Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor – Martyr Preview

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor – Martyr Preview

NeocoreGames have wide range of genres when it comes to Warhammer games, but this is a first for their franchise, an action RPG. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is set in the future of the 41st Millennium where things have taken a grim turn. In this open-world sandbox game, take on missions, brutal combat and use tactical skills to overcome your enemies. As Inquisitors, you face heretics, mutants, the treacherous xenos and daemons of the Chaos Gods. Let’s have a look at what Inquistor-Martyr sets to bring in this new title.

Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor – Martyr Preview

Genre:  ARPG
Developed by: Neocore Games
Published by:  Neocore Games
Release date:  June 5th, 2018
Platforms:  PC, PS4, Xbox One
Website: https://neocoregames.com/en/games/warhammer-40k-inquisitor-martyr

Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor Martyr Features

  • Tactile action based RPG
  • Open world sandbox
  • Class types with unique specialities
  • Destructible environments – Many objects and surroundings in the game can be destroyed including enemy cover
  • A vast number of ways customise through skill trees, perks, passive skills and weapons
  • Ability to craft and salvage items
  • Local and Online Co-op Mode
  • Single player campaigns

Story & Setting

To understand where Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr fits into the Warhammer universe (as it is vast) you need to know a bit of the backstory behind the Inquisition. Set in the future of the 41st millennium in the world of Imperium, the Inquisition are a secret organization that act as a secret police force, and they hunt down all types of threats that affect the stability of the God-Emperor’s realm. Any corruption caused by the Forces of Chaos, Heretics, mutants and rebels must be taken care of. The origin of the Inquisitors is shrouded in mystery, no true lore has been set out only hundreds of legends that are inconclusive and contradictory.

Set in the secluded region of the Imperium universe, the Caligari Sector is surrounded by thousands of planets that offer a range of mission types. Players have the role of Inquisitors who are fearsome and legendary secret agents of the Imperium. Each having their own diverse history, possess a range of skills, huge influence and merciless firepower.


As of the alpha, players have a choice of three different backgrounds to choose from in character creation; Crusader, Assassin and Psyker. Each class has a choice of three types of expertise and come readily equipped with unique War Gear. Once you pick a specialty these cannot be changed later on, only weapons can be changed or upgraded.

Story mode is also an option for players who may not be familiar with the Warhammer universe and gives a more indepth introduction to the different class types.


Crusaders are fearsome warriors that use heavy armour and weaponry on the battlefield. They act as a typical tank type class as their movement is slow but what they lose in maneuverability they make up in firepower the ability to take a hit.

Crusader Attributes – Warfare, Toughness and Virture.

Basic Traits:

  • Focus Resource¬†– Crusaders spend Focus points to operate Power Armour and Heavy Weapon skills. Exclusively available to the Crusader class, focus takes time to recharge and at a fixed rate.
  • Melee Specialist¬†– Equipped with heavy shields and melee weapons, only Crusaders have the ability to wield them. This makes the Crusader class perfect for close combat.
  • Power Armour¬†– Has the ability to soak up large amounts of damage, Power Armour is unique to Crusaders.

Crusader Expertise


Heavier weapons are chosen by Juggernauts which include Chainsword, Greatsword and Suppression Shield.

Assault Armour is Power Armour equipped with a light weight Jump Pack, enables wearer to make long leaps across the battlefield and deal damage upon impact.

Assault Gunner 

Favouring ranged weapons, Assault Gunners can issue devastating burst fire and precise aimed shots.

Sentinel Armour is an ancient Power Armour equipped with a sophisticated Tactical Cogitator and Teleport Beacon System. Enables wearer to summon automated Tarantula Turrets from the dropship above, raining terror down on the enemy. Come with a Stun Mine dispenser belt as well.

Heavy Weapons 

Equipped with Shotgun for close quarter combat and Lasgun, a rifle for medium range encounters.

Definitive Armour is a rare Power Armour with an auxiliary missile launcher system and comes with a frag grenade dispenser belt.


Part of the Death Cult, assassins can be found in many imperial worlds. Their expertise lies in hit and run tactics and Exotic Weapons. They favour lighter weapons/armour due to their aerobatic skills and fast paced movement.

Assassin Attributes –¬†Accuracy, Survival and Bloodlust.

Basic Traits:

  • Adrenaline Resource¬†– Assassins must use Adrenaline points in order to Dodge, use Exotic Weapons or abilities. In order to regain Adrenaline, assassins must wound or kill enemies.
  • Exotic Equipment¬†– DeathCult Assassins have a unique background, their status and training allows them to use the rarer exotic wargear from the Imperial arsenals.
  • Dodge –¬†The only class who can evade incoming attacks with the use of Dodge ability regardless of their armour.

