The Surge: Fire and Ice Weapons Location Guide

The Surge: Fire and Ice Weapons Location Guide

Developed by Deck13, The Surge,  just received a DLC made free for all players on every platform. In the DLC, “Fire and Ice“, players will obtain a security memo and the CREO newsletter which can be found in the inventory’s Organizer. Use the clues to find these new weapons, 5 of which are fire-based and the other 5 being ice-based.

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Weapons Location:


MG Strigil (1) – MG Strigil is found almost as soon as you leave central production B’s first safe zone, continue as normal but as soon as you fight the third hammer enemy cut to the left and you’ll find the enemy using them. If anything the enemy will attack you from being so close.


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MG Caldarium (2) – MG Caldarium can be found by progressing normally, once you run enemy the first hammer like enemy that’s using its weapon as a cannon go right and you’ll see the enemy walking around the area.


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MG Ignis (3) – MG Ignis Is found a little farther ahead, once you run into Irina go backwards until you fight a dual rig and a heavy rig enemy, once you beat them keep going straight and turn right and the enemy will be behind those boxes with the heavy rig cannon enemy.


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MG Vulcan (4) – MG Vulcan is only found once you have access to the 2nd part of central production B, continue as you would normally in the area and he’s upstairs from the smelter bot.


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MG Vigiles (5) – MG Vigiles is the only weapon of the bunch remotely hidden, it’s also in the 2nd part of central production B and close to MG Ignis, once you go up one or two flights you will see a closed door on your right, once open you’ll be in a room with several single rigged enemies, he’s in the center of his squad.


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Codename: Moonlight (1) – From the R&D Medbay, exit straight and take the right stairs towards the Applied Nano Science area. Enter the room on the left to be in the Restricted Area: Utopia Project. Enter the right room, climb the stairs and defeat the enemy to obtain Codename: Moonlight.


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Codename: Zarathustra (2) – From the Nano Production Hall, head towards the left dark hallway and drop down below. Head straight, make a left, head straight towards the open area and drop down yet again. Enter the left hallway and defeat the enemy inside to obtain Codename: Zarathustra.


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Codename: Lohengrin (3) – From where you obtained Codename: Zarathustra, exit the top right room and descend the ladders. Enter the left room and make another left. An enemy will be in front of you to fight. Defeating him will drop Codename: Lohengrin.


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Codename: Elise (4) – This weapon is located before the Biolabs where you are going to unlock the shortcut to the tram an enemy will jump out at you. Defeating him drops Codename:Elise.


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Codename: Siegfried (5) – Head to the first greenhouse located in the Biolabs to find this enemy. Be sure to take your time to look around as he is easy to miss.


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