What is Destiny 2?

Ah, so you have just woken up and have no idea what Destiny 2 is all about. Well, worry not! Bungie has you covered with their crash-course 101 video titled; “What is Destiny 2?”. You may watch the educational trailer above.

Prepare for Destiny 2!

The video aims to equip you with the basic know-how, bringing you up to speed and allow you to begin fighting back!

The trailer introduces you to its world, showcasing some of the gameplay, classes and game modes you can expect when it hits store shelves. It also reveals the intense competitive multiplayer component with Co-Op and PVP modes, which you can learn even more about here!

You can also watch the launch trailer, which is dedicated to the PC Beta that starts on August 28th until August 31st (if you’re one of those who pre-ordered, you can play today).

Recently, Activision has expressed its “tremendous confidence” in the  game, and announced that the console beta and pre-orders surpassed those of the original Destiny in the same period.

Destiny 2 is set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th, and October 24th for the PC platform.

If you need help with any Achievements or Trophies within the game, look over here!

You can check out the pre-order bonuses that have been announced for Destiny 2.

You can also Pre-order Destiny 2 and get the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle from our Amazon Link.

Visit the Destiny 2 Wiki to check out Weapons, Armor and other Guardian-stuffs.


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3 comments on “What is Destiny 2?”

  1. Avatar Elhanan says:

    From the little I have seen and heard, the streamer said it was like Destiny, but this time they added a story ;)

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    The Bungie team makes such great trailers! I wish the game was as much fun for me :P
    Or, maybe DKS can get some trailer tips ;)

  3. ckmishn says:

    It claims to have an "epic story". Why make such a dramatic change from the "story" or the original? Surely a "story" where you’re somehow saving the world from like 4 different factions in a static environment where most stay on another planet or the moon and that culminates in you having to fight 3 generic enemies to "win", to the acknowledgement of a bored dwarf and nobody else (and which doesn’t stop more enemies from constantly respawning everywhere) all while passing and randomly interacting with dozens of other PCs just like you is an ideal "story". :tongue:

    Halo wasn’t without its faults, but while its story could be convoluted and possessed some significant plot holes, the stories never lacked for drama or a sense that you were impacting the world around you. With Destiny I never felt either. Ever. :(

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