Vampyr Sets to Release New Content Update This Summer

Vampyr Sets to Release New Content Update This Summer

Dontnod Entertainment shares they will be bringing a new content update to their latest action-RPG Vampyr this summer on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Setting to add more replayability with two new modes, story and hard mode.

Vampyr Sets to Release New Content Update This Summer

The content will include a new Story mode which will allows player to concentrate more on the narrative aspects of the game. Also a new Hard mode will be introduced, creating more demanding confrontations, receiving fewer experience points for kills meaning a more challenging mode.

Focus Home Interactive has reported earning a revenue of €28.5 million with strong sales from Vampyr which launched in June this year. The game sold half a million copies in just over a month after it’s release. Dontnod the developers of the game are known for their story telling games such as the Life is Strange series.

Vampyr is dark action-RPG set in 1900s London in the wake of the Spanish Flu epidemic, the main character Dr. Jonathan Reid must help to save London, while afflicted with his thirst for blood.

Vampyr is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC with the content update coming later this Summer 2018.

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