Wolcen Build Guide: Slayer of the Leviathan

Wolcen Build Guide: Slayer of the Leviathan

In this Wolcen Build Guide we’re going to be covering an endgame Hybrid mage Build that focuses on the use of hundreds of ice shards from Arctic Spear spell, and the heavy rocket hits from Havoc Orb. It’s supplemented with AOE spells to control the fight against the toughest opponents of highest level content. Wolcen has quite a complex Passive Skill tree (Gate of Fates) that can be difficult to figure out, and many mechanics are not always easy to min/max. In this Slayer of the Leviathan Build Guide I’ll explain how to get the most from this Build, so if you’ve been struggling to find a good endgame build, then this guide is for you.

Wolcen Build Guide: Slayer of the Leviathan

Slayer of the Leviathan is a merciless killer of demons and mythical creatures, she is a mage with rocket launcher, and equipped with all tools of heavy damage. She has Crowd Control, a massive area of effect, constant freezing shards that fracture into even more shards, and a big high impact attack. This build concentrates on critical hits, utilizing ailment stacks, and buffing attacks from spells cast. Slayer of the Leviathan is an unstoppable force of destruction.

As a mage, we utilize all spells with long lasting effect, and long cooldown. These are used to setup our spammable spell Arctic Spear, and our other spammable attack Havoc Orb, This allows for a smooth transition between willpower and rage. You can cast Arctic Spear while moving, dodging, and evading all danger, allowing a fluid playstyle that’s suitable for the very endgame.

I’ve been clearing level +175 content with this build at level 75 with ease, and it’s one of the builds that’s worth heavy investment for the best result.

Slayer of Leviathan Attributes

Critical hits are the main tool for slayers, so Ferocity is our main focus. It’s best to push Critical chance over 50% if possible (in the skills window), and put enough points into Wisdom for some reliable ailment chance. Then dump everything else into Toughness.

A good ratio should be 12:6:3, Ferocity: Toughness: Wisdom. That’s for every two levels.

Slayer of Leviathan Active Skills

This build is made for endgame content, so you need to have all your five skill slots open, as you will need use them all.

no imageArctic Spear

The way we build this skill is to create two projectiles per cast, holding the cast button to allow stacks to build on top of each other. Then after firing, all projectiles travel a distance, pierce enemies, and finally, each projectile fork into four projectiles spreading in all directions. It provides great coverage, great crowd control via freeze, and it helps to break bosses. We can keep casting while moving, which helps with mobility.

Take Shattering Blasphem for shotgun effect on death, Sublime Fracture for more projectiles, and Hiemal Ambush for more stacks. Use the last two points for critical damage, generic damage, or ailment chance.

no imageAnomaly

Anomaly is the best choice crowd for a control spell in the game, we can use it to gather enemies together, prevent their movement, and to debuff them, which works great overall.

Rending Of Matter is a must, alongside Echoes of Infinity and Event Horizon. This allows constant pulling of enemies while damaging them. Take Dislocating Threads for bigger area, and Existential Tangle to improve ailments damage. Last point goes for ailment chance or for a longer duration.

Please note: We keep Aether damage for this skill, and don’t convert it to lightening. That’s for inflicting stasis ailment and the repeated damage from Which Time Can’t Heal node

no imagePlagueburst

To further emphasis on “kill effects” aspect of this build, we use Plagueburst to cause explosions and spread deadly poison upon death of enemies. It also acts as a buff to ailment chance for all our skills.

Disgrace allows spells to be cast on cursor, and Noxious Smog spreads our poison. Pair this with an increased ailment chance from Cutaneous Infection, as well as Blades of Pestilence, and we’ve got ourselves a nice chance to inflict ailments. Finally, Vitiation is used to increase damage.

no imageBulwark of Dawn

Bulwark of Dawn is one of the few healing spells in the game, making it a great tool for any build that has room for it. We take Divine Omnipresence to have the effect constantly follow us, and pick Generative Star alongside Extended Protection to make skill stay up all the time.

