Dark Souls II DLC pack (Rumor)

Dark Souls II DLC pack (Rumor)

Last updated on August 7th, 2015

Thanks to an inside (and obviously anonymous) source, Fextralife.com has received an exclusive first look at brand new DLC content for From Software’s Dark Souls II. From what we’ve heard, it’s the first of many planned releases over the next year. The first DLC pack will contain oodles of new stuff to keep things lively while dying repeatedly.  When asked what prompted the fast release of DLC for this game, our anonymous source replied:

“We felt that our fans deserved the best experience we could bring to them.  While Dark Souls II is a great game, we just thought that there were a few things missing when it was launched.  Rather than have everyone wait a little longer for release, we just decided to get it on the shelves and then rush some DLC out for the launch window to bring it to the level we wanted.”  

We asked about price, and while the anonymous tipster wouldn’t provide the exact information but did hint that it would surely be less than “a king’s ransom.”  When asked if it would be around a prince’s ransom, the topic was changed rather quickly.  So what will your prince’s ransom get you?  Meet me after the break to find out!

That was a fast break!


So far confirmed content includes:


Stickman Armor Set 

Description: “Viscount Stickman,  so obsessed with vanity, commissioned an armor to fit his slender frame.  It is told that the armorer had to lower dimensions to finally forge this work of art.  A feat that ultimately drove him mad.”  

Effect: This armor set provides poor defense but effectively makes your character’s hit box much smaller.  It also allows for greater stealth options as the player character will appear to be a slim grayish line from the side.  Backstabs are prone to missing as there’s barely any back to stab.

2014-03-31 16.54.11

Stickman Armor in PvP action under the floor near Mytha. Note: All weapons will look like the Stick Sword. This is actually a a guy using Velstadt’s hammer.



Ring of Salt

Description: “The lands of Drangleic are treacherous, it’s vegetation watered by the tears of sore losers.”

Effect: Online play item. Sends instant hate mail upon death to invader.  No more messy typing

Salt Ring

Helm of OP

Description: “OP was an ancient, unmatched warrior of Mirrah. Rumor has it his prowess was more than met the eye. We many never know.”

Effect: Reduces all enemy weapon stats by 75%.


Available for purchase! Please click on the pic





Bearded Hammer

Description: “Hammer belonging to Knight Gibbons.  Once lost upon Dusty Hill but was found through a Frank search.  Powerful enough to smash a Hard Rock but gentle like blended shades of Blues.”  

Effect: Special buff with heavy attack allows the player character to discern between two classes of goods while talking with merchants (Rhinestone vs. Cheap).  Does added damage when used to attack enemy Legs

Bearded Hammer

In ALL its glory!




Description: “Sorcery from a lost school who sought to emulate a lost deity of cheap victories.”

Effect: Sorcery. Delay all incoming damage by .000006 seconds.

Not just for weird Christmas decorations anymore!




Fex’s Whip

Description: “Whips are widely renowned for their punishment of bare skin.  But where pain comes, pleasure often follows.  While able to cause considerable damage, many foes will willingly walk into the snap of this legendary weapon.”

Effect: Easily destroys enemies at the whim of the user.  However, more subtle snaps often result in the “victim” following the user for life.

And the first victim is?



Description: “The most nebulous of the miracles of Lindeldt. Just the mere mention of the word drove the masses into a frenzy and it was soon barred from public discussion.”

Effect: Miracle. Causes every enemy and player in vicinity to argue and attack indiscriminately and without reason.

Honor, justice and integrity go hand in hand. As do bickering, arguing and going “fffffftt…..ffffffttt” like a cat with its claws out.



Looking for stuff that’s actually in the game? Look here

Looking to punch the author in the face?  Look nowhere.  I’d rather not be punched in the face, plus I had help.  Please distribute ire and loathing accordingly.


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34 comments on “Dark Souls II DLC pack (Rumor)”

  1. Avatar TheKleen says:


    I love the news of DLC, but if it is really coming out so soon it was likely already prepared content that was cut to make into DLC, a big problem in gaming today. Namco strikes hard.

