What if this crazy allegedly leaked E3 lineup is true?
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What if this crazy allegedly leaked E3 lineup is true?

The rumor mill must be working overtime as we get another “leak” running up to E3 2018 with the upcoming game set list. Although the source being Imgur means the rumor is highly unlikely, but what if this list was real?

What if this crazy allegedly leaked E3 lineup is true?

By the powers of Imgur, a few images took the internet community by storm as a potential leak of the E3 2018 schedule was shared. It’s usual during E3 to have rumors floating around the forums as we had one about Shadows Die Twice just last week, but one this precise does seem a little odd. The list does look a little too good to be true with Diablo IV and the announcement of the next FromSoftware project being Bloodborne 2 (which would contradict the Shadows Die Twice rumour). But what’s interesting about this list is that actual names of the projects are mentioned.

Check out the list below and let us know in the comments what you think about this supposed leaked press conference memo. Which titles are you hoping are more than just a rumor?

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5 responses to “What if this crazy allegedly leaked E3 lineup is true?”

  1. Dragon age: Rise of Tiamat?

    This person composing these supposed ‘leaks’ never played a Bioware game for sure! It’s not their style of naming, and Dragon age universe is so very rich and established they can’t insert Tiamat suddenly into it.
    Even if they do, it would never be in the title, Dragon Age is a fortress built of plot twists and mind blowing reveals, the title can’t be this revealing and simplified … I’d be horrified and very disappointed if this turns to be true!

    Also, it would be no surprise if DA4 reveal don’t make it to E3 this year.. Bioware is all about Anthem to a deep degree I doubt they would have something to show about DA ..

  2. I would actually be disappointed by BB2 now that I am set on expecting the ninja game of FROM soft…
    the one game to rule them all that I have been expecting for a long long time….

  3. They do sound wild, which is why it’s fun to go what If. Man that would be a wild e3

  4. Nier Automata 2? Bloodborne 2? MORROWIND?! As much as I want these games to be real, I doubt this is what’s actually going to happen. Some of these sound too out there. WoW on PS4? 3 FF characters in Soul Caliber 6? Fallout: Nuevo El Paso? These sound like wild wishes…

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