Wasteland 3 Will Get Permadeath & More in Patch 1.3.3

Wasteland 3 Will Get Permadeath & More in Patch 1.3.3

The upcoming patch for the CRPG Wasteland 3 is bringing permadeath.

Wasteland 3 Will Get Permadeath

The upcoming Patch 1.3.3 for Wasteland 3 titled Death & Taxes will be releasing at the end of March. It will be bringing permadeath, an optional difficult skill checks mode, respeccing, new character customisation items, and a number of improvements and fixes to the game.

Wasteland 3 with permadeath means when your characters’ health reaches zero, they will die and cannot come back. Permadeath will only be coming to single-player mode according to inXile on the Wasteland 3’s Steam page. The developer explained while it’s fun to “watch your friends subjected to painful and horrific video game deaths”, they ultimately decided permadeath in multiplayer mode might not be great for everyone. Meaning if a player’s characters all die, they’d have to wait for everyone else to make it back to Ranger HQ which could take hours.

Players should note once you opt-in for permadeath at the start of your game, you won’t be able to disable it. In a normal run of Wasteland 3, if your character reaches a downed state, you will have a certain number of rounds of combat before being able to bring them back to the battle. If you fail you can always use a Nitro Spike or visit the doctor. Permadeath means you cannot use these options, making for a much more brutal playthrough.

Any equipment they may carry will go to the local party’s shared inventory, so at least you won’t lose these items. If you lose all the members of your party it’s game over.

There’s also a new optional difficult skill checks mode, increasing by +2 with a maximum of 10. This will affect all world interactions including locked doors, conversation interactions, hacking and taming checks, item skills requirements on gear, and attribute requirements on gear. inXile shares:

This optional mode was designed to force your Ranger team to hyper-specialise to be successful, making your jack-of-all-trades ‘master-of-all’ party no longer possible. This is great for a second run-through if you want to be forced into some hard character build decisions.

The update also brings with it some new post-apocalyptic fashion, which like the last additions Wizard and Knight pieces, have been designed by costume artists, which include Dimitry Zaitsev and Oliver Bindel from Aesthetic-Apocalypse.

The new patch will be releasing towards the end of March. Will you be diving into permadeath or trying out the new difficult skill checks mode? Let us know in the comments below.

You can check out the teaser below:

Wasteland 3 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you need some guides to help you on your adventure be sure to check out our Wasteland 3 Guides. Want to know what we thought of this game? Check out our Wasteland 3 Review: Baldur’s Gate Meets X-Com.

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