Watch Some Early Dauntless Combat Gameplay

Watch Some Early Dauntless Combat Gameplay

Since their announcement trailer during the Game Awards, people have been wondering about what the gameplay will be like in Dauntless, the upcoming free to play Monster Hunter meets Dark Souls RPG from developer Phoenix Labs. In a developer blog post, they’ve given us an early look at what the combat will be like in the game. Check out the video below.

Dauntless will feature a stamina bar mechanic that governs powerful offensive actions like charges and combos. It’s also used for abilities like dodging and sprinting. This system is similar to those found in Monster Hunter and Dark Souls and can leave you exposed to an enemy attack or unable to land a blow on an opening if poorly managed. Players will be able to make creative use of these offensive and defensive tactics in concert like canceling out of a charge to dodge.

Thoughts on the system and gameplay peak? The game is in very early stages and is set to release on PC sometime in 2017. Keep an eye out for a full preview from us coming soon! In the meantime, you can signup for the beta here.

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2 comments on “Watch Some Early Dauntless Combat Gameplay”

  1. Avatar Nodos says:

    Looks good.

    I like the funny-looking graphics and the fact that in the footage we see, the character wields a greataxe…
    Cute one second, brutal the other….magnificent. :cheers:

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I really like it so far! I’m usually wary of free to play but it can be very good if done well.

    I like they showed several different weapons, and the combat seems to have weight which I enjoy, as floaty mechanics feel strange. There’s a good level of graphic polish there for an alpha too, so I found myself wondering what kind of monster design we will find! I want to know more :)

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