XCOM 2 Coming to Consoles in September

XCOM 2 Coming to Consoles in September

Rejoice Commander, consoles will be receiving XCOM 2 on September 6 in the US, and worldwide on September 9. The tactical turn based game was critically acclaimed when it released on PC back in February and now PS4 and Xbox One players can also join the world-saving against our alien overloads.

Initially, the game was slated to be a PC exclusive but overwhelming fan demand resounded with developer Firaxis. Known for being challenging and addicting the game presents players with a humanity on the edge scenario. 20 years have passed since the events of the first XCOM game, and the world in the sequel follows a scenario in which the aliens have won, having obtained unconditional surrender from Earth’s world leaders. With the remnants of the human resistance team XCOM scattered, the aliens are now ruling the world via an administration named ADVENT, having promised to usher in a new era of prosperity under their guidance. But beneath the veneer of progress and utopian society, something more sinister lurks in the motivations of the aliens. All dissent is either eliminated or marginalized to the remote fringes of the globe. Among the outcast are what is left of XCOM and their goal is to revive their strength and liberate humanity for good. The XCOM team helms the Avenger, a mobile former alien supply craft that now serves as their base of operations. Their mission is to travel across the globe, gaining support for humanity’s cause and turning the tide against the alien occupiers.

We streamed the game on launch, and people were given a first hand look at how difficult but fun the game can be. Check out the first day stream:

Our XCOM 2 Wiki is already nicely polished for everything you need to plan your rebellion, so stop by and give it a look. There is a lot to learn about Soldier Classes, Facilities, Research Projects, Engineering Projects, Utility Items and more. Keep checking back with us as we’ll keep bringing you updates on the development the closer we get to launch. Will you be joining the ranks come September?

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  1. Avatar PhDChaos says:

    Wow. This is awesome!!! I adored the first re-release and was thinking just today about how much I’d love to play it. Fantastic news.

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