Vampyr Release Date Revealed & Episode 4 Video Released

Vampyr Release Date Revealed & Episode 4 Video Released

The next episode in Dotnod’s Vampyr web series has now been released. They have also revealed the release date for Vampyr, their dark horror RPG.

Vampyr Web series Episode 4 – Stories From the Dark

Episode 4 of their Vampyr webseries is titled Stories From the Dark. It is the final episode of the web series. It focuses on how Dotnod blends story and gameplay, taking a look at the creative process behind making Vampyr.

“If you’re going to suggest I pour blood on my porridge, Igor, I shall be forced to order you to leave the room!” – Count Duckula.

Vampyr Release Date Revealed

At the end of the video, Dotnod also revealed the release date for Vampyr to be June 5th. Vampyr is being made for PlayStation 4 and  Xbox One consoles and PCs. So, which version will you buy?
dotnod vampyr release date

Such a dark RPG was a surprising change of pace for Dotnod, the makers of Life is Strange.

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