Left-Hand Path “Dark Souls VR” Available Now!

Left-Hand Path “Dark Souls VR” Available Now!

Developed by Strange Company, Left-Hand Path  is a Dark Souls  and horror inspired VR title with RPG elements, and the game is available now for purchase.

Left-Hand Path – Out Now!

Left-Hand Path  bestows upon players, the power to wield magic! They’ll learn Arcane Gestures and cast powerful spells, as well as traverse mysterious realms and face challenging adversaries. All in a game with 15 hours worth of gameplay.

Though the visuals appear dated, the game is receiving great reception from users on Steam, praising the indie title for its gameplay, challenge and immersion. Left-Hand Path  is a “Room-Scale” VR type of game, meaning that players can freely walk around and move as they like, and have their motions captured then replicated back into the VR environment.


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In other VR things, Sony recently announced a new PlayStation VR and Skyrim bundle that’s coming this winter. And you can check out the launch trailer to Left-Hand Path,  down below:

Left-Hand Path  is now available on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR systems via Steam.

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