Aegis of Hope is a good defensive choice, and Burning Balm buffs our ailment chance once more.

no imageHavoc Orb

Our main source of damage comes from Havoc Orb. This attack can hit for hundreds to thousands of damage per rocket, and it will have three rockets that can shotgun closer enemies. It scales with a weapon damage, so make sure to upgrade your weapon as you level up. It consumes too much rage, so we can use it in tangle with Arctic Spear, you can hold right click (for Havoc Orb) and keyboard button (For Arctic Spear) simultaneously to keep spamming both skills.

Glory to Mankind is a must, with Multi-barreled Mortar, these shoot three projectiles in a straight line. Then we take all damage modifiers: (Magnificent Explosion – Vaporizer – Extreme Fragmentation – Unstable ChargeLasting Shake). And one last point goes into AOE.

no imageAether Jump

A simple teleport spell that buffs our movement speed, and attack/cast speed. It could be used rapidly to increase skill cost and fill our Rage bar quickly, in this case we need to spam Havoc Orb.

Take Continuum Expertise and March of the Time Devourers to make Aether Jump spammable. Aethereal Bounce and Interstitial Boost for buffs, and choose Time Paradox for smooth movement.

Slayer of Leviathan Passive Skills

Figuring out how to align your Gate of Fates is one of, if not the hardest part of making a Build in Wolcen, and generally takes a respec or two before getting it right. In this section, I want to show you how I’ve set this up for maximum performance in this build. Please note this is an endgame build aimed at content post campaign, but it should clear the campaign portion with ease.

Here’s a Build Planner Link for level 72: Level 72 Gates of fate details

But an ideal finalized tree would look like this: Level 90 final build


Grab all critical damage nodes on the way to The Wild Card, then grab Zealous Might and go to the next tree.


Ranger has very nice projectiles nodes, and we like to take all the good ones. Take Unstoppable Flurry, head left for Puncturing Shot, and go all the way right to Come What May. Pierce is so important for both our spammable spells and attack, so we prioritise this first.

Get through Strike like Lightning to grab Archion’s Teachings to increase your projectiles count. Continue on to Swiftness and leave for the outer ring.

We can come back later to grab Deadly Aim and Bullseye.

Time Weaver

We go for Time Weaver early because we have Aether damage from Anomaly.

Path to Which Time Cannot Heal and Deferential Wounds through Temporal Shift to take some dodge chance, and get 120% more damage Multiplier.

Then go for Impossible Soul towards Dire Juncture and Practiced Stamina, this will split the damage you take into smaller parts, and our life leech would be able to recover the first portion before the delayed portion hits.

Make sure to put some life leech on your accessories by this time, to recover from Dire juncture.

We will come back later to grab one additional Impossible Soul, but for now we move on.



Coming the from top, choose Self-Preservation Instinct and grab Duty to Exterminate for greater resources. Head downward for Hyper Self-Awareness, Spellslinger, and head for Residual Energy. This buffs our attack by damage from the last spell cast, the damage is multiplicative, and its type can be changed depending on last spell cast. That’s important to remember, as it’s useful to apply to desired ailments.


Spend another point in Ranger at Body and Mind to get To Exorcist, then take the following:

Aloof Hunter –> Profane Of Body –> Arcane Dissolution –> Branded Burst –> Indifference

You will be immune to damage for the 1st hit, then immune to 80% damage for 2nd hit, then 60%, and finally lose all your immune points after 5 hits. It might not be obvious, but the best way to scale your defense from this point onwards is “passive dodge chance” on all your items, because the higher your dodge chance, the less times you get hit.

We can get +80% dodge chance by endgame (Equipment level +110), then we push it further by the next tree in Gate of Fates.


Start with Refined Technique, then cut to Quick Draw and Chemically Empowered Metabolism. Grab the major Covert Operative for a nice boost in dodge after being hit.

Finally take Chemically Empowered Metabolism and move to the next tree. You can either go for Assassin or Cabalist next, but in the end, you need both.


You need to take Adept from Scholar to get to Cabalist.

Take Clarity of Mind and Tenacious Afflictions before going straight for Immortal Offering. This will increase damage significantly, but would need careful planning for the types of added damage on gear, to maximize its output.

Now head for Grievous Afflictions to apply two ailments types on each hit, and move on.


