Wasteland 3 Dev Diary Features Character Creation, Combat and More

Wasteland 3 Dev Diary Features Character Creation, Combat and More

In the latest dev diary video, inXile Entertainment goes over character creation, combat and more for upcoming Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Dev Diary Features Character Creation, Combat and More

In the latest developer video, inXile Entertainment goes over what’s new in upcoming Wasteland 3. One of the key features is character creation, which holds an important part in your playthrough. In Wasteland 3 players will need to be wary of the quirk system, where you can equip some powerful traits but there are tradeoffs.


Making as clear as possible, inXile have included a visible attributes system which will make it easier in choosing your build choices by having each attribute clearly explained in what they impact. In the video they also point out some helpful tips including making characters equipped with Death Wish, a super speedy character build to gain an edge at the beginning of the game, but will die after playing their part, however that’s where your medic comes in.

Combat and Combos

They also explain how melee fighters work, while they don’t seem like the strongest choice at the beginning, they get stronger with combo meters, increasing critical change and critical hit damage. You can also gain some major bonuses, adding some further stacks.

There is also emphasis on the party you build, while you can build an all-rounder it’s far better to build your team with specific roles, gaining benefits from each party member. Same goes for the type of ammo each member uses, having all of the characters on your team using the same bullets won’t fair well in world where what you find can be limited.

What’s New

If you’re not about customising individual characters from the ground up, or simply new to the Wasteland world, the devs share a new feature which are duos, ready built character teams that can work together.

Characters also have interesting backstories, for example we are introduce to a father and daughter duo, where the father is a traumatised war veteran who doesn’t say much and his daughter does most of the talking. I think these little details are going to make this title unique experience, with plenty of replayability.

But not all that is new to the game are additions, there are some changes to turn-based gameplay such as player/enemy turns. Rather than each move being played out one by one, enemies will play all their moves “bunched together”, making gameplay playout more fluidly.

If you want to see the whole dev diary episode you can watch it below:

Wasteland 3 was originally set to release earlier this year but was delayed to August 28th 2020. It will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PC and Playstation 4. If you want have a peek at the game be sure to check out our Wasteland 3 Preview: Rocky Mountain High Caliber.

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