Warhammer Chaosbane Builds: Queen’s Executor (Wood Elf Scout)

In this Warhammer Chaosbane Build Guide I will be covering the Queen’s Executor Build for the Wood Elf Scout. The Wood Elf Scout can be played as a Tank or DPS, or some form of hybrid, and this Build is the last of the three, but with exceptional DPS anyway. This Build is meant for End Game players, but I will make recommendations of what to do as you make your way up to the cap of 50. This is the second of 4 such Guides, with 1 for each Class.

Warhammer Chaosbane Builds: Wood Elf Scout

The Queen Executor Build is a strange combination, because it has insane surviveablity that is then converted into increased damage via Executors. This weapon increases your total damage dealt by a percentage of your Health Regeneration. Since the Wood Elf Scout has many many ways of increasing this Stat, you can get this percentage all the way up to around +800% under certain circumstances. And while this involves spending points into the right side of the God Skill Tree, where the tanking nodes are, his increase more than compensates for the 40-50% damage increase you lose out on, and you also have healing for days.

Queen Executor Skills

In this section we’ll take a look at just what Skills we aim to use and why. These are the best combination I have found, but you can switch these up a bit here and there without issue. This is particularly true while you are leveling and will not have all of these right away. Let’s start with the Basic and Advanced Skills or “Active Skills”.

Basic and Advanced Skills

sureflight-arrow-superior-wood-elf-skills-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxSureflight Arrow – Superior: This is your basic attack that gives you Energy, though you won’t need it much at all later in the game. We use the Superior version here because of the increased damage we do with Poison and this version deals Poison damage. You can use any of the Energy gainer attacks you wish, this is just the one I enjoyed the most.

reflex-shot-superior-wood-elf-skill-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxReflex Shot – Superior: This shot deals tons of damage in a 360 arc, allowing you to hit everyone on the screen. It is also boosted because of the increase to Poison Damage, and it poisons enemies. It does more damage than Elven Shot, but costs a bit more Energy, so if you’re having Energy issues you can swap these earlier on in the game. Later though, you’ll want the 360 degree AoE.

spinning-blades-mastered-96pxSpinning Blades – Mastered: This skill does surprisingly high damage and is again boosted by the increase to Poison Damage. You can nearly spam this later in the game due to the Cooldown Reduction you will have. It also costs no skill points to slot with this Build, so there is no reason not to.

defilers-reckoning-wood-elf-god-skill-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxDefiler’s Reckoning: This skill allows you to summon a group of Dryads to swarm enemies. It doesn’t cost Energy, which is the main reason we are using it, but you can replace it with something else if you’d like. Hungry Roots is not a bad alternative.

call-of-the-spirits-mastered-wood-elf-scout-skills-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxCall of the Spirits – Mastered: Much like Defiler’s Reckoning, this skill is here because it doesn’t cost Energy and gives you some Dryads to help tank things for you. Make sure you cast both, and recast them as necessary.

queens-wrath-mastered-wood-elf-god-skill-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxQueen’s Wrath – Mastered: This is the main skill this Build is centered around. When you drop this on the ground it deals some damage in a large AoE, but more importantly jacks up the Health Regeneration for you and all party members, making you nearly immortal. This increase in Health Regeneration is then converted to damage via the Executors, making it a must have Skill for this Build.

Passive Skills

master-of-poisons-mastered-wood-elf-passive-skill-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxMaster of Poisons – Mastered: This skill improves Poison Damage and has a chance to slow enemies. Since all our attacks are Poison this is very useful. The upgrade from the normal version to Mastered isn’t much, but we have an abundance of Skill Points with this setup, so we take this one.

blessing-of-the-forest-mastered-wood-elf-god-skill-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxBlessing of the Forest – Mastered: This skill increases your Health Regeneration, not only keeping you alive, but further boosting your damage because of Executors. This is win win and a must have for this Build.

lone-hunter-superior-wood-elf-passive-skill-chaosbane-wiki-guide-96pxLone Hunter – Superior: This skill increases not only your Health Regeneration, but also your Energy Regeneration when no enemies are nearby. Since you fight at range with this character, this really helps boost performance by giving you Energy to spend, and improves damage via Executors.

Fan Skills

Fan Skills are not super important for the Build and you can choose whatever you like. I chose Blessing of BrillianceBlessing of Godsend and Blessing of Luck. These increase your drop chance of Fragments and higher quality loot. You might want to use Blessing of Wisdom until you reach max level, however.

God Skill Tree

The God Skill Tree for the Queen’s Executor Build is a bit strange because you are putting points on both sides of the tree pretty heavily. You need to go into the right side until you take Blessing of the Forest – Mastered, but it’s nice to get the node past that, that further increases Health Regeneration. On the left side you can go wherever you want, prioritizing the larger nodes that give bigger boosts to damage. You get a really good mix of damage and surviveability going this way.

Queen’s Executor Equipment

The Queen’s Executor build is highly dependent upon gear, and you cannot make this Build without Executors. However, let’s first let’s take a look at Armor, because this is a huge part of it.


The Queen-Chosen set is the one we’ll be using for this Build as it gives a big damage boost to Poison Damage, as well as an aura that deals Poison Damage as you walk. This is particularly deadly with this setup and you can just run through enemies without attacking until you find Elite monsters on Chaos 2. It also makes Spinning Blades cost no skill points, so we free up 15 there, which is nice.

Bow & Dagger

For your Bow you’re going to want Master Archer Bow in order to try to reduce the Cooldown of Queen’s Wrath, so that you can use it more frequently. Ideally you’d have this up 90%-100% of the time with this setup. For your Dagger you’re going to absolutely need Executors in order to transform all that Health Regeneration you have into damage. This weapon is the focal point, equipment-wise, for this build, so you must use it.


For a necklace I chose Cleansing Talisman because of the Crit Chance it gives, but Wild Hunt Talisman is a better fit if you can get the proper stats on it. More Crits = more Cooldown, so that is important. Ring of the Guardian is used for the same reason, and Untamed Ring gives you bonus damage when you Crit. So Crits are a huge part of this Build.

Final Tips

Earlier on in the game you won’t be able to use this setup, so prioritize the left-hand side of the God Skill Tree in order to increase your damage. You can always either respec once your reach End Game, or just leave enough points for the right side later on. Having that much Health Regeneration early on is not necessary.

While you’re leveling up you want to prioritize equipment that has Cost Reduction because you need to spam skills like Sureflight Arrow and Reflex Shot, and they cost a lot. If you can get this down low enough then you don’t have to worry about how much you use them. Keep an eye out for gear with this bonus and try to use it, even at the expense of more damage.

My rotation for this Build is usually run in and drop Queen’s Wrath, then summon the Dryads with Defiler’s Reckoning and then spam Reflex Shot, shooting off Spinning Blades every time it’s off cooldown. You can usually get back to back Queen’s Wraths this way, or very close to it. This will make you nearly immortal and you should almost never have to heal, except on the very hardest difficulties against Elites or Bosses.

Lastly, you can Bless your gear to increase the Stats that it has. Adding Red or Yellow Fragments for example, will just increase Damage, so consider doing this for all your gear. I’ll have a guide on what these Blessings do soon, so be sure to check that out.

Stay tuned for more Chaosbane content as be publish some more Builds for the other Classes.


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