Get Elaborate Flurry and path towards Merciless Lethality. Critical damage will greatly increases your damage, and by now, you should have enough “% increased damage” to compensate for the small penalty.

Cabalist (Once more)

Get Protective Aura on the way to the next tree. You will need Primordial Insights, Otherworldly Techniques, and Tormentor. But I’d rather fill the Siege Breaker tree first.

Siege Breaker

Inexorable Vitality –> Futile Endeavour –> Monolith –> Salvatory Anchor –> Elevated Gain.

Siege Breaker is typical all-around tree for all purposes of defense. I choose to use heavy helmet and chest for double resistances score. Rogue armor could be a nice choice as well, but we already have strong leech from strong attack damage, so I’d rather pick heavy over rogue.

Other good nodes to pick up later: Unsunken, and 2x Landslide. But for now we move on towards a very important tree.


We are here to further enhance our “on-kill” effect from Arctic Spear, Plagueburst, and Mark of Impurity (when we to get The Trial belt). Eos make enemies under 15% health die instantly if we’re hit with sacred damage, this makes large packs burst in one big explosion when all “on-kill” effects trigger simultaneously. That’s a huge clear speed buffer, and it also works on bosses!

Now Eos is far from our allocated nodes, and to reach it efficiently, we need some tweaks to our Gate of Fates.

Various minor nodes

From now on, we go back and grab all minor nodes we skipped earlier (mentioned as “Come back later for X or Y” in previous trees), and for very endgame, we push our survivability to the maximum, by picking all minor nodes with good defenses, pick some of these nodes as you see fit, as you will not be able to get them all at maximum level.

% Passive dodge chance score

You will find plenty of these adjacent to major or minor nodes we have already, like several Elusive nodes in Ranger and Assassin. Also Flexible in Sentinel.

% All resistances

Other great defensive stat that stacks with Salvatory Anchor. In Siege Breaker, take all resistances nodes that doesn’t reduce passive dodge, and you can find three more with 18% all resistances in Praetorian tree.

% Maximum health

You will find some fat nodes in Praetorian tree with 15% health per node.

Slayer of Leviathan Equipment

In this section we’ll be covering the type of equipment that you want for the Slayer of Leviathan build. You will need a ranged weapon (dagger/pistol), and a Catalyst. Also armour with flat # chance to dodge score as well as Maximum resistances.

Unique items:

This build utilizes some unique items for maximum efficiency. You can level without them, but once in endgame, it’s hard to find a better replacement. I highly recommend having these unique items if you plan to do high level content (Level +160).

The Macksfesten Enneract

Nothing beats The Macksfesten Enneract for increasing the attack damage of Havoc orb, it works like the node Residual Energy from Warlock tree, and stacks with it. Taking a portion of your spell damage and adding it to your attack damage is a huge modifier, and is the main reason we pick up this item.

The Trial

Is a perfect belt to fit in our arsenal. It automatically puts Mark of Impurity on enemies for increased damage taken, and for juicy explosions upon death. You don’t need it during campaign, or low level post campaign content but if you are aiming for Level +170 maps (with champion enemies having over 100 million health), you know this belt is your saviour.

Frostweave Qullittuq

This chest is not better than crafted legendary heavy chest with over one thousand all resistances and maximum dodge chance, but it’s a good item to use until you find this perfect legendary. It will have good dodge chance, and it converts your freeze chance into critical chance, which is a very strong offensive stat, if you can give up your freeze ailment. It also has critical damage, which is a stat that can’t be found on chest normally, so it’s even more powerful than it appears.

Seal of the Arbiter

Only usable with melee weapons. If your weapon of choice is a dagger, then you are in luck, as this ring gives you nice attack damage increase, and huge critical damage at same time. Along with some critical chance from Ferocity. very good, especially at early game.

Attack speed is not a major factor, so we can bear with the penalty. A legendary ring with the right affixes will be stronger, so make sure to craft replacement at endgame.

Weapon Crafting:

Slayer of Leviathan relays on attack damage, and so, it’s important to craft a weapon with high damage output to compete with the huge health pool of enemies at high levels. Easiest way to push your weapon damage is scaling material damage on weapon, by adding flat Physical/poison/rend damage, and “%Material damage” modifier.

