Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Beginner’s Guide

Last updated on February 16th, 2020

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem has finally arrived and it will undoubtedly attract Action RPG fans, backers and new players who have been patiently waiting for this game that has been 5 years in the making. In this Wolcen Beginner’s Guide, we’re going to go through some game mechanics and general tips for those who are just starting out. So If you are new to Action-RPGs in general, or are just interested with Wolcen and would like some just generally good advice with no spoilers, then this guide is for you.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Preview that went out yesterday for a more in-dept look at the game itself, as this guide will be focusing on more specific aspects for those playing.

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Wolcen Beginner Guide to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

First things first, when you start your game, you should check out the settings, or to be more specific the gameplay settings in Wolcen, There are sure to be a couple of things that you might be interested in turning on, if you haven’t already done so.

  • Show Damage – This one is pretty straight forward. Turn this on so you can see how much damage you’re actually dealing. Helpful when for when you’re min maxing, and its just gratifying to see numbers on the screen.
  • Auto Attack – Honestly, in my opinion, everyone should turn this on. Turning this on will let you “auto attack” enemies. You do this by holding your left click and hovering your mouse to the enemies. There were times where I wanted to click an enemy to attack but I ended up walking in that direction instead. Turning this on will eliminate that issue.
  • Display Health and Resource Values – Turn this on to show numerical values on your health and resource bars. This is totally up to the player, like most of the items here, but turning this on will let you see in a more clear manner if you’re are bleeding or poisoned. I died once because I didn’t realized how much rend and toxic damage I had, and turning this on prevented this from happening again. This is also helpful for those who want to see exactly how much resources they have left. Good for min maxing and practicing skill rotations.
  • Show Item Level – I didn’t know about this until chapter 2, but turning this on will show you the item level on all equipment. This will give you a clearer indication as to which item is new and which item is old, and helps when making decisions about what to sell or discard.

One for my left hand, One for my right.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem doesn’t have any Classes to speak of. If you’ve seen our preview then you already know this. If not then let me tell you about their Classless Development System. In Wolcen Lords of Mayhem you are free to use any type of weapon you want with no restrictions, regardless of your starting weapon you chose during character creation. Skills are tied to the weapon type you are using, so if you’re using a melee weapon then you can only use Melee Skills, and if you’re using a ranged weapon then you can only use Ranged Skills, etc.

However, if you were to dual wield two one-handed weapons that use different skills (melee, ranged and spell) you can build a hybrid character. Lets say you dual wield a mace and a catalyst. That would let you use both Melee Skills and Catalyst Skills. Or let’s say you use a pistol and an axe, this would allow you to use both melee and ranged skills. So the choice is yours, you can build a melee, ranged, or a spell only build, but why not try a hybrid one? It’s fun, I promise!

Your First Aspect

At the very beginning of the game, you will have a taste, more like a tease of what Aspect gameplay will be like. And by the end of Chapter 1 you will have the ability to freely transform into an Aspect form of your choosing (granted you have enough Primordial Essence to use, check out our preview to know more). The only reason I mention this here is that I just want to reaffirm that you can choose which Aspect you’d like to have at this point. I just saw unlock, so I did. Don’t be me and click without choosing.

Learn Anything and Everything

In Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, skills comes in a form of Enneract. Enneract is obtained from looting defeated enemies, inside treasure chest and bought from an NPC in Stormfall. When you get a hold of an Enneract, don’t think twice, don’t sell it, just use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to use the skill or not, just use it.

Sure you can take it to Demetra, the skill NPC in Stormfall, and sell it for some Primordial Affinity if you don’t need it. But there is literally no reason for you to do so, because if you have already learned that skill, right-clicking the Enneract from your inventory will consume it, and give you the same amount of Primordial Affinity as if you have sold it to Demetra. So if you see an Enneract, pick it up, right-click it to learn it or gain Primordial Affinity and forget about it. Better save your inventory space for weapons or higher quality items anyway.

Money is Easy (ish)

One of the easiest ways to farm gold or money in the game is through destroying breakable items in the environment. Barrels, boxes, coffins, monster eggs, monster sacs, vases, etc. If it can break then chances are you’ll find gold in it. If you’re wondering if its even worth it, the answer is very much a yes. Let me explain.

Normally, when you find gold from these barrels, you usually get around 27-30 gold coins, which is how much you get from selling a random piece of Armor, and sometimes even more. So by breaking boxes, etc, you’ve basically gained some gold without going back to Stormfall to sell anything, and in a large map you’ll find a lots and lots of breakable items. Rather than going back to Stormfall every time your inventory is full to sell loot, you will actually earn more and save time going through boxes looting gold and by looting rare quality loot or higher (magic quality loot or higher in the early parts of the game). Breaking stuff in general is just fun to begin with (in video games…), and also gives you Rage or Willpower when you attack so its win-win.

Also, try to be on the look out for a golden ladybug icon on the mini-map. These little buggers or “Wealth Omens” will drop a ton of gold coins while you’re dealing damage to them, and will drop a lot more once dead and with some bonus equipment. Just make sure to stick to them because they will try to get away from you and when they’re far enough, they will disappear along with your gold coins and loot.

