What the Internet has Taught me: Week Three

What the Internet has Taught me: Week Three

Hello, and welcome to week three of the weekly series, “What the Internet has taught me”.

This series of articles will involve all things from funny images to ridiculous videos.

Some submissions may seem offensive, or otherwise rude. I assure you, they are for the purpose of entertainment and should not be taken


DISCLAIMER: The following article contains images with mildly offensive language.

Viewer discretion is advised.



Wow… week three.

I’m glad to see everyone is enjoying reading this series as much as I am enjoying writing it.

Anyway, we all know you didn’t come here to read about my blabbering. You came here to laugh, and laugh you shall!





This first image, as with all first images, is a warm up.

So, unless you laugh at almost everything, I don’t expect this to be hysterical to anyone.

Now that you’ve gotten a minor chuckle from the above image, let’s get into the real comedy, shall we?





Okay, so we all know that birds are evil, right?


Well guess again!

We all know they’re thinking it! Don’t deny it! Birds are Villains, thus making them Lemons, according to the E.V.I.L code…






You know those signals at crosswalks that are like “Lol, nope.” when you arrive at them?

Well, this is basically what all of them want to say, but aren’t brave enough to.

It’s happening…

Machines are getting braver! Soon they’ll stop working for us entirely! And then they’ll take over!


Or, you know… there’s snow stuck inside the signal causing a coincidental… thing…





This next image…

Just when you thought dogs were just the cutest things in the world…

“When Fido Went Rogue”

Yeah… that’ll be the name of the book…





And, of course, it wouldn’t be Shadow’s article if it didn’t have at least ONE sexual reference.

But, don’t worry. It’s not graphic.

This image is actually 75.69% SFW.

We’ve all heard of Archaeologists, right?

Well, imagine waking up one day and thinking, “You know what? I’m going to research old porn!”

I wonder if this guy has a museum…





As this week comes to a close, I have one more image for the lot of you.

This image expresses so much epicness (I don’t even care if that’s not a word) that it’s not even funny…

Okay, it is actually pretty funny.

In all seriousness, though…

I should get in contact with that guy and find out if he has a museum…





Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Don’t forget to leave your feedback, and don’t be afraid to criticize my article by telling me what I could do to make it better.

(Not comments saying “Get better pictures”)



Images courtesy of: TooLeet, ARNOLDRAVE, and yours truly.


If you would like to submit images and possibly see them here, feel free to either message the image links to me (SpeaksOfShadows)

on the Fextralife Forums, or to my email: speaksofshadows@yahoo.com



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  1. Ahhotep1 says:

    The last few days left a heavy burden on my mind. Your pics and comments lightened that load just enough to make me chuckle. Thanks! 😀

    I can truly identify with that anon Traffic Dept. IT tech who HAD to have tweaked that light (the only light?). LOL

    If I come across something good I will shot it your way.

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