X-COM Creator Receives Backlash from Backers as it Becomes an Epic Games Store Exclusive

X-COM Creator Receives Backlash from Backers as it Becomes an Epic Games Store Exclusive

The original creator of X-COM Julian Gollop has received some not so positive feedback as the next title becomes an Epic Games store exclusive.

X-COM Creator Receives Backlash from Backers as it Becomes an Epic Games Store Exclusive

The next title created by the X-COM creator Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy game and gained a crowdfunded backing of $765,948 from 10,000 backers on Fig in June 2017. The campaign stated at the time that Phoenix Point would be available on the Steam platform at launch, promising those who helped bring the title to it’s goal, a Steam or GOG key.

However, now Phoenix Point has become an exclusive to the Epic Games store for the first year. Backers will still gain a Steam or GOG key after the first year has concluded, in addition to an Epic key. They will also receive all three DLC packs at no cost. Those who may not be happy with this decision can get a refund which has been offered by Gollop.

It seems there is quite a few unsatisfied backers who have voiced their opinions through the subreddit and social media, expressing their disappointment over this decision. Gallop explained in a reddit AMA, that he was the one who had started talks with Epic about signing a deal and the stability that it would bring the title:

It allows to commit more to the launch without risk, and more to supporting the game immediately post launch.

While trying best to answer concerns from the community, Gollop expressed that their intention was not to scam anyone:

For those backers who are upset by our switch of delivery platform, we are truly sorry. It was not our intention to scam anyone. The best we can do is offer compensation in the form of free extra content, which we will deliver throughout the launch year. This will include at least three major DLC packs. They will also receive a Steam key or GOG key, in addition to their Epic key, at the end of the exclusivity period. If they are not happy with this, we will give a full refund.

As more games join the Epic Games Store bandwagon in terms of exclusivity at launch, it will be interesting to see if this is well met by the gaming community. While Epic adds another way for gamers to access titles, these decisions made by developers/publishers could alienate players who would rather the choice of options, than to be ushered onto a different platform. The fact that this project was crowdfunded, also adds weight to the decision, with many backing for what they were being offered at the time.

Phoenix Point is a title that’s set in the near future of 2022, a strange virus has been discovered setting off a chain of events causing mutations. As the planet falls prey to mutagens and landmasses become infected by an airborne mist, the human population dwindles in year 2057. Players will fight against the mutated lifeforms that are ever evolving according to how you interact with them. Through turn-based battles with a group of 4 soldiers, players will try to push back the alien forces. You can read more about the title in our Phoenix Point Preview: X-COM Creator Goes Back To The Roots.

What do you feel about platform exclusive launches? Let us know in the comments below.

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One comment on “X-COM Creator Receives Backlash from Backers as it Becomes an Epic Games Store Exclusive”

  1. ckmishn says:

    Remarkable how Epic games keeps shooting itself in the foot with these "exclusives". They’re making a general offer of taking a 12% cut of gross revenue vs Steam’s 20%-30% cut (depending on total revenue). If they made a deal with the game makers to sell the game at a discount relative to Steam (say $50 vs $60), taking the price difference out of Epic’s cut and spending a bunch of money advertising that fact, the publicity would be 100% positive and the game makers would be having greater sales instead of having to decide if the deal Epic offers was larger than the loss in sales.

    One thing that’s interesting here is that part of the backers on Fig are technically investors. Will those investors actually be shown the details of the agreement with Epic? They certainly should be, but I don’t get the sense that "investors" on Fig are really treated as such.

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