These are the worst RPG bosses ever made!

These are the worst RPG bosses ever made!

In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the worst bosses ever made. Please note that this is different from the hardest bosses ever made. It’s fine for a boss to be hard so long as it’s also fair and there’s a logic to it. Not all of the bosses on the list are even that hard…some are the reverse; an anti-climax after an epic adventure is even worse than an unfair boss.

Are these the worst RPG game bosses ever made?

1) Eredin, Witcher 3

After such a build-up, Eredin is disappointingly simple to defeat. With basically only three kinds of attack to use against you – all which are pretty easily avoided – it’s not a great way to end the game. It is still a great game though. I just wish that they had managed to end it in style rather than with such a meh of a boss fight. Witcher 3 is still an amazing game though.

eredin worst boss

Oh, sure, Eredin looks scary. But when you actually have to fight him? Not so much. Sigh…

2) Human Reaper, Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is debatably the best entry in the Mass Effect series to date. Well, it’s my favourite, anyway. It also included one of the worst boss fights in the series; the Human Reaper. On Insanity difficulty, facing this huge monster was a frustrating experience. It wasn’t that he was too difficult. Instead, it was just a sense that the game wasn’t really built with bosses this large in mind. It was also a fairly dull fight and one of attrition rather than tactics, as you face this titanic bullet sponge. Revive fallen ally. Shoot. Rinse and repeat. It was a lacklustre finale to an otherwise great game.

worst boss human reaper

So, it turns out that the Reapers were fans of the Terminator too! Well, I didn’t see that one coming.

3) Dark Fact, Ys 1

In order to win against this god awful villain, you basically need to have the best gear in the game equipped and to also have Lady Luck smiling on you. He zigzags around the screen at a tremendous speed and throws an endless barrage of projectiles towards you. Whenever  he hits you, a square of the floor falls away. Your best bet is to run away from him, hacking at him as often as you can. Hope his health runs out before yours does. Just know that most likely it won’t and you’ll need to reload for another frustrating try.

worst boss dark fact

Will you defeat Dark Fact before all the floor is gone? I hope you have all the best equipment in the game.

4) Lucien Fairfax, Fable II

Facing Lucien Fairfax was built up throughout Fable II‘s story. The game starts with him murdering your sister, so I expected a satisfying fight against him at the end. What I got instead was an insanely dull monologue and the game then pausing to allow you to shoot him. You do and he then just dies. That’s it. What an anti-climax!

worst boss lucien

After Lucien shooting my sister dead at the start, I was looking forward to a great boss fight against him at the end. I felt cheated.

5) Lawrence ’The Bull’ Barrett, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I pretty much hated all of the bosses in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Why? Because I was sold on the idea of playing the game however I wanted. What I wanted was to avoid killing anybody and to get through the game on the toughest difficulty using a combination of stealth and diplomacy. To be forced to fight these gamey bosses broke that sense of freedom. Fighting him in such a confined space just didn’t suit my kind of character at all.

Thankfully, Eidos Montreal addressed the annoying boss fights with the 2013 Director’s Cut of the game. They also didn’t make the same mistake with the sequels. It’s worth noting that the boss fight sequences were outsourced to another company.

worst boss fight bull

Play however you want! Talk your way past problems! Sneak away from enemies! It’s your call! Oh – except for the boss fights we mean.

6) Yiazmat, Final Fantasy XII 

I wouldn’t exactly describe this boss battle as hard. It’s more that it’s extremely tedious. Why? Because he has 50,000,000 HP. When you finally defeat it, you’re awarded with a pretty rubbish sword which you don’t really need by this stage in the game. Yay? His HP was reduced for the Final Fantasy XII Zodiac edition of the game.

worst boss yiazmat

A 50,000.000 HP bullet sponge you say? Oh, Square Enix! You shouldn’t have! No, really….you shouldn’t have.

7) Hegel, NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is a great game but this boss is a load of balls. No, really. Out of the desert it comes, flinging a load of projectiles at you that are almost impossible to track and harder still to avoid. I hope you stocked up on your health replenishing items because you’re going to need them.

worst boss hegel balls

Look! It’s a load of old balls! Balls as far as the eyes can see!

8) The Destroyer, Borderlands

Another final boss fight that was disappointingly underwhelming. Hide behind a rock if his tentacles ever threaten to touch you. Pop out of cover and shoot his easily exposed sign-posted weak points. A final boss fight shouldn’t be this unchallenging.

destroyer worst boss

The Destroyer wasn’t much of a boss. On the bright side, there’s a casting call session coming up for the lead in a Japanese tentacle porn movie…

9) Necron, Final Fantasy IX

I like the story in Final Fantasy games. It’s the lack of a reason for Necron that frustrated me. The final boss fight just seems to be tacked on in order to give you one last thing to battle. Necron is the final boss of Final Fantasy IX, appearing in the area Hill of Despair and represents death itself, wanting to reduce everything to nothing. Its appearance is a mystery, as it arrives unexpectedly at the end of the game and its character isn’t fully explained. Why not just stick with a boss that had been built-up throughout the story instead? For me, it spoiled the end of Final Fantasy IX.

worst boss necron

The problem with Necron is that it felt so tacked on. It was a rubbish, unnecessary boss that spoiled the ending.

