Dotnod Presents Vampyr Episode 3 – Human After All

Dotnod Presents Vampyr Episode 3 – Human After All

Dotnod has released the third Vampyr episode in their webseries. Entitled “Human After All”,  the new episode focuses on the citizens of London. It will also discuss the impact of taking their lives.

“One of the issues many of you raised was that it was a hassle to get around,” – Lead programmer Satoshi Hasegawa

Vampyr Episode 3: Wait – so they’re not all just mindless meatbags?

Each citizen has been hand-crafted and their deaths will have an impact on the world. For example, if you kill too many humans, an area’s populace could be evacuated and more dangerous supernatural creatures may claim the turf – such as the Skals.

As you kill humans, you’ll also be able to see their dying thoughts. To further amplify the moral dilemma, as a supernatural doctor you have the option to heal ill humans you meet. However, the cost of doing so will be immense.

Will you take an innocent life in order to increase your powers? Or will you potentially make things more difficult for yourself by healing humans instead? I’m personally planning on playing it as a supernatural vigilante and only taking the lives of criminals. It will be interesting to see if I can stick to that or whether the temptation to kill others proves too strong.

vampyr taking life vampyr episode

I like the focus on morality in this Vampyr episode. Will you take the life of this poor woman? On the one hand, she is a lovely lady with two daughters and a puppy. On the other hand, she looks tasty.

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