Wild Hearts Goes Wild with Ferocious Cat Kemono Gameplay Trailer

Wild Hearts Goes Wild with Ferocious Cat Kemono Gameplay Trailer

 Wild Hearts developer Koei Tecmo and Omega Force preview a very angry cat-like Kemono beast that’s ready to pounce this February.

Wild Hearts Goes Wild with Ferocious Cat Kemono Gameplay Trailer

The co-op beast hunter Wild Hearts is fast approaching its release next month in February, and things are getting wild. The latest gameplay previews a new Kemono the Golden Tempest. It resembles a very angry tiger or cat that will be swiping at players. It has two elongated teeth, like a sabertooth tiger but also has trailing roots.

Golden Tempest Kemono resembles a sabertooth cat that will use its tail to whip.

I got my Karakuri at Ikea

In this particular footage, the player can be seen quickly assembling a wooden wall to give them a quick breather to heal after being slapped around. This is one of the Karakuri building options in Wild Hearts that players can wield to gain the upper hand. This one seems to resemble a fast-assembling flat-pack furniture set but with rotating cogs. It also works as a way to springboard off into the air with the handy personal helicopter fan. The player can then fly right back into the action. The Claw Blades, the weapon in-hand has the character wielding them by whirling around and striking the Kemono.

Building walls is just one of the ways the Karakuri contraptions help players in the game.

The Cannon

Next, we preview The Cannon. This weapon can be wielded with one hand to shoot projectiles at the enemy while flying. Once on the ground, the player uses the Cannon to fire a laser beam of light. While another player can be seen building a hammer to bonk the ferocious kitty. We also see the use of the Karakuri Staff, which can quickly switch into a blade to slice. This reminds me a little of one of my favourite weapon moves from the Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Rise, but Wild Hearts seems to have its own twist on the monster-hunting genre with buildable structures.

Use the Cannon from above to fire at Kemono.

The Final Blow

Lastly, we see the Staff wielder take the “Final Blow”, apologising to the beast and then dealing a hefty hit to the Golden Tempest. Reaping the rewards of a hide, pelt, robe, and saber. This will in no doubt come in handy in crafting new armor and more.

Previously we’ve seen Karakuri in action, buildable contraptions that can help attack, help manoeuvre players or even create blockades. This fresh look at gameplay against a new Kemono does well to show off more capabilities of the use of the Karakuri.

One of the most exciting features has to be that the game will offer both cross-play and co-op no matter which platform you’re on. Choose special missions with your pack or join others in the world to take on the Kemono on your own. Omega Force is no stranger to musou-type games and is bringing this knowledge into the game. However, Wild Hearts will not only be bringing a range of motions such as “dashing, jumping, grappling, sliding” but also the use of the Karakuri system.

Wild Hearts will be released on February 17th 2023 for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin, Steam and the Epic Game Store for $69.99.

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