Persona 3 Reload “Conflicting Fates” Trailer Puts the Focus on Strega and After-School Activities
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Persona 3 Reload “Conflicting Fates” Trailer Puts the Focus on Strega and After-School Activities

Persona 3 Reload got a new trailer called “Conflicting Fates”. Here, we get to see the return of the game’s antagonist, Strega, as well as hanging out with the character Elizabeth after school hours.

Persona 3 Reload “Conflicting Fates” Trailer Puts the Focus on Strega and After-School Activities

Atlus is yet again in the center stage as more news has popped out for Persona 3 Reload, the remake of the original Persona 3. Last time we discussed the game, we got a nice earful of the game’s English Voice Cast. More recently, fans of the JRPG got to see a trailer that showed us a ton more. 

Specifically, we get to see the members of Strega, the game’s main antagonistic force. There are also mentions of the Dark Hour, after-school activities, and more!

Enter Strega

The group Strega got a lot of screen time in the latest Persona 3 Reload trailer. Strega is the main baddie of the game and is primarily made up of three members: Jin (Chris Hackney who played Dimitri in Fire Emblem: Three Houses), Chidori (Merit Leighton), and Takaya (Daman Mills). All three voice actors have experience in a video game role, and the performances in the trailer are also quite promising. 

Persona 3 Reload - A New Threat Looms
A New Threat Looms

Based on the trailer footage alone, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a lot of new cutscenes involving them. It’s always good when a villain gets well-fleshed out. 

Persona 3 Reload - Hahahahahahaha

Players will face off against Strega, as well as the denizens of Tartarus throughout their adventures. Speaking of which, the dungeon is looking better than ever as it looks to be less monotonous than before. It seems like a nice middle ground between the original and Persona 5’s intricate Palaces.

School’s Out! 

The Persona 3 Reload footage also showed us a glimpse of things we can do while we’re not down in the depths of Tartarus, the game’s sprawling dungeon. We get treated to a lot of endearing scenes that involve Elizabeth in particular. Without spoiling anything, she’s someone who isn’t too familiar with societal norms and thus needs a bit of hand-holding. 

Persona 3 Reload - After-School Fun
After-School Fun

Our main character is seen accompanying her throwing some coins into a fountain, presumably in order to make a wish. She also defiantly runs up a downward-moving escalator, which goes against everything the automated P.A. system is saying. 

Persona 3 Reload - A Pancake Party!
A Pancake Party!

Other activities include a massive pancake party with your friends and using a crane machine to try your skill at getting yourself a Jack Frost toy.

Socially Awkward

Gaming website Noisy Pixel also reported that Persona 3 Reload will have some new “Link Episodes” for characters that were previously not as fleshed out as the rest of the cast. They also note that this feature will be more prominent for people who previously did not have a Social Link, the game’s approval system. 

P3R - Remastered Cutscenes
Remastered Cutscenes

As stated by Atlus, “You can ask for advice, receive invitations to hang out, and get to know unexpected aspects of the characters as you progress through their stories. In addition, viewing certain Link Episodes will enhance stats and unlock special Persona fusions.” It all essentially does seem like the same thing you would do with the main Social Links. 

The degree of the interactions will probably dictate how detailed this new feature will be. 

The Persona 3: Reloaded

Persona 3 Reload looks like it’s shaping up to be the perfect gateway into the world of Persona. It will offer a fresh take on a beloved classic while also introducing a much-needed facelift. Persona 3 Reload will launch on February 2, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Steam. The game can currently be pre-ordered on the digital platform of your choice. Getting it early will grant access to some Persona 4 Golden tracks, such as “Reach Out to the Truth”, “ Time To Make History”, “A New World Fool”, and more

P3R - Welcome to Tartarus
Welcome to Tartarus

The game will also come in three different flavors. Persona 3 Reload’s standard edition will cost $69.99. Adding ten bucks for a total of $79.99 will net you the Digital Deluxe Edition  that adds a digital artbook and soundtrack. The most expensive purchase is the Persona 3 Reload Digital Premium Edition at $99.99, which includes everything from Deluxe, plus all purchasable DLC for the game. As of writing, this includes various cosmetics and Personas themed after Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4.

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