Witcher 3: Story Recap

Witcher 3: Story Recap

Last updated on August 7th, 2015

This article is an introduction to the events of The Witcher based on the games. It was lovingly put together by hard-working fan

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A simple infograph aimed at updating new “The Witcher” fans with the narrative basics in preparation for Wild Hunt. Written from a perspective of no prior novel knowledge, only information supplied in-game.


Conjunction of the Spheres

A cosmic cataclysm, over 1,500 years before the story begins, which collided several parallel universes, trapping numerous “unnatural” beasts and creatures in this dimension, along with magic. Elvish legends believe Humans too first appeared after the cataclysm, their own world having being destroyed…

The Continent

Unnamed continent where the story takes place. First home to gnomes, then hundreds of years after the cataclysm settled by elves arrlvlng on 31 white ships. Hundreds of years later agaln the first human settlers land, conquer, and begin their rule.

Nations, Empires and Groups

Nilfgaardian Empire Witcher 3 Wild HuntNilfgaardian empire

The most powerful empire in the known world, located In the southern half of the continent. Ruled by Emhyr var Emrels, Nilfgaard is notorious for military, economy, and aggressive expansion, and historical antagonism and war with the Nothern realms.

The “Rome” of The Witcherverse.

Northern Kingdoms

Human lead regions, including the Kingdoms of Temerla, Aedlrn, Kaedwen, Redania, and so on, under no united imperialistic rule. Home to many species, where non-humans are treated as second-class citizens. The Northern Klngdoms are where The Witcher games mostly take place.

 Northern Kingdoms Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Sorcerers & Sorceress

Mages naturally attuned to and educated In controlling “Chaos”, the magic of the world. As a Council or Lodge, mages are often seen sided with royalty as appolnted advlsors, though have been the target of persecution through “witch hunts” as society rejects the use of arcane arts.


Warrior monks trained and mutated specifically to hunt monsters. Expert fighters, adept alchemists. and able to harness magic through signs.

Witchers are raised to stay emotionally distant from politics and social Issues, though are considered outcast by many.

As the world has fewer beasts, so too the need for Witchers.


Non-human guerillas, often referred to as Squirrels, fighting against discrimination. Scoia’tael units are known for violent assaults against human caravans and villages. often recklessly causing deaths of Innocents. The cause may be just, but their actions continue to breed conflict between races.

The Wild Hunt

Spectral wraiths and omen of death, reported to appear mainly in winter and after bloody conflict, abducting souls. Many theories exist on the Wild Hunt, and some do not consider hem anything more than an Illusion.

Escaped abductees however tell ales of strange alternate worlds, unicorns and elven gardens…

Geralt of Rivia

Our hero. Geralt is a veteran Witcher, who awakes at the beginning of The Witcher, five years after his reported death, with an unfortunate case of amnesla. Geralt’s Journey centers around his struggle to regain his memory and identity, re-Iearn the important figures of his past, how he lost his memory and returned from death, and why he is seemingly pursued by a spectral wralth known as the King of the Wild Hunt.

Geralt’s Journey begins with a bang: reulnlted wlth on-and-off lover and sorceress, Triss Merigold, Geralt, his fellow Witchers (including Geralt’s father figure, Vesemir) embark on a quest to recover stolen Witcher secrets. The adventure sees them enveloped in conspiracy and conflict, particularly between the militant non-human opposlng, anti-magic Order of the Flaming Rose, and rebellious units of Scoia’tael.

Geralt of Rivia Witcher 3 Wild HuntEventually Geralt would uncover the thief and chief conspirator: Jacques de Aldersberg, Grand Master of the Order of the Flamlng Rose, who belleved hls actlons necessary to prepare mankind for surviving Ithlinne’s Prophecy.

The Wolf’s Blizzard approaches, the time of the sword and axe. The Time of the White Frost and White Light, the Time of Madness and Disdain, Tedd Deireadh, the Final Age. The world will perish amidst ice and be reborn with the new sun. Reborn of the Elder Blood, of Hen ichaer, of a planted seed. A seed that will not sprout but burst into flames!” The Grand Master defeated, Geralt came face-to-face wlth the Wlld Hunt, who offered no answers, other than clarifying its desire to reclaim Geralt’s soul.

Geralt was quickly thrust on a new mission: an assassin named Letho, also a Witcher, was killing kings In the Northern Kingdoms. And unllke the last, this adventure would have Geralt regain fragments of his memory and further guide his journey. for Letho knew Geralt personally.

Geralt learned of his death at the hands of a pitchfork peasant while defending non- humans during a riot. Hls llfe was saved by Yennefer, a raven haired sorceress and lover, who gave her own for his, the two then teleported to safety by an ashen haired girl. However, the lover’s peace was quickly disrupted, for the King of the Wild Hunt appeared and stole Yennefer away, Geralt in hot pursuit.

During a final confrontation Letho would reveal all. Geralt recalled Letho helping him track the Wild Hunt, and Letho explalned how Geralt offered the Hunt his soul In return for Yennefer’s. The Hunt accepted. While Geralt rode with the Wild Hunt (and eventually escaped), Letho cared for Yennefer, who too suffered from amnesia. her troublemaking ultimately getting them caught and partlng ways In the Nllfgaardlan Empire.

As for the assassinations, Letho laid out hls cards: sorceresses schemed for power and kings continued to war. Backed by Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard, he capitalise
on the situation to seed chaos into the North, weakening them for an imminent invasion In return, the Emperor promised Letho to rebuild his Witcher school, and give him and his kind a renewed place In the world.

And so Geralt enters the final stage of his journey. Nilfgaard successfully invaded, sweeping across the Northern Kingdoms, though some resistance remains. Emperor Emhyr var Emrels seeks Girl, the ashen haired girl from Geralt’s past. claiming she is connected to a prophecy. Meanwhile Yennefer, Geralt’s lost lover sorceress he saved from the Wild Hunt, has too reappeared, now In the North, also searching for Girl.

While men war and spill blood, a full moon omen sees the manifestaton of the Wild Hunt wraiths in physical form, the King of the Wild Hunt locked on a mission not unlike others: Ciri.


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