The Gamer’s Lounge

The Gamer’s Lounge

It’s always fun to check in with folks and see what everyone is playing right now.  With so much of video game news focused on new releases it’s easy to forget that we are all playing lots of games and very many of them are not new releases.

Recommendations from fellow gamers is arguably the best way to discover gems, especially hidden ones from small operations that can’t afford a big marketing budget.  I’ll break down a few selections I’m digging into when I get a few precious minutes to play.  I covered several platforms because that’s how I game and it’s relevant to a variety of other gamers.

Playstation 3: Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen

This is no surprise to people and with it being recently free on Playstation Plus (NA) there are a lot of people running around Gransys right now and for good reason.  It’s addictive combat and amazing monster spectacles overcome it’s frustrating quirks and keep you coming back for more.  Felling a beast of myth is a suspenseful and rewarding experience and the expansion into Bitterblack is a refreshing and versatile addition.  This new franchise from Capcom has serious legs and a sequel done right could be a genre definer.

Playstation Vita: Sine Mora

Why didn’t I put Persona 4 here?  Well because I’m always playing Persona 4 and it does not look like that will change any time soon.  So to keep away a redundant section, I have been playing Sine Mora and I love it.  A side scrolling aerial shooter, this game has addictive shoot ’em up in spades.  The story is absolutely ludicrous but the gameplay is solid.  It adds a nice twist with time warping and is not a pushover for difficulty.  You need to think and react quickly.   The visuals are gorgeous from enemies to weaponry and at times can feel like Super Stardust.  Add in different game modes such as Boss Training where you can unlock and fight the big baddies and you get a well crafted game with some lovely eastern development concepts.  Lots of replay value here.

PC: Darksiders 2

I played the first and did not enjoy it.  I found it bland and derivative of Zelda games and although I felt it had potential, I found it barren.  I kept an eye on the development of the sequel but was afraid to spend full retail. After it released I watched it on Steam but never saw it drop below $40 USD.  Thank you Steam Holiday sale!  When it hit 10 bucks I took the plunge and have been pleasantly surprised.   The world here is more alive with a story that feels more like a fantasy universe with depth.  I always enjoyed the premise of the franchise – the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the battle between heaven and hell – and this entry fills it out with richer lore.  It won’t win any literary awards but it’s immersive and makes a compelling case to one day explore rpg territory.  Gameplay is fluid 3rd person hack and slash that safely copies God of War with its own added wrinkles that don’t hinder the feel.  The focus on puzzles remains a hallmark and they range from straightforward to mind bending.  Mostly open world with ample side quests and exploration make it all in all a fun title that makes up for the deficiencies of the original.  It is a worthwhile meander for a Sunday afternoon session.

Retro Corner: N64 Super Smash Bros.

My lord this game.  It had been years since I played it to death in smelly, smokey college dorms.  Years since someone had falcon punched me off a ledge.  Years since some jerk did a Kirby brick drop on my head.  I hooked it up with a few friends and we went back in time.  At first the dated graphics were jarring but once we got acclimated we were locked in like it was 1999 all over again.  We even argued over cheap tactics and accused each other of just button mashing with no skill.  N64.  Thank goodness we didn’t boot up Golden Eye or we would have remembered why the N64 is the console that triggered the most friendship rifts of all time.

That’s a healthy and well balanced gamer’s diet of a list for you.  So what have you got for me? I can always use new suggestions so let me hear what you’re into in the comments section!

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18 comments on “The Gamer’s Lounge”

  1. the_feist says:

    I’ve been on a big Borderlands 2 kick, lately. If it weren’t for Battlefield 4 being so buggy at the moment, I’d be all over that, too. Primarily Borderlands 2 (if I have a friend to play with), Metro: Last Light (for when I don’t), and Dark Souls

    1. Emergence says:

      BL2 is really fun for co-op. I really liked the first for it’s single player viability and general goofiness but 2 is a quality game for sure even as punishing as tvhm and uvhm are. There are a few players around the site who play it so I’m sure we can get some 4 player going on if you’re interested. Metro is also a good series, I really dig fresh takes on the fps genre. Thanks for the share, good choices there.

      1. the_feist says:

        BL2 is a wonderful game. it was some of the absolute best in-game music ever, too!
        some 4 player would be great. the only problem is, while I have a ps3, I do 99% of
        my gaming on my 360.

  2. Let’s see…
    PS4: Warframe, Don’t Starve
    PS3: just finished Rain, waiting for Bioshock Infinite on plus
    Vita: Uhhhh… Warframe via remote play
    Mobile: Pocket Mine and Quell Memento
    360: Dust Collector Champion Edition

    1. Fexelea says:

      Someone’s been slacking with the PS+ reviews.

      1. How dare that person! Whoever they are
        *nonchalant whistling engaged*

  3. RANT says:

    nation again is such good game, from the guys that made stardust, outland and resogun. I think it’s their best game ever, pure fun. There’s a vita version coming soon.
    Wipeout HD is the best racing game I have ever played(sorry gran turismo), really challenging without beign cheap, controls are perfect and there’s dlc wipeout HD Fury.

    I’d completely forgotten about these games due to my ps3 dying over a year ago and me losing everything I had on it so I went to my account to check my purchases and I downloaded them and fell in love with them again.

    1. AnCapaillMor says:

      Wahey!! another wipeout fan. Must redownload it, pity studio liverpool have closed up, would love another one.

      1. RANT says:

        I know, I was hoping for a new one on ps4. Hopefully Sony gets someone else to make one. Housemarque would make an awesome wipeout imo.

        1. AnCapaillMor says:

          Wouldn’t be the same though, with the way the PS4 has restricted music, that was the best thing about wipeout was your own custom soundtrack, had soundtracks\tunes for every different track.

    2. Emergence says:

      I didn’t realize Outland was made by them too. Love that game.

    3. RANT says:

      Dead nation*

  4. Juutas says:

    I’m very busy at the moment hosting fight clubs for Dark Souls on PC and recording stuff for new videos.
    I’m also playing Valdis: Abyssal Story, which seems like a pretty impressive 2D action RPG.
    Probably going to finish my Castlevania: Lords of Shadow playthrough and make a review video of it so those who haven’t played it yet can get hyped about the sequel that is coming out pretty soon.

  5. Superdude100001 says:

    For those who happen to have a Gamecube/Wii, Paper Mario:A Thousand Year Door is my favorite video game of all time. It is an RPG with turn-based combat, and, like i said, my favorite game of all time. And it’s gorgeous.
    Heavily advise others play this game. It’s a beaut.

    1. Emergence says:

      I’ve only played a little of that game but I really enjoyed it. It’s been on my “list” for a few years now.

  6. Castielle says:

    I’ve been playing MTGO a bit recently (just got back into it) and BF4. Also The Witcher 2 when I can.

    1. Emergence says:

      Ah I love MTGO. Especially using the shitty cards they give you for free and UI from 1999. I resolve to never pay a dime. I’ve yet to win following this strategy, let’s link up and play.

  7. LovelyFeyd23 says:

    I finally caved and bought GTA V and the multiplayer for that is a lot of fun, also Dark Souls as I’m doing a paladin build right now. Castlevania as well, but that’s rare so I don’t get around to it too often.

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