Note that all best damage affixes are prefixes, so it would take some patience and time to get a weapon rolled with perfect three prefixes. It’s advised to farm rare weapons, keep ones with good two prefixes, and upgrade it to legendary one by one, until you get a weapon with good third prefix.

Suffixes could be decent as well, so keep an eye for Critical Damage, Life Leech and Material Ailment Chance Score.

You can freely switch between a pistol or a dagger, depending on which ones have better affixes.

Stats for Armour

  • (prefix) Dodge Chance Score: You can get up to 340 on a single piece. Focus on getting dodge on gloves and shoulders as these don’t have other big stats to worry about.
  • (prefix) Resistances: Concentrate on these especially on chest and helmet, get as much as you can.
  • (prefix) Health on this item: To prevent bosses from instant killing you.
  • (prefix) Critical Hit Chance Score: Criti can gain good numbers on armour, and it is a nice damage boost.
  • (suffix) Toughness: Generally high Toughness rolls gives more health than flat health rolls, while also buffing damage slightly. Remember you can get both on the same item.
  • (suffix) Wisdom: You can go with Wisdom on some of your items to increase ailment chance.
  • (suffix) Cooldown Reduction for All Skills: Get as much as possible, on helmet and chest and legs.
  • (suffix)% Transfer time reduction between willpower and rage: This is very important, get it on all applicable items.
  • (suffix) % Health Regeneration Rate: You need this to make life leech ticks faster to counter Dire Juncture.
  • (suffix)Rage and Willpower Cost Reduction: This is a bad stat to have on this build, don’t use it, as it will slow down rage generation.

Stats for Armour Sockets

  • % Dodge Chance Score: All Defensive (III) sockets go for it.
  • Defensive (II) socket is good for whichever resistance type you need.

Stats for Jewelry

  • (implicit on rings) % Dodge Chance Score
  • (implicit on rings) Critical Hit Damage
  • (implicit on Amulet) All attributes
  • (Suffix) Critical Hit Damage
  • (prefix) % to All Resistances Score
  • (Suffix) Occult/Elemental/Material Resistance Score
  • (prefix) +maximum Health (Up to 2000)
  • (prefix) Flat added shadow damage to spells, to curse enemies.
  • (prefix) Flat added physical/rend/poison damage to attacks.
  • (Special suffix) Attacks gain damage from the last spell cast. The type of damage is the same as the last spell cast

Stats for Jewelry Sockets

  • % Transfer time reduction between willpower and rage: Is very important.
  • Life Leech from poison/rend Damage: Depending on your weapon damage type.
  • Attack critical chance: A good idea if you don’t need more transfer time reduction.

Final Tips

Use Arctic Spear for all intents and purposes use single cast to lure enemies from off screen with it, or spam it to freeze huge packs. Anomaly can be used for various situations as well, as you could gather many enemies in one spot for stronger shotgun, or separate them if they are too dangerous together (like the healers of Aurora Knight boss).

Havoc Orb’s three missiles can hit the same target at point blank, and dodge chance keeps you safe in the face of the bosses, so don’t hesitate getting close and shotgunning bosses at will. If you are at moderate distance and can’t get all three missiles, move your cursor slightly to the left of right, so you can land two missiles instead of just one. It needs some practice but helps at high level content.

Craft accessories with Genesis Stone to get the special modifier “attacks gain damage from the last spell cast.” This modifier stacks with a similar type from Residual Energy and from The Macksfesten Enneract quipped in off-hand. It all adds up for greater attack damage.

You can lure enemies to bosses, or lure bosses to packs of enemies, either way, you can trigger all on kill effects and chop down boss health much faster. But this mechanic is not necessary, Slayer of Leviathan can handle bosses on it’s own, but it’s good to note.

Dodge chance and tenet points are good enough to keep most of the harm away from you, but standing in poison pools, fire breath, or blood pools is a bad idea, and will get your Tenet points to zero quickly, making you take much greater damage. If screen is cluttered with enemies and effects, make sure to use Aether jump to move around a bit.

If you enjoyed this Wolcen Build Guide be sure to check out more on our Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Wiki. You can also try out more of our builds in Wolcen Build Guide: Voodoo Queen, or Warden Of Wind


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