Valve Launches Steam Creator Homepages in Open Beta

Valve Launches Steam Creator Homepages in Open Beta

Valve have now created a way for developers and publishers to have a place to share their dedicated content on the Steam client. The initiative was created as a way for players to help discover more titles from their favourite developers or publishers.

Valve Launches Steam Creator Homepages in Open Beta

Players will now be able to set up notifications and announcements to help get informed when a new title has been released by a certain developer or publisher. By clicking on the developer or publisher, those browsing will be redirected to the store page under the respective Creator Homepage.

There is currently a list of available homepages which currently include Valve, Sega, 2K, Telltale Games, THQ Nordic, Paradox Interactive and more. Valve states that the list will grow over time and it is to be expected an overwhelming amount of creators will take part so a counter measure has been put in place to make it easier for players to find content, by receiving suggestions based on their recently played titles.

Here’s what the a Creator Homepage looks like.

The Creator Homepage is available to all developers or publishers and can be customised to fit their catalog of games and additional content such as DLCs, demos, videos and more. Games may be organised into genre, franchise, fan-favourite or even top selling title. New releases will be shown at the top of the player Steam homepage.

Valve have also added custom URLs which will make it easier in terms of sharing content from the Steam client. The new additions are still in beta as they test for bugs and issues before an official launch goes live. Developers and publishers will be able to create a new Creator Homepage which allows tracking of certain metrics such as visits and interactions with Google Analytics, use tags to filter lists and more.

It was only recently that Valve announced they would be applying a new approach to their game content on the Steam client, making it clear that any illegal or games that appear to be “trolling” would not be permitted on Steam. This additional feature seems to be another step in the direction of letting their users choose the games that they prefer to see in their feed, getting a better way to view the developers or publishers they like.

Steam Creator Hompages are now available for players to browse and for developers or publishers to customise via the Steam store.

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