World of Final Fantasy Maxima Gets TGS 2018 Trailer

World of Final Fantasy Maxima Gets TGS 2018 Trailer

Square Enix recently announced a range of Final Fantasy games coming to multiple platforms. One of these is a newer title called Final Fantasy Maxima which gets a fresh trailer for the Tokyo Game Show 2018.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima Gets TGS 2018 Trailer

The trailer features some of the new champions that players will be able to player in World of Final Fantasy Maxima. It explores some of the story and showcases some of the battle gameplay. These cute, sized avatars pack a punch and can even fish together.

The description of the trailer from Square Enix is as follows:

Powering up the original release from 2016, World of Final Fantasy Maxima will bring new Final Fantasy champions and Mirages to add even more fun and excitement to its unique adventure. It also introduces an all-new Avatar Change System, giving players the ability to fight exhilarating battles as legendary Final Fantasy heroes, including Noctis (Final Fantasy XV), Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII), and many other fan favorites.

Check out the newly released trailer below:

World of Final Fantasy Maxima will release worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam on November 6th, 2018.

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