Valkyria Chronicles Coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan

Valkyria Chronicles Coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan

SEGA announces that they will be bringing the JRPG Valkyria Chronicles to Nintendo Switch at the annual SEGA FES event in Japan. It is set to be released on the Japan eShop this fall.

Valkyria Chronicles Announced for Nintendo Switch in Japan

The first Valykria Chronicles game is coming to the Nintendo Switch for the Japan eShop. It was announced by SEGA that the game will be available in fall and will include all the DLC’s just like the PS4 remastered version.

It is yet to be announced when Valykria Chronicles will be released for the international market as games released on the Japan eShop are usually different from the EU or American eShop.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Delayed

SEGA was set to release Valykria Chronicles 4 this summer but has instead announced that there will be a delay to it’s release. Those who had already pre-purchased their copy will receive a “Reduced Price Purchase Coupon Download Code” which can goes towards the Valykria Chronicles for 500 yen (Switch version).

The release of Valykria Chronicles 4 for the rest of the world (North America and Europe) will be able to get their virtual hands on Valykria Chronicles 4 this fall on PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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