What loot to Prioritize

Okay, your inventory is full of loot what now? You have two choices. Either A) you could use the Town Portal and sell everything in Stormfall or, B) you can discard unworthy equipment and be on you merry destructive way. But which loot to discard? Don’t discard any rare quality loot as those sell really well at Mohabi’s the equipment guy in Stormfall. Basically any lower quality equipment, that means common and magic quality gear, and more specifically Armors.

You want to loot accessories first. Belts, rings and necklaces as those sell for the most gold, with the next best things being weapons and lastly armor. Accessories are the best to find and sell, but you won’t find them as much so prioritize weapons when looting.

Don’t forget the Town Portal

Speaking of going back to Stormfall. If you’re only going back to sell loot, buy gems, change weapon, store gear or any other reason, use the Town Portal instead of opening the map and using the waypoint. The Town Portal is an awesome way to travel back to Stormfall and back to where you came from, and the great thing about this is that you can use this as much as you want. Just make sure that the coast is clear before casting it, because there is a 4 to 5 seconds cast time before you get teleported and you don’t want to get smacked in the face while doing so.

Unique Merchant

During your campaign, you’ll find and meet a merchant named Fate-Adjucatrix Zeitgeist. This merchant is guaranteed to have rare quality gear, and at least one unique equipment (armors, weapons or accessories). I first encountered her at the end of chapter 1 in the Svrir Cave Network 1, you can get there via the Tributes Chamber waypoint and taking the south exit, and you should find her shortly. She was selling a couple of rare items as well as a unique battleaxe: Edgy. I didn’t have enough gold that time with me, so I didn’t get to buy the item. The second time was during Chapter 2, the Journey into Madness quest, you should find her a short walk from the enemy NPC across the bridge. This time she was selling a unique ring called the Seal of the Arbiter.

Alright, so what do you take from this? You should always have a lot of gold coins with you and always be on the lookout for a pouch icon on the mini-map. A pouch icon is the icon used for merchants in the game. Right now, I don’t know if she spawns randomly or in the same place and area that I mentioned, but I do know that if you see the pouch icon on the mini-map and left the area through a waypoint or entering the next area, she will disappear from that area for good. Another thing I should mention is that item selections or the unique equipment she sells is most probably randomized, but regardless save your money for these chance encounters so you don’t miss out on sweet loots.

Lords of Fashion

Occasionally, when looting weapons and armors you will find a small “New Skin Unlocked” notification with the name of the gear on the left side of your screen. Each time you loot a new item, that item will be added to your skin list, and you will be able to apply it as a skin, regardless of the armor or weapon you are currently wearing. All of the items found in the game are eligible to be a skin, and that includes unique items. But there are some restrictions, mostly on the weapon side. Weapon skins are restricted to their own weapons types, and that means you won’t be able to change a greatsword model into a bow model, or something of this nature.

There are also 140 types of dyes available in Wolcen that you can use to dye equipment, and you will be able to loot them or receive them as quest rewards. To access them simply open the menu and select “Cosmetic Inventory”, or by pressing the shortcut key “B”. However, this service is not free, and to change skins or use dye on equipment you will need pay using some gold coins, so keep that in mind.

Reset Anything (Mostly)

You can just about reset anything in the game, and by anything, I meant the Attributes, Gates of Fates (passive skill tree) and your Skill modifiers. So don’t worry about what you put your attributes points into, or be too stressed about the massive passive skill tree, as you can reset those any time. This, of course, costs a fee, and if you want to reset your attributes you need gold coins, and if you want to reset your passive skills you’ll need Primordial Affinity. You can easily reset either of these in your character sheet page, and if you are wondering about your skill modifiers, don’t worry you can just “turn off” any modifier you have chosen and it will return back any used modifier points.

Escape Anytime

In Wolcen, there are 6 achievements that you can earn that relate to you not dying. Those are Complete Chapters 1, 2 and 3 without dying and getting to level 30, 60 and 90 without dying. That means not dying in Wolcen is not easy to achieve, though not impossible.

With that said I just want to convey that running from a fight is not stupid, and in most maps, you can return to the previous area if you’re getting too overwhelmed or close to dying, except for boss battles where you are usually locked into that location. You can also warp back to Stormfall while under attack, this can be your go to panic button, unless you have enough Primordial Essence to transform into an Aspect, then you can always do so. But if you were to technically die, you actually have 3 more chances or second wind to get back into the fight so make sure every single one of those second wind tokens count.

Use the Wiki

And lastly, the Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Wiki is a great resource for finding out general information about the game, the skills and their modifiers, weapons and armors, unique equipment, builds and more. Additionally, it will also allow you to see what kind of enemies or bosses are available as well as the different locations featured in the game. You can check or help out the wiki by visiting wolcen.wiki.fextralife.com, and this will continue to be updated over the next several weeks.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem was released yesterday on Steam and be sure to check out our preview of the game that is currently up in our YouTube channel.


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