Wild Hearts Reddit AMA Session Reveals 20 Kemono to Start, with More in Free DLC

Wild Hearts Reddit AMA Session Reveals 20 Kemono to Start, with More in Free DLC

Wild Hearts just got a ton of information confirmed during its recent Reddit AMA. The developers confirmed at least 20 Kemono to face off at the start, plus all post-launch content will be free.

Wild Hearts Reddit AMA Session Reveals 20 Kemono to Start, with More in Free DLC

Executive Producer of Wild Hearts Lewis Harvey held an AMA a few days ago on Reddit. The massive thread garnered hundreds of questions, most of which were left unanswered. However, the ones that did get the attention of Harvey confirmed tons of info.



Let’s see what’s new and upcoming this February!

Monster Hunter: Kemono

The massive Kemono, Wild Hearts’ version of giant beasts, are born out of the corruption of the land. It has been revealed that there will be at least 20 of these majestic creatures roaming the lands of Azuma at launch.

Wild Hearts - Golden Tempest Kemono

While this is already quite a healthy number, it has been confirmed that there will be more coming in free post-launch updates. The midgame will also have what are called “Mighty Kemono”. These are essentially just stronger variants of the basic monsters. Endgame, on the other hand, will have “Volatile Kemono”, and will only be faced off against once the players have completed the main campaign.

Wild Hearts - Amateratsu Kemono

Wild Hearts – Amateratsu Kemono

Just like in Monster Hunter, the Kemono in Wild Hearts will have fully breakable body parts. These pieces can then be harvested separately from the Kemono’s bodies themselves. Also circling back to Monster Hunter, there is a potential for Kemono to fight each other. It isn’t quite clear yet if this will be merely in cutscenes, or if there will be turf wars or a wirebug-like control system over the beasts.

Lastly on the Kemeono front is confirmation that there will also be smaller creatures. These freely roam Azuma and can be captured and even turned into pets. For taking good care of them, players can be rewarded with special items.

The Multiplayer Aspect

We do know that Wild Hearts will have up to three-player co-op available. Everyone in a group can plop down their own Karakuri devices to aid in the hunt. However, to prevent griefing, only the host can take down anything that has been built. The game’s difficulty will also be dependent on the number of players and will scale as needed.

So, How Do We Get Down?

So, How Do We Get Down?

At launch, the game will have full cross-play enabled between all of the consoles and PC. Unfortunately, there is no form of cross-progression planned for the game.

It has been confirmed though that the game can be completed solo if one wishes, and that it will also have a proper offline mode. You know, the kind where you can pause the game if you ever need a quick breather.

Armaments, Protection, and Friends

Of course, the fun of the game will be in hunting the massive Kemono. And to do that, you’ll need to have an armory filled to the brim with options. While we don’t have any specific info yet on the armor options, we do know that we’ll be hitting monsters with.

At launch, there will be 8 weapons in total. These are the Claw Blade, Bow, Karakuri Katana, Bladed Wagasa (think deadly umbrella), Cannon, Nodachi, Maul, and Karakuri Staff.

Deadly Umbrella in Wild Hearts

Deadly Umbrella in Wild Hearts

All of the eight options are viable for grounded combat, as well as aerial fights (thanks to being launched into the skies with your Karakuri). There will also be elemental variants of these weapons. Finding out what element a Kemono is weak to will be vital to pulling off a successful hunt.

Wild Hearts Encounter

Wild Hearts Encounter

Also, Monster Hunter players who just really love our feline friends, the Palicos, will be in for a treat. There are small Celestial Karakuri called Tsukumo that can be collected. They will act as a constant AI-controlled companion to our hunter and will have their own skills and abilities to use in combat. At launch, there will be 50 of these critters. But it isn’t confirmed if this is 50 variants or 50 in total.

After Wild Hearts

Post-launch support is vital for any ongoing multiplayer game. Just ask the folks over at New World, Lost Ark, or Elder Scrolls Online. A steady stream of new quality content would be essential to keep the game fresh and in everyone’s minds for quite some time.

Wild Hearts - Deathstalker Kemono

As such, Koei Tecmo has confirmed that there is indeed post-launch content coming. More importantly, they have confirmed that all of this is planned to be completely free of charge. There are no Microtransactions also being planned to be added to the game, which is quite surprising.

Wild Hearts - Sapscourge Kemono

Moving on to the technical aspect of things, it has been confirmed that we will be getting Performance and Quality modes for the consoles. Performance will target 1080p/60fps while Quality aims for 4k/30fps. This applies to both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The Wildest of Hearts

EA Play and GamePass Ultimate subscribers will get access to a 10-hour demo for Wild Hearts on February 13th. Unfortunately, this will only contain the starting area. The game will fully launch on February 16, 2023.

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