Warlocks II: God Slayers launches in October 2018

Warlocks II: God Slayers launches in October 2018

Action RPG Warlocks II: God Slayers will launch this year in October 2018 on Switch and PC. It also set to launch on console for PS4 and Xbox One in Q1 2019.

Warlocks II: God Slayers launches in October 2018

Developers Frozen District and publisher Fat Dog Games announce the release of their upcoming action-RPG Warlocks II: God Slayers. The sequel to the Warlocks franchise features a brand new story following the titled Warlocks who need to face the gods. The Order of the Warlocks must now confront the gods and dethrone them.

The game features pixel art with hard-drawn animations accompanied with humorous storyline. The game is not only available to play online but with local co-op allowing up to four players to team up.

Having learnt a lot from their first title, Frozen District strive to bring a more diverse class system, allowing players to level up their charaters and choose their skill along the way. Including three different worlds to explore, mid-world bosses as well as final bosses. Players will face 40 varied enemies that can be faced in both single-player mode, local or online co-op.

To check out some of the features and gameplay in action watch the trailer below:

Warlocks II: God Slayers will release first on PC and Nintendo Switch in October for $19.99, followed by Playstation 4 and Xbox One in Q1 2019.

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