Time Bomb allows you to mitigate half of the damage when you encounter tough fights.

For legs, I’m using Reinforced Tendons because of the double jump, which allows repositioning onto higher ground to use the Projectile Launcher.

Last but not least I’m using Chitin which provides a massive amount of armor, helping with damage mitigation.

Final Tips

Instead of aiming your rockets straight into your enemies, aim a little lower onto the floor or into a wall. The explosion will most likely kill them anyway, and landing a direct hit is not the easiest thing to do.

When using your ranged weapons, make sure to keep rotating back to your rockets to retain the Pyromaniac stacks. Even at full health, you’ll want to consume health items to gain all Adrenaline Rush effects.

We hope you enjoyed our Rocket Doombringer build guide. If you’re looking for more on Weapons, Perks, Cyberware, and more head to our CP2077 wiki. Stay tuned for more Phantom Liberty builds.

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