Valve Accidentally Reveal Streaming Website

Valve Accidentally Reveal Streaming Website

Valve best known for their gaming platform Steam, unveil a new streaming webiste called but not on purpose. It seems that the cat got out the bag a little earlier than anticipated.

Valve Accidentally Reveal Streaming Website

A new website popped up over the weekend revealing Steam’s latest project, The website although remained blank when launched, then livestreamed The International 2018 DOTA event along with a chat bar. It was reported by Cnet that it was just the Dota 2 stream for now and that viewers could log into their Steam account to access friends lists for group chats. There is also the added feature of voice chat support for Chrome.

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In response to PC Gamer, Valve rep shared that is indeed very real and they were testing it however, the test was not suppose to be seen by the public:

We are working on updating Steam Broadcasting for the Main Event of The International, Dota 2’s annual tournament. What people saw was a test feed that was inadvertently made public.

While we don’t know exactly what this platform will be capable of or if is planning to create a platform to match it’s rivals such as Twitch or Youtube Gaming, it is an interesting reveal.

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2 comments on “Valve Accidentally Reveal Streaming Website”

  1. ckmishn says:

    Hope that they do create competition to Twitch and YouTube gaming, especially if it’s uncensored and allowed, at the least, the streaming of any game available on Steam (many of which are banned on Twitch and require censorship on YouTube).

  2. Avatar Yuria says:

    I’m not sure if they’d let you stream all of their games as they made it clear in their approach to the types of games available: "To be explicit about that – if we allow your game onto the Store, it does not mean we approve or agree with anything you’re trying to say with it."
    Steam Changes Approach

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