Watamote Anime Review: When Awkward Meets Humor

Watamote Anime Review: When Awkward Meets Humor

Last updated on August 4th, 2017

L me start by saying that I was forced, coerced or otherwise blackmailed into watching this Anime by a certain female who shall remain nameless.  The ways in which a woman can “persuade” you to watch something (or do something for that matter) are endless it would seem, but I digress and that is article worthy in itself for another time. For now let’s stick to Watamote.

Not being very familiar with Anime until rather recently, Watamote was the second Anime that I have ever really sat down and watched an episode from start to finish (the other being Attack on Titan). It’s a show about your not so untypical teenage girl trying to be popular in high school. Sounds ever so unique and interesting right? Well to my surprise it was extremely funny and quite entertaining. It’s actually quite amazing the way Nico Tanigawa draws emotion, because it is captured so perfectly and in a very “Japanese” manner. I say Japanese because in such a polite society, people go out of their way to make sure things are taken as a joke, and Watamote is so over the top in this fashion that you can’t help but burst out in laughter…

Genre: Horror Comedy
Directed By: Nico Tanigawa (Published by Square Enix)
Studio:  Silver link
Release Date: July 8, 2013 – present
Episodes: 1 Seasons, 12 episodes
Adaptations: None

Watamote Anime Review Features

  • A relatable protagonist: Tomoko is very much that inner voice inside you that you try desperately to ignore.
  • Fantastic emotional drawing: Tanigawa captures emotion so perfectly, and takes it to the extreme that you often feel but cannot express.
  • Unparalleled humor: Humor that everyone can relate to, both men and women alike.


Watamote Comedy

Simply put, this is the entire reason I watch this Anime.  The main character, Tomoko, is just a walking Manga train wreck (and I mean that in a good way).  She obsesses about every minute detail of her life to the extreme. The Anime is actually a parody on the life of a teenage girl, blowing every last thing out of proportion in such a way that you stare at the screen blankly and think “Oh my fucking god!”. And yet somehow you just can’t look away and find yourself in fits of laughter. Imagine watching your little sister, when you were a kid, on coke, getting ready for her first day of high school or her first date (yes i said coke, not a typo). Also, imagine she can pull off really amazing facial expressions as if she was Jim Carrey in The Mask.  This will give you some idea of what watching the show is like.

Watamote Story

The story is pretty typical and somewhat similar to other Anime from what I understand. Girl just finishes Middle School, gets ready for High School, and wants to be popular (expects to be even). Tomoko constantly obsesses and plots ways to become popular down to the last detail; including what she will wear, how she will act (sometimes even taking on different personas), and how she will get people to notice her.  The problem is, she is a social reject, aka, a spaz (I know, that takes you way back). Each episode essentially follows her latest attempt at becoming accepted and watching it fail (she’s the Manga version of Wile E Coyote). You’d be amazed, just when you think, “How can it get any worse?”…it does…and it’s hilariously amazing.

Watamote Graphic Art

This is actually one of the stronger points of the show. Something that Manga and Anime seem to excel at, in my limited experience, is capturing emotion and Watamote does this perfectly.  Because the show is based on overemphasizing and exaggerating every last detail, this is the only art style that can truly depict Tomoko’s feelings in such a way that it’s funny.  It’s not funny to see somebody upset, or so one would think right? WRONG!  Poor Tomoko (laughs hard).  I don’t have a lot of Anime to compare art against, sadly, but I will say this: Tanigawa manages to make a teenage girl going to High School worth watching…and it isn’t because the story is amazing.

Watamote Overall

While this wouldn’t have been the show that I picked to watch, it’s one that I would recommend to anyone who simply likes comedy. It’s a show you can just plop down on your couch and watch an episode and laugh and feel better about your life while you eat a meal or something (I do this all the time). While there are many moments that are just so fucking awkward it’s hard to watch, you end up laughing about them so hard eventually. Often I would find myself recalling a scene and laughing hours later, which is something few shows (if any) have managed to make me do, no matter how good. Episodes are 20 minutes long, so even if you are still skeptical that this show isn’t manly enough for you (and it isn’t, trust me), you don’t have much to lose by seeing if you like it. Just don’t tell anyone you watch it or write a blog review about it…

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Summary: Tomoko is that inner voice in all of us that we all have and try to pretend we don't have. Being able to laugh about her failures might just provide some relief to those of us who are stressed out by similar anxieties and pressures. An easy comedy to watch while you have a meal with family or by yourself. Highly recommended.
Humor (9.1)
Story (6)
Graphic Art (8.5)

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2 comments on “Watamote Anime Review: When Awkward Meets Humor”

  1. Serious_Much says:

    I actually read this for a bit (for some reason the manga is called “It’s no my fault that I’m no popular!”), got tired of it after a while. I mean it’s kinda funny, but the premise gets old quick.. It’s just someone being socially awkward.

    If I wanna watch and laugh at people for that reason I’d much rather watch Big bang theory for Sheldon and the gang, they’re far more entertaining

  2. Fexelea says:

    Now who would be so cruel to make manly Mr. Man Cas watch some animated show about a high school girl’s dramas? #thehorror!

    I enjoyed this show – as Serious says the premise is simple but I thought it was a pretty hilarious way of deconstructing the anime premise of the high school setting and the heroine, adding in some insightful bits about girl psychology. We are always told boys are the ones who think about sex all the time – newsflash it ain’t true! And this show brings it up in a funny manner.

    Now Cas, tell me more about how you felt with the buttler game scenes. *cackle*

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