Assassin Expertise


Equipped with Death Cult Blades and Assassin Power Sword, the wielder has the art of carving flesh down to a T. Unleash a fury of swift attacks and deal deadly blows.

Stealth Bodysuit enables the wearer chameleon-like abilities, to slip into almost invisibility for short periods of time due to speed and agility. Comes with a Remote mine belt for ambush attacks.


Adorning a sniper rifle and auto-pistol, assassins can look for weak spots to disarm or take out their opponent.

Hololithic Armour is an ancient rarity similar to the infamous Eldar Holo-fields and comes with a Stun Mine dispenser belt. The wearer has the ability to create holographic projections of themselves to confuse and evade the enemy.


Carrying both a shotgun and sniper rifle, eradicators have the ability to mix close range attacks with long range.

Fabricator Distortion Armour is highly scarce and almost unheard of due to it’s rarity outside the Caligari Sector. The wearer gains valuable speed for short periods of time, distorting the flow of time itself. It also comes with the a Refrac for field generator.


Psykers are experts in harnessing the power of the Warp (a dimension consisting of pure psychic energy) in battle, they rely on their psychic powers and choose light armour over brawn and weapons attuned to their ability.

Psyker Attributes –¬†Force, Resilience and Psychic Focus.

Basic Traits:

  • Perils of the Warp¬†– Due to their great power, Psykers gain Warp Heat points that may spawn anomalies or even Daemons once accumulated. In order to reduce the amount of Warp Heat points Psykers can use Force Weapons.
  • Psychic Powers –¬†Only the Psyker class can use psychic abilities due to their unique talents.
  • Force of Weapons¬†– Use to amplify their abilities, can only be used by the Psyker class.

Psyker Expertise


Choosing a Force Staff as weapon of choice, empyreanists can use arcane powers and use their staff to amplify their powers at will.

Empyrean Armour is a ceremonial armour that can alter time, rare in nature it is not known to exist outside the Caligari Conclave. It can create Warp anomalies that can stop time for a short duration. Also comes with a Rosarius Force Field.


Equipped with a Force Sword and Force Rod which in the hands of a trained psyker can banish Daemons in a single blow and store psychic energy.

Aetherwalker Armour puts the wearer in a state between Immaterium and Realspace, making it possible to travel short distances in a blink of an eye. It comes equipped with a Personal Void Shield generator.


Using a Bolt Pistol and Force Rod, a Scryer wields the ability to shoot targets with reactive bolts that detonate upon impact and the ability to store and channel psychic energy. A Scryer is a the balance between physical and an otherworldly threat.

Warpbound Armor is a light armour that is attuned to psychic abilities and can project a virtual being into the physical world for reconnaissance and makes the Scryer almost completely undetectable. It also come equipped with a Frag-grenade dispenser.


There are two separate leveling systems when it comes to Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor РMartyr. There is traditional progression when it comes to Account Level, which uses XP to purchase skills in the passive skill tree, and XP is earned by completing assignments. The upside of account leveling is that when you level one character, all other characters gain skill points too.

Use divination to choose your path in for your mission or custom make a mission to suit you.

The second leveling system is Inquisitorial Rank, and this shows your standing with the Holy Order of the Inquisition and it is character based. In order to increase this rank, players will need to complete Tarot Missions as well as playing single player campaigns. Tarot Missions are quests of higher difficulty, and come from the holy agents that use a special deck of cards to create missions. Use Divination to create random missions or customize them to your desire through Shaping.

Heroic Deeds

While most RPGs focus on rewarding players for completing quests alone, Martyr sets out to add something extra in the form of Heroic Deeds. These are special achievements in the game and in order to unlock them you will need to carry out the deed listed to gain the reward. Once you unlock these deeds, they will be available on all characters you create.

Heroic Deeds also have the added benefits of giving Attribute points, Perks and the ability to open up branches of your character’s Passive Skill Tree. Attribute points are similar to strength, dexterity or intelligence, which follows the usual RPG game format and these points are automatically allocated rather than the player being able to choose freely.


You can pick and choose perks based on the playstyle you wish to use. Each character has a maximum of three perks, the first of the three is available at Inquisitor Rank 1. The second perk is unlocked after Rank 40 and the third at level 80. Some perks are specified to class while others can be chosen by all. Perks offer different types of boosts but also come with drawbacks for example you may choose the perk of Grinder which offers a boost of 20% more damage however will mean you will have no critical hits.

