Free Xbox Games With Gold for March 2018 detailed

Free Xbox Games With Gold for March 2018 detailed

Here’s a look at the free games which you can pick up via Xbox Games With Gold in March 2018. There’s a couple of decent titles included this time.

Xbox Games With Gold for March 2018 detailed

From March the 1st, you’ll be able to pick up copies of Trials of the Blood Dragon for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 game Brave: The Video Game (backwards compatibility). The latter is sure to be a hit with my seven year old daughter, at least.

Brave the Videogame

It’s the one you’ve been waiting for: Brave: The Videogame! Yay! Well, at least it might be popular with your daughters, if they’re young enough for it. If you squint, you can pretend it’s Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Things get better from March 16th. You can then get copies of the excellent SUPERHOT for the Xbox One and nice Xbox 360 puzzler-platformer Quantum Conundrum.


The one title that I was excited to get this month is SUPERHOT. I was very close to buying the PS VR version before it was announced.

There’s been no word yet on what the PlayStation Plus games will be. Sony are hinting though that it will be one of the best ever. Mind you, they would say that, wouldn’t they? Time will tell.

Are you happy with the Xbox Games With Gold for March? What would you like the PlayStation Plus games to be? Please comment below & let us know.

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