Vigil The Longest Night ‘Asomrof’ Update Now Available
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Vigil The Longest Night ‘Asomrof’ Update Now Available

Developer Glass Heart Studios have announced the ‘Asomrof’ update for Vigil The Longest Night is now available.

Vigil The Longest Night ‘Asomrof’ Update Now Available

The update “Asomrof” for Vigil The Longest Night has now been released adding two new maps and various improvements and fixes. The two new maps include Purple Crystal Catacombs and The City of Roots. In order to gain access to the Purple Crystal Catacombs you will need to gain the Purple Crystal Key from your home after defeating Dephil, or after your second playthrough. The Purple Crystal Catacombs is located underneath the boss room in the Mine.

Some noticeable balance changes have been made to the Staff of the Holy Six, Mechanical Bow and enchanted Owl Claymore. Other changes include equipment that uses Stamina, which will now need more Stamina after Forging.

You can check out the full patch notes below:

Full Update Notes:
  • Two new DLC maps: Purple Crystal Catacombs and The City of Roots. You can get the key to the Purple Crystal Catacombs in your home after defeating Dephil, or during your second playthrough. The Purple Crystal Catacombs is located underneath the boss room in the Mine.
Battle Related
  • Dash button added. Go to System to set up the control and to turn the “Double tap Dash” on and off.
  • Fixed Healing Potion’s Health restore calculation, and the incorrect Health restore calculation when the weapon is enchanted with Cursed Stone. Initial Health restore nerfed from 45% to 30%. Restored Health amount now shows during healing process.
  • Fixed the issue of some attacking techniques displaying damage output amount more than once.
  • Bosses in later parts of the game received buffs.
  • Camera shaking effects optimized.
  • Skeleton bat now drops bone type items.
  • Spider silk triggering speed increased.
  • Fixed bear’s execution animation.
  • Fixed the bug of particle effects remaining on the screen after using the Starburst Compass.
  • Fixed the bug of bomb effects remaining on the screen after Gnawing Beast had died.
  • EXP player gain after defeating a creature now changes depending on the difficulty selected.
  • Overpowering Arcanes are nerfed, and the damage and effects of throwing items are buffed.
  • Brood Mother damage calculation optimized. When playing the game on Hard mode, her ground slams will generate falling rocks.
  • Ghoul makes a warning sound before dropping to the ground.
  • Optimized the camera shake effects.
  • Display the number of Health restored by Healing Potion and life-draining weapons.
  • Fixed Princess Downaly not respawning in some situations. Fixed Rejuvenation not activating when killed by hanging icicles. Magic damage balanced.
  • Fixed the bug of negative status remaining after death.
  • Snake wizard now requires less time to enhance its companions.
  • After completing the Monazite mission, the Mysterious Trader will add a new item to her inventory.
  • Talk to Isabella again after she is recovered to get a Little Flower Origami.
  • Added a barber on Cat Isle, and a Blademaster on the right.
  • Player can make new equipment at the Hunter’s House Teleport point after obtaining blueprints .
  • On the Gold Rush mission, when player return the bow to the hunter brothers, the mission will show as fail.
  • Fixed all other known mission bugs.
  • Fixed the bug caused player unable to control Leila after talking with Lantern Keeper on Death’s Destination.
  • Display particle effects when player is on the shaking elevator to the boss room in Death’s Destination.
  • Saving the game using the Fledgling’s Blood Soul after defeating the boss for the first time used to result in the wall on the right getting blocked. This bug on Death’s Destination is now fixed.
  • Fixed item defects shown on parts of the map.
  • The Frozen Realm optimized. New drops added. Performance optimized.
  • Fixed the bug where after the Float Platform is activated, the game does not save the platform status.
  • Areas in the another dimension show maps now.
  • Fixed the route use for the delivery of the Crystals to the Doctor, and the bug of Nordell appears inside the Giantwood.
  • When using a sword, the first ground attack speed increased by 0.1 second, but the damage output is nerfed.
  • Fixed the bug of successfully performing an execution but the game failed to carry out the execution, and the issue of counter attack time being too short.
  • Adjusted dual weapon’s off-hand attack damage output, and Meteor Shower damage output. Hit box size increased for dual weapons when performing heavy attack in the air.
  • Fixed character unable to crouch immediately after performing a normal attack using dual weapons.
  • Fixed arrow amount incorrectly calculated after performing the Archer’s Step.
  • Increased the Attack of a full charged Power Shot.
  • Added the attacks affected by the axe technique Precise Strike.
  • Optimized the trigger that determines the release of axe techniques. Reduced the air time when performing regular attack in the air.
  • You can switch your weapon when you’re in a non-combat action (e.g. jump and dash)
  • Increased sliding speed.
  • Falling damage calculation adjusted.
Items and Equipment
  • Removed the maximum Attack the Longstrider’s Ring can add to the wearer as the map is unlocked.
  • Balanced weapon and equipment stats, and nerfed overpowering weapons: Staff of the Holy Six, Mechanical Bow, and enchanted Owl Claymore.
  • Equipment that consumes Stamina now requires more Stamina after forging. All equipment affected by the fix received a buff.
  • The Stinking Helm caused poison to both Leila and enemies.
  • The extra damage cause by the paralysis enchantment from the Head of Uptancos received a nerf.
  • Phantom Daggers special effects optimized, and there is a higher chance of unleashing a dagger and the daggers received an Attack buff.
  • Dephil, Raven, Black, Bondage, and Guard suit added Propertie bonus.
  • Player can now make 7 new equipment with blueprints at the Hunter’s House next to the Teleport point.
  • Flaming Magpie nerfed. Injured enemy blood splatter effects removed.
  • Hand of Glory mechanics optimized. The chance of stealing now affected by Arcane and the chance of item and money drop. Cue sound effects added. Hitbox size increased.
  • Time Deviation cooldown time reduced.
  • The maximum stacks of creature drops changed to 999.
  • Increased Vessel of the Holy Six damage output and Health restoration.
  • Beaded Night Stones, Braided Rope of Bitter Vines, and Cyan Frankincense can now be kept in the NG+.
  • Some the equipment models updated.
  • Button assigning bug fixed.
  • When buying and selling, or accessing items, the number of the selected item adds up or reduces faster if player continue to press the select button.
  • Save file time display double-digits for minutes and seconds.
  • UI text font size enlarged. Black borderline around the font removed.
  • In the Storage UI, player can organize items in the bag (player cannot organize items in the Storage), weapons and equipment will be organized according to their types.
  • Increased minimap scrolling speed in the Map UI.
  • Fixed all incorrect icon locations for doors, teleport points, and hidden weapons on the minimap, and the location names displayed at the incorrect spots on the map.
  • Shimmer’s Church interior minimap display issue fixed .
  • Fixed Breathe of the Goddess icon display incorrectly on the map.
  • Minimap optimized. Increased brightness and strengthen map border.
  • Fixed occasional item frame flickering when displaying in the Store, and Storage.
  • Save file screenshot size and location optimized.
Sound Effects
  • Added new elevator, dialogues, and document sound effects. Low volume sound effects optimized.

Vigil The Longest Night is available on Switch and Steam. If you want to know what we thought of the game check out Vigil: The Longest Night Review – Compelling Metroidvania.

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