Passive Skill Tree

While Passive Skill Trees are common place for most RPGs,¬†Martyr¬†is a little different as it has two classes that have the same Passive Skill tree. Choosing¬†Crusader¬†or Assassin¬†will have the same passive skills available while¬†Psyker¬†gets it’s own unique skill tree.¬†Crusasader¬†and¬†Assassin¬†concentrate more on the weaponry while¬†Psyker¬†of course gets Psychic Combat and Psychic Debuffs passive skills due to the nature of it’s class.

Crusader and Assassin Skill Tree

Psyker Skill Tree


Characters each have their implant which can be customised at the Inoculator Station. There are wide variety of Components, and each have usage costs and some even have cooldowns. These implants admit powerful chemical mixtures into the body of the inquisitor, which can be used to temporarily increase health recovery speed, suppression resistance or even boost the amount of damage you administer. They can be refilled while on a mission using Medical supply chests.¬†The number of shots available are dependent on the implant slots and can be increase by components. There’s a chance to upgrade implants by successfully completing missions.


What is different in this game compared to most action RPGs is the use of cover, using barrels, containers or columns you can cover yourself from taking an onslaught of damage. Objects that can be used for cover are clearly marked with a yellow marker, making it easy for the player to know where to find cover. As environments in Inquisitor-Martyr can be damaged so can the integrity of your cover if you stay there for too long.

The use of energy weapons can be fired without reloading however Martyr brings balance to this with these weapons being prone to overheating. An Overheat Bar will appear when the weapon is no longer able to fire and will need to cool down before it can fire again.

Traps are an element that mixes things up, in certain missions they will pop up making it a game changer. Some traps have the ability to teleport enemies when activated, bringing them closer to you meaning you have to find a way around them. There are also rooms filled with gas that will damage your HP, so sometime caution is necessary rather than going full steam ahead.

Suppression is also an added mechanic that will affect players in a number of ways when in combat, a gauge in the bottom left of the screen will let you know if you are susceptible to enemies abilities. If your gauge is in the green, you are Protected from all affects apart from bosses with exceptionally strong abilities. If you’re in the yellow, you are Suppressed meaning you’ll feel some affects from enemies such as¬†Knockback, Shock, Blind, Hallucination, Temporary Cellrot. Reaching the red, you’re in the danger zone and are Overwhelmed meaning you will be affected by all enemies with affects of¬†Knockdown, Stun, Restrain, Freeze, Flee. Suppression can also apply to enemies in combat, you can see when they their suppression status changes as the bar below their health bar will change to the corresponding colour.

Audio & Visuals

Visuals do not disappoint when it comes to Martyr as is just as bloody and gory as any of Warhammer games in the franchise. The destructible environments are heavily detailed as Neocore does not miss out on any detail in this grim and savage world. As heretics take rapid fire, the number of damage appears making it satisfying to see the enemy getting what they deserve in both physical damage and visual numbers.

The soundtrack is fitting and reflects moments of combat well, with it’s dramatic sci-fi ambiance. The composer Gergely Buttinger for Neocore Games is able to capture the desolate feel to the futuristic Imperium universe.

Final Thoughts

While¬†Martyr¬†stays true to the RPG genre, it finds a way to do this without sacrificing Warhammer’s reputation. Adding new elements such as the ability to take cover in combat, traps and suppression, makes this game refreshing as it focuses more on tactile strategies when heading into battle. Although you’re not getting up close and personal, like in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, NeocoreGames still adds visual effects and dynamic environments that make you feel just as destructive in this action RPG.¬†Martyr’s¬†isometric view makes it feel like the¬†Warhammer tabletop game has just¬†sprung to life in front of your eyes. At times combat can be a little clunky when it comes to taking cover, but as this is still alpha, there is a good chance it will be polished up before release.

Skills are a little different to your average RPG, and there are a lot of Passive Skills to choose from, however abilities are highly dependent on your power armor. There is a lot of customization when it comes play style, from active abilities, passive skills, weapon choice, implants, crafting and perks. The combinations are vast, giving a good number of different build options for players to adhere to. It is clear, however, they are trying to keep balance in the game. For example, while you might have massive firepower with your weapon of choice it is balanced with a drawback of overheating.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr¬†doesn’t skimp on the detail when it comes to breaking into the action RPG genre. Providing players with a variety of missions, quests and multi-leveling system, it’s safe to say¬†Martyr¬†has packed in a variety of ways to keep players interested. If you’re someone who loves to build characters when in-depth customization, or take on waves of enemies with tactile strategy,¬†Martyr¬†will definitely not disappoint. Did we mention that it has both Local and Online co op? Yeah there’s that too!

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor РMartyr will be arriving on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 5th, 2018.

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