  2. Avatar Castielle says:

    DLC looks amazing!


  3. Avatar WyrmHero says:

    Wow can’t wait to get my hands on that epic sword.

  4. Avatar Myztyrio says:

    A brilliant, amazing game, turning out to just get better and better. :cheers:

    Praise the f***** sun.

  5. Shkar says:

    Oh my god, that first ring will save me so much time. Can’t wait!

  6. Avatar GenericUsername says:

    I’m looking forward to that armor oh man

  7. Avatar IgnusKnavery says:

    Hahaha! I especially like the last sentence.

    Bearded Hammer
    Description: “Hammer belonging to Knight Gibbons. Once lost upon Dusty Hill but was found through a Frank search. Powerful enough to smash a Hard Rock but gentle like blended shades of Blues.”

    Effect: Special buff with heavy attack allows the player character to discern between two classes of goods while talking with merchants (Rhinestone vs. Cheap). Does added damage when used to attack enemy Legs

  8. Avatar BackwardsBaboon says:

    LAG!!!!!! Looks like I may finally get around to a pure caster build! :cheers:

  9. Avatar Drascoll says:

    Where is the Legendary Drangleic Flame Shield for when You have an unpopular opinion about teh Lore? How am I ever going to combat that Ring of Salt? Dat ring es OP! From must NERF it now!

    hay, what do you mean it hasn’t been released yet! QQ

  10. Avatar Mr_Rift says:

    I wonder what day it is…

  11. Avatar Maneater_Mildred says:

    I will pay for dlc… if it contains a sack. :mask-sack:

  12. Avatar Jansports says:

    Too obvious not even gonna click

  13. Avatar PlasticandRage says:

    By the beard of Zeus, finally a real man’s hammer!

  14. Bioraptor says:

    I hope this is not a April fools?

  15. Dark_Thorleif says:

    Damm you, aprils fools. I went and mailed my wallet to from allready :(

  16. Bioraptor says:

    lol I gave a thumbs up reputation to the OP.Then realized what day and month were on…
    This being said though who’s not to say From may bring DLC out later on this year? One can wish.

  17. DOOM996 says:

    Saw a interview from last years E3 and they said there wont be a DLC for Dark Souls 2 so i think that we never see new content which is a shame though!

  18. hernfc says:

    imho there will be at least 1 dlc. because when they release the game for ps4 and the new xbox they will have to add some new and extra contents to the game so we’d buy it again for a different platform and for those who stick to ps3 and xbox 360 there will be the dlc. profit maximization.

  19. Avatar Nevis_Ysbrid says:

    Please be an April Fool’s joke. I’ve already given up on this game-yet so much of my respect for FromSoft from the previous Souls games came from the principles behind them, and among those was definitely included the utter refusal to engage in DLC (the one that did gets a bit of a free pass as it seems it was largely cut content that they wanted to share rather than crap to make money, was at a very good price, was entirely and reasonably optional , etc.). This game, and FromSoft as well, will drop so much in my eyes and heart if this is true.

    I may even become Crestfallen. :'<

  20. Avatar Braveheart says:

    You had me for the first few lines until you I saw the actual picture of the armor.

  21. Avatar Thief says:

    My god, too many awesome ZZ Top references. Skare is my new person to talk about music with. "Rhinestone vs. Cheap" was masterful, only for the true blues nerds :]

  22. Joseju says:

    Well shit I always fall for April Fool’s

    (Here in Spain the equivalent is on December 13th)

  23. coffeemkr0 says:

    I was really believing the armor too until I saw the pic, but even after I saw it, for a few seconds I was like, hell maybe they really would put something like that in the game.
    And then I saw the other pics, and I was sad.

  24. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    This was definitely a lot of fun. Thanks for taking a look everyone and make sure to thank/blame:

    Emergence for some great item descriptions

    Cas for some in depth help with an item

    Fex for not killing me as she wasn’t completely in on it. Mostly. Not completely.

  25. Avatar Castielle says:

    Who says mods can’t have fun too right? Well played Skare :) Great community here too. Not too many got ruffled about it xD


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