Destiny 2 Guide – ‘Curse of Osiris’ Emblems

Destiny 2 Guide – ‘Curse of Osiris’ Emblems

Destiny 2‘s  latest DLC, “Curse of Orisis”, added new Emblems for players to customize their banner. Several of these can be obtained by playing the DLC naturally while others may take Guardians some time to snag. The last few aren’t available until the necessary events are released.

Destiny 2 | ‘Curse of Osiris‘ Emblems Guide

destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netEmperor’s Envy

Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair to obtain.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netProphetic Arsenal

Obtain all Lost Prophecy Weapons.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netTransit of Mercury

Complete a Heroic Adventure on Mercury to obtain.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netVex Scholar

Equip the full Kairos Function Armor Set on a Warlock class.



Awarded once the Heroic Public Event on Mercury is completed.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netLegend of Saint-14

Reward for Completion of “Legends Lost” Quest Mission.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netHero of the Infinite

Reward for Completion of Curse of Osiris DLC Campaign.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netVex Destroyer

Equip the full Kairos Function Armor Set on a Titan class.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netSecrets of the Vex

Equip the full Kairos Function Armor Set on a Hunter class.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-icons-batch-2Master Cartographer

Finish the Curse of Osiris nightfall on Prestige mode. *was only available for a day due to a bug; players will have to wait until it returns if they missed it.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-emblems-guide-icons-bungie-activision-blizzard-online-fps-rpg-playstation-4-xbox-one-pc-battle-netMercury Treasure Seeker

Awarded after looting the sole Mercury Lost Sector.


destiny-2-curse-of-osiris-icons-batch-2-croppedThe Visionary

Enter XFV-KHP-N97 on Bungie’s site to redeem this free emblem.



Sigil of the New Monarch

Check back once Faction Rally is live



Iron Hero Sigil

Check back once Iron Banner is live



Future War Cultist

Check back once Faction Rally is live



Escape This Dead Orbit

Check back once Faction Rally is live



Covetous Emperor

Check back once Prestige Raid Lair is live


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Destiny 2  is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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