10) The Star Child/Catalyst, Mass Effect 3

I hate the Star Child/Catalyst. As a story-telling device, he’s god awful. It also leads to a really anti-climactic ending, with a choice of three colours to choose from and the Star Child effectively fixing everything thanks to the power of space magic. The Star Child/Catalyst’s logic for why it did what it did was also hideously flawed.

BioWare eventually added DLC to “fix” the ending to Mass Effect 3 and it helped to some extent but only a little. To add insult to injury, they added an ending where you can reject the Star Child’s ultimatum and just shoot him instead. But to add insult to injury, if you do so then you’re given the shortest of all the endings that basically tells you that you’re wrong. Ugh. A disappointing end to a great trilogy.

star child worst boss catalyst

Before playing Mass Effect 3, I’ve never wanted to repeatedly shoot a child in the face. Then I met the Star Child.

What are your worst bosses from RPGs that you’ve played? Please comment below and let me know.

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10 comments on “These are the worst RPG bosses ever made!”

  1. Avatar Rakuyo says:

    You included Hegel as one of the worst bosses ever?
    He was one of my favorites, exactly because he was hard. (and yes, you could evade his attacks)
    The design team clearly liked him enough to use him twice, as he also modeled for the final Emil fight.
    I got some nice pictures of the both of them:

  2. Avatar Caradox says:

    Hi Rakuyo. Well, it’s good to see a difference of opinion. I personally found the boss infuriatingly frustrating instead of challenging and aesthetically I wasn’t a huge fan of the character design of that boss in general. I also don’t really like developers recycling/rehashing bosses and using them again later.

    Most of the ones on my list tended to be anti-climactic instead of challenging ones, with the Star Child/Catalyst as the biggest disappointment of all.

    What are your least favourite bosses from RPGs?

  3. Avatar Rakuyo says:

    It’d be easier if you asked me for the best ones.
    I tend to forget the worst ones.

  4. Avatar Elhanan says:

    For me, the Harvester in the GoA DLC for Dragon’s Age: Origins is my personal nominee. It is frustrating at higher difficulties, which must be used to get high rewards; the point of defeating it. The Humanoid Reaper in ME2 can be slain fairly quickly in comparison, IMO.

  5. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    From a gameplay angle Lucien is trash.

    Storytelling though it’s brilliant. You’re supposed to feel the hollow nature of revenge.

  6. Avatar Caradox says:

    Hmm…okay, I see what you mean skarekrow13. I think personally I felt more generally disappointed than feeling the hollow nature of revenge. I suppose after playing a long RPG adventure, I was hoping for a more satisfying ending to cap it all off.

    What choice did you make afterwards? Sacrifice, Love or Wealth? Having played it as a villain on my first playthrough, I chose Wealth. My wife played it as a hero but couldn’t stand to lose her dog, so she chose Love. I later did another playthrough where I chose Sacrifice.

  7. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Only one I really remember is Yiazmat.

    I believe I set my gambits up well enough to manage most combat and healing without any extra input, waited for Quickenings to come up, then got bored and quit the game.

    50mil HP is bull.

  8. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    I also chose Love to save the dog and the daughter I had in the game.

  9. Avatar Caradox says:

    Thanks for your reply skarekrow13. Back when I first played Fable 2, I thought that Sacrifice was the right thing to do for my hero character. Now that I’m a dad and have a wife I love in real-life, I could see myself easily opting for Love if I were to play it again. Morally it might be right to pick Sacrifice it’s just too much to lose on a personal level.

  10. Avatar elnawawi says:

    The Final Boss of ME: Andromeda! That one was not hard, nor tedious, nor easy, nor anything!

    Actually, you didn’t get to fight him at all! He was doing some silly thing that threw many other enemies at you, the same other enemies you kept fighting the whole game! It was not a bad fight, but very lacking. The Star child was even better plot-device!

    I liked Hegel as Rakuyo did, it made me proceed very carefully, and gave me a danger factor which was lacking in some other bosses.

    Eredin was really bad, especially after all the transitions by end, they could use something more creative. And Human Reaper is something that tends to fall out of memory, for me the final challenge is making everyone lives, going through the seekers swarm under your biotic companion’s power was more fun/intriguing/tense. It didn’t reduce the quality of the final mission by all means.

    Corypheus fight in Inquisition was a bad final fight though, and bad final mission. If not for the mind blowing scene after the credits, people would call another bad ending from Bioware.

    Assassins Creed is full of bad boss fights that’s anti-assassin game, but people care less about story in these games since they are not full time RPG.

    My worst two ever bosses though, was from older games. and they are not anti-climatic, but very challenging that I had to replay countless times to get a breakthrough. Not only challenging, but making you feel helpless, useless, very not smart .. It also requires very specific timing:

    The final boss of 2004 Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade, and Sanctus in Mission 20 of Devil May Cry 4.

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