Vampyr Releases New Moody Screenshots

Vampyr Releases New Moody Screenshots

Dontnond Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have released some screenshots for Vampyr, the Action RPG coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

The screenshots focus on the decaying version of 1918 London that will be portrayed in the game. Ravaged by the effects of the Spanish Flu the city’s dwellers must also contend with the presence of Vampires who prey on the populace. As the main character, Dr. Jonathan Reid, a recently turned Vampire himself, you will wrestle with your desire to kill and your commitment as a doctor to heal. Check out the images:

You will make use of abilities and weapons as you stalk your victims and those who hunt you. Your decisions will affect the quality of life for the neighborhoods of London as well as your own. The more you feed the more powerful you become, but the city will devolve further. If you do no harm, the city will begin to heal, but you will be significantly weaker.

The game is looking quite moody indeed. Check out our preview and developer interview to learn more. We’ll be sure to keep bringing updates until its release!

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